Is iPhone X scratched

Apple lovers should remember the legendary iPhone 4S, which many liked the fact that it had a glass back cover. Nobody could afford such a decision before, but the Cupertinians took a chance and, thanks to this, grabbed a solid part of the global smartphone market.

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However, over time, people have become less and less careful about their devices. Fours more and more often appeared in service centers to replace the back cover after it was broken, and the designers Apple decided to abandon the use of glass for decorating the case. Yes, and the release of the five would greatly complicate the procedure for replacing the back cover, because before it was she who easily detached, and not the screen, as now.

Is iPhone X scratched

However, a few years later, the Cupertinians are again launching the production of glass iPhones. The pioneers were iPhone 8 and X. But the glass here is already much more durable, protected from impacts and scratches. And if in the eight it was all confirmed, then dozens of users had serious problems – their device was easily scratched.

Those lucky ones who were the first to use the novelty now simply do not pull the device out of the cases. A little more fortunate for those who purchased the top ten a little later – after minor modifications, the case has become more durable and it will not be possible to scratch it in your pocket just like that. However, people still do not take risks and put their expensive toy in a protective case, because replacing the back cover or screen will cost a lot of money.

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