IPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price

The company Apple once again made the introduction of the next iPhone model an intriguing event. Already atypical for the apple line, the name XR gave rise to rumors about the unusualness of the 2018 gadget. The new labeling literally shook the fans Apple, even those with new ones iPhone X on hand rushed to get acquainted with the product.


iPhone XR reflects all the advancements in digital technology. There is a frameless screen, support for two SIM cards, and an advanced OS with artificial intelligence. The first reviews even came out with the headlines 'Perfect Device', whether or not it will be revealed after a detailed review.

iPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price

Features iPhone XR:

  1. Dimensions: weight – 194 g, length – 150.9 mm, width – 75.7 mm, thickness – 8.3 mm.
  2. LCD, LCD: 6.1 '' diagonal, 1400: 1 contrast ratio, True Tone technology, 625 cd / m² brightness, oleophobic coating.
  3. IP67 water and dust protection.
  4. A12 Bionic processor.
  5. Camera 12 MP. Advanced portrait shooting functions. Automatic stabilization. Video recording at 24, 30 and 60 fps. Simultaneous video and photography.
  6. Personal protection: Face recognition function with TrueDepth camera.
  7. Smarter voice assistant Siri.
  8. Support for wireless charging.
  9. OS iOS 12.

Until recently, everyone hoped for the release of an advanced, but inexpensive smartphone, but iPhone XR received advanced functions while maintaining the original design and powerful OS, so the base model will not cost less than 65 thousand rubles.


Colored iPhones are back! This is how bloggers and users greeted the release of the new iPhone XR in 6 shades:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • coral;
  • red.

Moreover, even bright colors look expensive and not vulgar or provocative. Pleased with a warm yellow shade with a glossy effect and coral, which has already delighted the female half of humanity.

Water resistant

iPhone The XR has achieved the familiar IP67 standard, as opposed to this year's flagship iPhone XS with its IP68 readings. The company still claims that the smartphone is invulnerable from splashes, ingestion of sugary drinks or immersion in water to a depth of 1.5 m. But the terms of the guarantee remain the same: if a liquid enters the case, warranty service will be denied.

iPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price


The smartphone is presented in 3 versions: 64 and 256 and 512 GB. There are no surprises here. For users who do not have enough of this volume, the developers have prudently released removable cards that connect to the device via USB.


The design repeats last year's iPhone X. The developers tried to make the model cheaper, so the back cover and side panels are made of aluminum and protected by glass. This time, the company abandoned surgical steel, as in the 'top ten', also due to a decrease in price.

Because of the full-size display iPhone the XR is slightly larger than X. There is no Home button, which means Apple has forever said goodbye to Touch ID, replacing it with Face ID. The side frames in the body color look incredibly cool. Even the lack of gloss and the tendency of aluminum to scratch does not interfere. Users are still encouraged to keep their expensive smartphones in special cases.

All elements are located in their usual places: on the left side there is a volume control and a choice of sound mode, on the right side there is a place for a SIM card and a power button, the bottom is reserved for the headphone jack, the top is empty.

Dimensions and weight

In terms of dimensions iPhone XR slightly exceeds the tenth model. Heavier than X by 20 g, 194 g versus 174 g, but lighter iPhone 8 plus (202 g).

  1. The length has increased by 7 mm – 150.9 mm.
  2. IPhone XR is now 5mm wider.
  3. The smartphone has become a little thicker – by 2 mm, but this fact does not spoil the impression.

The larger screen size did not affect the one-handed operation. Fingers easily reach the top panel.

Liquid Retina display

Apple did not reinvent the wheel, and the design of iPhone XR took the look of the 'tens'. The same 'bangs' and the same emphasis on bezel-less.

iPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price

Thanks to the latest technology, Apple has created a rounded display that occupies the entire front panel. The resolution of 1792×828 pixels was not surprising, but this value is sufficient for normal eye perception. The screen occupies 82% of the front surface of the case.

The Retina matrix was used Apple back in the 'four', they are distinguished by brightness, clarity, due to the high pixel density, the human eye does not notice the grid, ripples or other charms of cheap screens. To reduce the cost of the device, the developers have replaced OLED – the display on the LCD. Moreover, the function of unlocking with a finger has been preserved, which was previously considered impossible on LCD screens.

There is True Tone technology, the program automatically adjusts the white balance depending on the lighting. It feels like you are reading or looking from a printed sheet. This option has already been appreciated by the owners of 2017 smartphones.

A12 Bionic processor

At the September launch iPhone, the XR was announced as 'the epitome of beauty and intelligence', combining the trendy design of the 10th series with the processor of the 2018 flagship XS model.
The A12 Bionic includes 6 cores. 2 are responsible for performance, performing complex tasks, 4 – for the work of everyday applications. Control and distribution of tasks is carried out by a special controller. The manufacturer claims a battery saving of up to 50% compared to the A11 Bionic.

The A12 Bionic is today considered an advanced processor for mobile devices. The developers Apple have continued to work on increasing performance while reducing power consumption. Tests have shown that XR is 70% faster than X! The difference is already visible at the level of opening standard applications. The base model has 3 GB of RAM, which is enough to work with several applications, open 'heavy' games and applications, as well as for instant video and photo processing.

Machine Learning Neural Engine

The A Bionic processor with the introduction of the Neural Engine chip received another development impetus. This is the next generation of Artificial Intelligence specially designed for mobile devices. He is responsible for real-time machine learning. Thanks to the Neural Engine iPhone XR learns, reads and determines patterns, and adjusts the smartphone for a specific user.

