Is it worth taking the remanufactured iPhone 7?

Read about whether to buy a refurbished iPhone 7: what it is and how you can tell a similar model from the original.

If you want to get a smartphone from the company Apple, but there is not a tidy sum, you should think about whether to buy a refurbished iPhone 7. Let's discuss in detail all the nuances of buying such a model.

iPhone 7 how new is it worth buying

What does restored mean iPhone

To begin with, a phone that was in use and returned to the Apl plant is considered a restored or ref (from the word refurbished). There are two reasons for the return:

  • manufacturing defects;
  • participation in the recycling program.

The phone is checked at the factory. In case of breakdowns or marriage, defects are eliminated: the old case, screen and battery are changed. This gives a 'used' phone a new lease on life and an official one year warranty.

is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone 7 plus

Thanks to the program Apple for the restoration of products, old models of smartphones can be purchased at a reasonable price, while receiving service and a guarantee.

Iphone 7 restored growth is a model that has received the corresponding growth mark (PCT or EAC inscriptions on the back of the box). This mark confirms that the device was legally imported into Russia. Phones that do not pass Rostest certification are called 'gray' phones.


The main disadvantage is a large number of fakes. In order not to buy a fake when buying, you need to understand how to distinguish it from the original. It is always advisable to buy directly from authorized retailers from Apple.

For Russia, there are model restrictions. If you can buy refurbished smartphones, iPads, MacBooks and other equipment in the USA, then in Russia these are only some iPhone models. In particular, the 7 model is available in two versions: 256 GB and 256 GB plus.

is it possible to buy a refurbished iPhone 7
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Despite the fact that the device undergoes thorough diagnostics and testing during restoration, many parts change in it, so it is difficult to distinguish the appearance from the new one. However, it is still considered 'used'. You need to keep this fact in mind when buying, and do not harbor illusions about the newness of the phone.


As mentioned above, on the filling and appearance, the smartphone is like new. You will not experience problems associated with a worn out battery. You will not see a scratched screen and case. Do not worry about non-working components and other problems of control devices.

The warranty, valid from the moment of handing over the phone for 1 year, gives the right to receive service from professional craftsmen as soon as possible or replace the device with another.

is it worth buying a refurbished iphone 7

When purchased, the device will be equipped with headphones, a charger, a paper clip, documentation, and more. The serial number also changes, which clears the history of this device. Having seen such an Iphone 7, only a professional will know how to distinguish the original from the restored one. In appearance, this is difficult to do.

The price of such a smartphone is less and external differences are difficult to find. Plus, the smartphone is equipped as new and with an official warranty.

Justification of purchase

As needed, everyone decides for himself whether to take a refurbished iPhone 7. A frequent reason for such a purchase is a limited budget. Defects with such gadgets are rare. The availability of a guarantee, new configuration reduces problems to a minimum.

Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone 7 reviews

Methods for determining crafts and used

In order not to stumble upon fakes, try to buy an iPhone in official stores. In order to avoid unpleasant situations with non-original models, it is worth distinguishing them by their external signs.

  1. The 'ref' packaging is different from the new one. On the front side the model is indicated, below the inscription 'Apple Certified Pre-Owned'. On the back, there is an F prefix in front of the model number and the prefix 'RFB' in front of the model.
  2. A cheap or shabby look indicates a used or fake box.
  3. The specified characteristics and IMEI on the packaging must agree with those indicated on the inside.
  4. On special resources of the Apple, by name number, information about the warranty and support of a specific device is provided. The ref guarantee will not work without activation. The counterfeit will already be activated or with an expired warranty period.
  5. The appearance should be like new. Visible screws without screwdriver marks, scratches.
  6. Buttons and caps are the same color as the body.
  7. There are no scratches, cracks or other signs of use on the back cover.
  8. The body is monolithic without removable parts (crafts come with removable panels).
  9. The screen does not crack when pressed, does not bend, does not lag behind the body.
  10. The display backlight shines evenly over the entire area and has no overexposure. The image is clear and sharp. The sensor works immediately, without any slowdowns.

Fake and used, when first turned on, will immediately show the desktop. In the original, the first activation is accompanied by authorization in services Apple.

is it worth buying a refurbished iphone 7 plus

EAC or PCT certificate. The absence of such a sign means that the gadget was brought from another country. Its price is significantly different, but this is fraught with incomplete work of services, problems with warranty service. You can check the country along the way: Settings – General – About this device.

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