Is it worth buying a refurbished one iPhone?

The company Apple is traditionally the leader in the world of expensive mobile devices. You have to save up or take an installment plan to become the owner of the coveted new model. Fans of apple products are trying to find the best deals to buy. The phrase 'refurbished phone' scares customers, but with the right approach there is nothing to be afraid of. When asked whether it is worth buying a refurbished iPhone, we will answer: yes, but with great care.

Should you buy a refurbished iPhone?

What is a Refurbished iPhone

First, you need to understand what a refurbished iPhone 6S means and whether it is worth buying. This instruction applies to all models iPhone: the general characteristics are defined in the same way. The officially restored phone was already in use, but not for long – a factory defect was discovered in a few days of operation. During use, the owner finds the scrap and returns it to the company Apple. To get back some of the money spent, the company restores the device: gives an updated case, repairs and replaces parts, and then returns it to the counter. Phones get a warranty and other useful things that new smartphones have. Sometimes sellers in Chinese stores restore devices, but then no one can vouch for their performance, and it will be difficult for the buyer to get a refund in the event of a malfunction.

IPhone as good as new - is it worth buying?

Where to buy

There are both new models and refurbished versions on sale in large home appliance stores or official suppliers. It is enough to take a closer look at the price tag to understand whether it is worth taking a refurbished iPhone – the price will be lower than the factory model. The buyer will be provided with a receipt and other documentation confirming the legality of ownership. Small stores are more likely to run into a fake or stolen phone, so manufacturers iPhone recommend giving preference to chain electronics supermarkets and certified dealers Apple. If you want to save money, then American marketplaces and auctions are also suitable for buying. The nuance is that you have to wait until the phone reaches the owner.

Should I take a refurbished iPhone?


The first distinguishing feature of the refurbished devices is the box. Officially remanufactured units are shipped in a sealed white box with the model description but no picture. On the side or top, there is an icon with the text Apple Certified Pre-Owned – this indicates that the phone has gone through a factory restore process Apple. The packaging will tell you whether it is worth taking a remanufactured iPhone: extraneous inscriptions or a color image of a smartphone speaks of a fake. Pay attention to the font, errors and paint quality – official smartphones will have no problems with the box. Do not think that only the ubiquitous Chinese are engaged in copying, all over the world know how to counterfeit smartphones.

Should you buy a refurbished iPhone 6S?

Contents of delivery

Compare the package contents. Together with the smartphone, ideally, the owner receives documents, a charger, headphones and a paper clip to remove the SIM card from the tray. The main signs of a fake:

  • pronounced smell of plastic;
  • lack of a case for headphones;
  • casually folded cables;
  • lack of components;
  • mismatch in appearance.

Remember that Apple uses the Lighting connector, and if the buyer sees the usual mini-USB at the end of the charge, then this is a fake. When restoring Apple, it puts new original components in the box, which will serve the owner for a long time. The problem is that if their appearance coincides with the appearance of the official kit, then an unprepared user will not be able to distinguish components from a fake.

What does a refurbished iPhone 6S mean and is it worth buying?


Many users are wondering: if a refurbished iPhone looks like new, why buy a factory version? The answer is simple: not everything is an iPhone that looks like an iPhone. Pay attention to the case: fakes rarely get 'in color', so the case will be lighter or darker in appearance. Unpleasant scratching plastic, creaks and cracks also became the hallmarks of a fake. On the back cover below there are inscriptions – there should be no errors, curvature and smeared paint there. A non-original screen will also add problems: the sensors and the front camera are displaced, the edges protrude, and the finger slides to the side. Remanufactured by the company Apple iPhone are identical to the factory ones up to the last screw, even if both smartphones are placed side by side on the surface.

How much does a refurbished iPhone cost?

The cost

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple will announce the launch of iPhone 12 from day to day

It is logical that buyers are looking for cheap options, but it is worth remembering that even refurbished phones from the Apple company cannot be bought for 5 thousand rubles. Therefore, you will have to adequately perceive prices. The Chinese love to sell fakes for a penny, and criminals are trying to sell the 'unclean' phone as soon as possible for any amount. A refurbished smartphone will be cheaper than a new one, but by a maximum of 10 thousand rubles When you come to the store, you shouldn't be surprised that two identical phones have different prices: the cheapest one will be marked 'Restored'. Refurbished phones, on the other hand, are often sold under the guise of new ones, so feel free to ask to bring the box and show you the package for examination.

Is it worth buying a refurbished one iPhone?

Should I take a refurbished iPhone

Let's talk about whether to buy a refurbished iPhone 6S. Buyers are attracted by the low price, but it is scary to buy a used phone. In fact, such phones, repaired by the company Apple, work no worse: the defect is eliminated, the warranty is available. Externally, the iPhone is identical, to find out the complete information you will have to dig a little deeper – check the information about the device on the official servers of the company. These are useful cloud services that know a lot about Apple smartphones. For example, it also checks the warranty status, date of manufacture of the smartphone, certificates and location information. It also indicates whether technical support is provided and whether the owner has been granted the right to service the phone.

Check iPhone by serial number

Serial number check

To understand if a smartphone has been tampered with, it is worth checking information about it using the serial number. Open the official website of the company in a browser Apple. Find the item 'Verify Service and Support Eligibility'. In the proposed window there will be a line where the serial number is entered. If this character set is correct, the device warranty information will open. If the buyer is foisted on a fake, the service Apple will kindly inform that a phone with such a serial number does not exist. This is a reason to contact the police: it is not always possible to bring fraudsters to clean water on their own. Yes, and it is difficult to return the money wasted on a phone that is issued as a new or refurbished one, even if there is a check – rarely anyone admits guilt voluntarily.

Buying refurbished iPhone

Purchase terms

Pay attention to where and how you buy the phone. If the seller has nothing to hide, then the performance will be checked with the buyer. It is also possible in the store:

  • ask to see the box;
  • check the serial number;
  • see the complete set;
  • familiarize yourself with the operability of the camera, speakers and operating platform;
  • ask to check the headphones.

By law, the buyer must be given a cashier's receipt so that in the event of a breakdown at the time specified by law, it is possible to return or replace the product or receive warranty repair. But you cannot bind the phone 'for verification' to your Apple ID, as well as enter any personalized information. If there are doubts about the honesty of the seller, it is better not to risk it, but to look for a profitable offer in another store.

Warranty Check iPhone

Warranty check

Manufacturers have provided two ways to obtain IMEI – the international identifier of mobile equipment:

  • with the inscription on the box;
  • from smartphone settings.

Rewrite or copy the serial number. Type in the address bar of your browser. This is a page for checking a smartphone by serial number. In the line enter IMEI of the purchased phone and the verification code. The service will process the request and provide information. Green check marks indicate that the smartphone is being handed over to the owner illegally, and in the event of a breakdown Apple will repair the product. The warranty only lasts for one year, so counterfeit or 'unclean' smartphones will have this item highlighted in red to indicate that the warranty is over.

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