Even 1-2 years ago, AI was based on a graphics processor, on which additional information processing load was laid. This affected productivity, power consumption and AI performance. Now the Neural Engine chip is responsible for speech recognition, face recognition, application operation, photo and video processing.

iPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price

Surprisingly, the Neural Engine code is open to developers. So Apple supports the creation of third party offerings based on such a platform.

iOS 12

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros to ship first Apple ready to start production iPhone 12

On September 17, 2018 the official OS was released from Apple. During the three summer months of testing beta versions, the firmware has already received a lot of flattering reviews, it was called productive and stable.

Facts in favor of iOS 12:

  1. Application launch is 40% faster. And these are non-verbal words. Tests have shown the superiority of OS over Android in most indicators.
  2. The keyboard responds instantly to pressures, 50% faster than the previous OS.
  3. The way the camera 'flies' is breathtaking. Snapshot is much easier.

Chat lovers will appreciate Memoji or animated emoticons now created by the user. And when sending a message, you can quickly process and send the photo directly in the SMS editor.

The developers Apple correctly assessed the errors iOS 11, fixed common bugs and gave new life to smartphones of the past. The firmware is compatible with iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8.

Question about two sim cards

What has been practiced by third-party manufacturers for the second decade already, the company Apple introduced in 2018 and even then reluctantly. The developers explained the reluctance to supply the device with two slots by fast discharge.

But iPhone XR supports different types of sim cards, one of which is esim format, it is built into the case. In our country, electronic sim cards are not supported, so devices with two physical sim cards intended for the Chinese market will be supplied to Russia. In China, the use of esim is prohibited by law, in the Russian Federation the format is simply not supported.

iPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price

No 3D Touch, but Haptic Touch

Savings in the creation of the iPhone XR also affected the display equipment. The engineers removed the 3D Touch function, replacing it with Haptic technology. The new system works on the principle of trepcade on Apple MacBook, it creates a sense of movement. In terms of functionality, Haptic is inferior to 3D Touch, but not critical.

Face ID is faster and allows you to pay in Apple Pay

The program uses machine learning technologies to discern changes in the user's appearance. A grown beard, wig or facial expression is not an obstacle to recognizing the 'owner'. Paying for purchases is now even easier with Face ID.

Improved stereo sound

The company Apple has equipped the new smartphones with 4 microphones that record videos with excellent audio quality. The speaker readings have also improved, stereo sound has improved in volume and sound by 25%.

Single lens camera

The main camera with a wide-angle lens and 6 lenses in quality and capabilities corresponds to the flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Also, as in previous models, the lens is protected by a sapphire crystal. The already familiar modes in the 'Portrait' section are supplemented by the 'Depth' function, which can be applied to already taken photographs.

iPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price

The video is recorded in 4K format with stereo sound. There is a slow motion option.

Front-facing TrueDepth camera

The company Apple continues to delight amateurs and professionals of selfies. The front camera has 7MP and f / 2.2 aperture. Smart HDR support is declared, thanks to this technology, rear objects are clearer and more detailed.

Portrait shooting and new Depth function

The iPhone wouldn't be itself without its amazing portrait capabilities. Thanks to the AI-powered A12 Bionic processor, photos are processed in real time. The program itself chooses the desired mode, based on lighting, objects in the foreground and background, as well as the preferences of its owner. The 'Depth' option allows you to edit the photo after it has entered the Gallery.

iPhone XR: characteristics, colors, start of sales in Russia, price

Smart HDR mode

Despite a single lens, iPhone XR supports Smart HDR function. A technique that improves dynamic range produces high contrast images. In 2018 smartphones, this mode is driven by the A12 Bionic GPU with machine learning.

The software itself chooses the right tools, accentuates or shades objects depending on their location, lighting and other factors. Even in low light, the photos are saturated, with accurate rendering of details.

Smart HDR is supported by the main and front camera. Works automatically, if desired, the function can be easily disabled in the 'Settings'.


Like last year, the iPhone XR box is not impressive in variety:

  • Power Supply;
  • USB Lightning cable;
  • EarPods headphones;
  • instruction.

For many, it was an unpleasant surprise that there was no adapter from Lightning to 3.5 mm. Apple showed serious intentions to abandon other people's standards, so now users will either have to accept or look for an accessory on the side.

How much charge holds

The budget model iPhone XR in terms of battery life has surpassed the previous record holder iPhone 8 plus. The battery capacity is 2942 mAh, the declared period is up to 25 hours of talk time.

Start of sales

iPhone The XR was unveiled on September 12, 2018 alongside the flagship XS and XS Max models. The smartphone will arrive in stores in the US and Europe on October 25, in Russia – on October 26. Pre-order is possible from October 19.


The expectations of an advanced but affordable iPhone did not come true. In America, the cost of a basic gadget is $ 749 versus $ 999 of last year's “ten”. In Russia iPhone XR 64 GB will cost 65 thousand rubles, 256 GB – 69 thousand rubles, and 512 GB – 78 thousand rubles. It should be noted that iPhone XS starts at 88 thousand rubles.

iPhone XR is positioned as a budget smartphone in the series. But while 65 thousand are a serious obstacle for buyers, perhaps within a year Apple will slightly reduce the price.


First impressions of the XR are positive. Impressive is the fast processor, excellent energy conservation rates, and the variety of body colors pleases. The smartphone has adequately continued the new generation of devices Apple. The only disappointment was the price, everyone was waiting for an 'affordable' iPhone, but got one of the most expensive gadgets to date.

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