Legendary design: what iPhone looks like 4

The iPhone 8 delighted users with a glass back cover. Buyers have been waiting for such a decision since the days of the fifth iPhone, when it was replaced by a non-metal one. For the first time, such a finishing option appeared on iPhone 4. As a result, users still consider such a design almost ideal, and an improved version of the smartphone – 4S, can be seen in use even now.

So what did iPhone 4 look like and why does everyone love it?

Firstly, it fits comfortably in the hand due to the shape of the 'brick' – the edges of the phone are located at right angles, only slightly beveled corners.

Secondly, its size made it possible to use the gadget with one hand without any problems.

Legendary design: what iPhone looks like 4

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The front and back panels of the device are made of glass, which was specially reinforced to prevent damage, however, not many were saved. The phone back cover replacement service was popular with repairmen. Fortunately, the user himself could change the lid, if there is at least some experience in handling equipment and tools.

The sides of the phone are made of metal.

The front part does not differ in appearance from the new iPhones. Is that the size. A 3.5-inch screen is installed here, which was then considered the best on the market. Above it are the main sensors, a camera and an earpiece. At the bottom, only the Home button is visible.

There is nothing on the back except for the main camera and flash. As for the metal edges, they have a pair of microphones, a lock button, volume control, a 'Silent' mode switch, a SIM card slot, a speaker and a thirty-pin charging connector.

That, however, is all. There were no bells and whistles, like fingerprint scanners then, but people felt good without it. As mentioned earlier, this design is still considered the reference.

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