Maps for iPhone: Yandex, Google, Maps.Me, 2GIS and others

The store navigation category App Store contains a wide range of applications. There are highly specialized auto trekkers and programs for sea trips and even for pilots there are several applications. But there are common tasks that a large number of users regularly face iPhone. Let's try to collect the most relevant applications with maps for iPhone …

Simple cards for iPhone

So far, the native Maps app from Apple doesn't work very well in our latitudes.

It is replaced by two popular programs:

  • Yandex maps.

Cards for iPhone

  • Google Maps.

Cards for iPhone

For those who travel abroad, I can also recommend ViaMichelin:

Cards for iPhone

Offline maps for iPhone

The aforementioned programs Yandex Maps and Google Maps support the ability to create offline maps with the ability to use them without the Internet. This is detailed at the end of the article. But it is not always realistic to do this. So Yandex has a very limited set of maps, and not everyone will communicate with the cache Google. There are specialized applications that make this job much easier.

There is also the increasingly popular service Maps.Me.

Cards for iPhone

Someone really likes 2GIS:

Cards for iPhone

Auto Navigators for iPhone

Read detailed navigator reviews for iPhone in our full review.

Each case has its own pros and cons. So car navigators are not convenient to use when traveling on foot. And all (at the time of this writing) programs with a set of offline maps do not support house numbering, because the maps for them are based on the same resource: OpenStreetMap.

Here you can also add the “Progorod” service.

Cards for iPhone

Maps travel guides

Audio guides – guidebooks “Around the World” have proved to be excellent. The list of available cities is constantly growing.

Cards for iPhone

You can make your guide in this way.

If you have created your own travel route, then you can transfer it to your smartphone as follows.

Offline maps Yandex and Google

Yandex Maps program

In the latest versions of the program, it became possible to save city maps in the phone memory, i.e. now you can work with the map without connecting to a mobile network or the Internet. This significantly speeds up the work with the application, and will also save traffic for those who are not subscribers of Megafon, Beeline or Kyivstar.

A more detailed description of the program 'Yandex.maps'

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Cities, maps of which can be downloaded for offline viewing:
Angasrk, Artem, Barnaul, Belgorod, Berdyansk, Veliky Ustyug, Volzhsky, Vyazniki, Glazov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Yekaterinburg, Zaporozhye, Yoshkar-Ola, Izhevsk, Ilyichevsk, Kazan, Kamyshin, Kemerovo, Kiev, Kramatorsk-Slavyansk, Krasnoarmeysk , Crimea, Kurgan, Leningrad region, Lviv, Magnitogorsk, Melitopol, Minsk, Moscow, Moscow region, Nizhyn, Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Odessa, Orenburg, Prokopyevsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Petersburg, Sarapul, Saratov, Sumy, Surgut, Tambov, Tomsk, Uglich, Ulyanovsk, Usolye-Sibirskoye, Ussuriisk, Ufa, Kharkov, Cherepanovo, Chita.

It is also possible to make maps of the desired area yourself.

Instructions on how to make an offline map for Yandex.Maps.

Program 'Maps' Google map

Instructions on how to make google map work in iphone without using the Internet.


When you start the program, the necessary fragments of the map are loaded from the network themselves, using the wi-fi or gprs method available at that time. The loaded areas of the map form the so-called cache, a temporary file. This cache is used for fast redrawing of the screen and in the absence of communication with the server, i.e. for working offline.

This cache file is called MapTiles.sqlitedb and is a set of square fragments. Each level of detail has its own set. Fragments are not scalable. Likewise, satellite photography and hybrid, each have their own independent set of fragments.

It would seem that if you look at the desired part of the map once, you can refer to it constantly. However, the program is designed in such a way that when the cache reaches a certain size, the old areas of the map begin to be erased, freeing up space for new data and it is not possible to assemble a full-fledged map in this way.

To get around this trouble, you need to prohibit overwriting the cached map by first loading the desired area of ​​the terrain into the phone.

Another feature. With the change of firmware, the principle of card caching also changed. For iPad / iPhone 4 fragments are used – 256×256 points, for iPhone 3GS / 3G with firmware 2.2 – 128×128 points, for old firmware 64×64 points. In addition, the cache in different firmware versions is located in different places in the phone's file system. Therefore, cards from old firmware do not fit new ones, they need to be converted.

The map itself consists of 3 files:

  • map in fragments – MapTiles.sqlitedb
  • bookmarks file – Bookmarks.plist (street names and pins you placed)
  • startup coordinates –

All 3 files are independent from each other. The main one is MapTiles.sqlitedb, the rest may be loaded from different sources or may not be present at all.

To install a ready-made card you will need:

  • 1. Phone past Jailbreak
  • 2. File manager for iPhone with the ability to change permissions for files (I recommend iFile from Cydia)
  • 3. The cards themselves for your firmware version. You can download them on torrents.

Using the file manager, you need to upload the map files to the appropriate folders on the phone

For firmware 4.x.x.

  • MapTiles.sqlitedb is private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Caches \ Maps \ MapTiles \.
  • Bookmarks.plist – private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Maps \.

Set the rights to the folder:

  • private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Caches \ Maps \ MapTiles \ remove the “Record” option for the user.

Set file permissions:

  • private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ Caches \ Maps \ MapTiles \ MapTiles.sqlitedb remove the “Record” option for the user.

After installing the card, you need to reboot the phone.

If you yourself want to make maps for iPhone you will need

  1. SAS Planet program to create a map file.
  2. Converter Mapv4v5Converter.
  3. If you want to use several maps in iPhone, then Cydia has a free iphone offline maps program that switches between them on demand.

List of cards for iPhone 4 firmware 4.x.x. :

  • Moscow – 659 Mb.
  • St. Petersburg – 614 Mb.
  • Kharkiv – 249 Mb

You can add links to your maps by going to the offline map administration page for iPhone and iPad.

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