Marking A1457 on iPhone

In the modern market of mobile phones and accessories, the buyer is offered six different, but at the same time almost identical models iPhone 5S:

  • A 1453;
  • A 1457;
  • A 1528;
  • A 1530;
  • A 1533 (GSM);
  • A 1533 (CDMA).

Marking A1457 on iPhone

The difference between the presented models lies in the initial distribution of support carriers for different networks. The reason for this section was that the manufacturer produces models for different regions and mobile network operators.

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You can find out the iPhone 5S model before buying on the back cover of the phone. The А1457 smartphone supports the LTE band Bend 7 and Bend 20, which are most demanded by operators in Russia. It is for this reason that when this model is connected to the 4G Internet, there are no problems and failures, regardless of the location in the country and the operator.

All devices are characterized by similar technical characteristics and almost the same appearance. They feature retina display, fingerprint protection, dual flash, and more.

Therefore, the marking 1457 is placed on the iPhone 5S models, designed specifically for the European market, with their own parameters and settings for mobile network operators operating in GSM networks.

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