ITunes error 'Failed to create backup because iPhone is disconnected'

The iTunes application periodically creates backups of the files it contains and can do it automatically. But sometimes a situation may arise when it is during the file backup that the system issues a notification that the operation has failed, for the reason that the smartphone was disconnected from the computer, but the iTunes program is displayed without problems.

When this kind of error occurs in iTunes without any code, it is logical that the reason must be sought in the connection between a personal computer and a mobile device. The reason is that the connection disappears for the shortest moment and the operation cannot be completed.

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Such failures can occur due to:

  • worn out cable;
  • non-original cord;
  • problems with a computer with a USB port;
  • problems on phone with 'Lightning' input.

ITunes error 'Failed to create backup because iPhone is disconnected'

To solve the problem and find out the true cause of the failures, you should take another, preferably new, connection cable. You can also switch the cable to a different USB port. A way out of the situation may be another computer for connection, since it is possible that the old PC has faulty ports, or the power supply simply fails.

If all of the above options did not give positive results, then you should contact the technical support center.

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