Music apps for iPhone

Recently, the social network Vkontakte, which many loved precisely for free music, has deprived its users of enjoying their favorite tracks without restrictions. Now you have to buy a subscription so that mobile devices can play and cache audio recordings. Since this service is clearly not worth paying for it, users began to actively seek a replacement for it. Someone is resorting to other, more advanced paid options, while someone is looking for an application with an offline mode. Especially for the second group, we will try to introduce you to the best programs for iPhone, which allow you to listen to music without restrictions and access to the Internet.

Cloud music

The first thing that the application prompts the user to do is to synchronize the music that is in the clouds so as not to clutter up the internal memory of the phone. The option is nice and will definitely appeal to many. True, only 10 songs from each proposed service are added for free.

The offer itself has its own search, but there is no unlimited limit in the free version. The user is given the opportunity to use the search only 20 times, after which the tracks will have to either be added from the clouds, or buy the Pro version.

The application itself looks nice, the design has obviously been worked on for more than one day. Added songs are automatically sorted by artist, album and genre.

Unfortunately, advertising will not give life, which pops up very often and interrupts the sound of the song, after which it does not remove itself.

Music apps for iPhone

Let's highlight the advantages of the application:

  1. Nice design.
  2. A wide variety of tracks in the database.
  3. Timer for automatic shutdown of playback.
  4. There is a version for iPad.

There are fewer cons, but they are significant:

  1. Highly annoying and annoying ads.
  2. Low functionality in the free version.
  3. Offline by subscription only.

Users rated the app in App Store 4 stars, making it 106th in the ranking of services for listening to music.

Download Music cloud from App Store

Music Cloud

This app is rated much better – 4.5 stars, and is in 4th place in the rating. Well, let's see what it is.

As in the case with the above option, the program offers to immediately sync songs from the clouds. A pleasant bonus is that it also scans the Apple Music library in order to offer the user interesting compositions based on this data.

There is no search for songs in the application itself, so you have to download them through your computer. This is done simply: the application issues a link, enter it on the computer and go to the tracks download page. We select the necessary tracks, after which they are automatically loaded into the application via Wi-Fi. Having completed these simple actions, we enjoy free music without an Internet connection.

The program has great functionality. In real time, you can adjust the equalizer, view the lyrics of the song, and even turn on animation that plays in time with the composition. The tracks themselves are distributed according to the already prepared playlists, but the user himself has the right to sort everything as he pleases.

Music apps for iPhone

The process of uploading music to the application library

Music apps for iPhone

The media library itself

Music apps for iPhone

Well, let's move on to the pluses:

  1. Rich functionality even in the regular version of the application.
  2. Nice and clear design.
  3. Offline mode.
  4. Version for iPad.
  5. Ability to choose a theme.
  6. Unobtrusive ads that do not interfere with the user with the application.

The cons are generally minor:

  1. Lack of an online database of tracks.
  2. Sometimes a pop-up banner inviting you to purchase the Pro version.

The verdict is obvious – the application can be safely recommended to friends.

Download Music Cloud from App Store


Another option highly rated by users App Store – 4.3 points and 12th place in the rating. Let's try to figure out why he is so good.

Immediately a little disappointing is the English language of the application. For some, this is not a problem at all, but for others it will completely alienate them from using the service. Also, the user is prompted to create an account, however, you can do without it, however, only in order to just scroll through the menus. To listen to the song, you still have to log in. By the way, it is possible to do this through Facebook or Google.

Unfortunately, attempts to link a Facebook account with the application were unsuccessful, so I had to fill in several fields and create an account for the service.

The application is convenient and simple to use. Nothing gets in the way, everything is intuitive. Music playback is accompanied by beautiful animation. If you wish, you can watch the compositions as similar as possible to the one being performed. Tracks are sorted either by their own playlists or by artist. If the user doesn't know what he wants to listen to, the app will offer popular collections.

Music apps for iPhone

Music apps for iPhone

The advantages of the service are obvious:

  1. Large online database.
  2. Lack of advertising.
  3. Simple and intuitive interface.
  4. Automatic caching when adding a track to the playlist.
  5. Version for iPad.
  6. Recommendations.

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There were no minuses as such, except for the English interface.

Download SoundCloud from App Store


The application is not included in the ratings, but has a user rating of 4.4 points.

Like some other services, this option first offers to sync with the clouds. If there is nothing there, then the iTunes library is scanned, which is completely transferred to the application. Here the user chooses what to leave in the list and what not to copy.

As it turned out, this is not so easy to do. The application is terribly stupid, refuses to copy tracks in the free version. After that, it becomes clear why the program is not included in the rating. Apparently, in order to enjoy your favorite compositions, you will have to pack them up in the clouds, which is terribly inconvenient.

The design resembles some kind of simple application for Android, written in a few hours.

Music apps for iPhone

Like iTunes Library

Music apps for iPhone

Unsuccessful attempts to copy anything

Music apps for iPhone

Clearly far from perfect interface

There were no advantages to the application, if you do not take into account the lack of advertising.

The cons are right on the surface:

  1. Lack of performance without a subscription.
  2. Awful design.
  3. Sophisticated system for adding tracks.
  4. Dull interface.

It is highly discouraged to use the service.

Download CloudBeats from App Store


Users rated this service with 3.8 points and placed it on the 7th line in the rating.

It's great that instructions are immediately attached on how to replenish your media library. True, it is all in English, but even without his knowledge it is quite possible to understand what is required of the user.

Almost any action, be it minimizing the application, swiping through the menu or something else, is accompanied by a commercial. You can remove them only through a paid subscription, which immediately negatively attunes a person in relation to the service. And once the music from the advertisement started playing by itself, without even playing the video, after which a lot of banners popped up. Okay, to hell with them, let's try to figure out how to add tracks here.

This can be done either through the clouds or through a connection to a computer. Again, one more fact that turns away from the service. After watching several commercials, I managed to get to a more or less suitable option – iCloud Drive. After the song was uploaded to the application, and the Internet was turned off, the service stopped infuriating with advertisements and made it possible to calmly enjoy listening to music.

As for the design, it is the most antediluvian here. Nothing can be done with the song, except how to upload, view information, put on repeat and add to the playlist.

Music apps for iPhone

Instructions on what and how to do

Music apps for iPhone

Music apps for iPhone

Having significantly frayed my nerves, I was able to highlight several positive and negative aspects of the service.

The first ones include:

  1. Version for iPad.
  2. More or less comfortable listening to music, provided that the Internet is turned off.

There are, of course, much more cons:

  1. Absolute impossibility to use the service with an active Internet connection.
  2. Awful design.
  3. Countless advertisements, and so inadequate that you don't even want to open the application.
  4. Sophisticated system for adding tracks.

Download MyMusicCloud from App Store

After analyzing the services, the conclusion suggests itself that some applications are clearly undeservedly receiving ratings, since they generally cannot provide the user with a comfortable environment for listening to music. Units from a huge list of programs are of more or less quality.

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