NFC in the fitness bracelet

The technology NFC is only becoming popular today, although the starting point for this product is 2004. NFC – chips are being introduced into mobile phones, tablets and fitness trackers, improving the final product. Unfortunately, not all owners know what a module NFC is and how a fitness bracelet with NFC works.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range contactless communication technology with a range of 10 cm and is used to exchange information between devices. A fitness bracelet with a NFC chip is synchronized with a mobile phone using the apps of the respective manufacturers. Most trackers are compatible with iOS and sync programs are available for download at App Store. So let's take a closer look at what NFC is in a fitness bracelet.

Fitness bracelet with NFC chip: what is it, how to pay

Functions NFC

Functionality NFC is similar to work Bluetooth. At the same time, the new technological product differs in that the fitness tracker with NFC transmits information at a distance of up to 10 cm, which guarantees additional security of the transmitted information. This is especially important at the time of purchase – an attacker will not gain access to the user's bank account.

Now let's go over the main features of the technology NFC. First, let's deal with contactless payment, which is constantly discussed in reviews of fitness trackers. Unfortunately, there are no fitness bracelets with support for payment systems used in Russia yet. Moreover, Apple is unlikely to ever allow an outside company to access Apple Pay. Popular trackers support only Chinese payment systems, so you won't be able to use such bracelets with NFC to pay in Russia.

But the card emulation function, which is equipped with any fitness bracelet with NFC, is available with us. The tracker reads compatible passes and uses the data to interact with turnstiles and electronic locks. In this way, not only pass-through cards are emulated, but also keys from intercoms.

In addition, the technology allows programming tags that will control a mobile phone without unlocking. So, you can automatically turn on Wi-Fi when the smartphone is installed on the desired tag. The tags can be easily placed in the car to automatically turn on the wireless headset or GPS navigator. The price for a good set of such tags is 200-400 rubles, and you can buy stickers in mobile accessories stores and on AliExpress.

fitness bracelet with nfc

Terms of Use

The module NFC can be used for its intended purpose only if the device with which the owner wants to exchange information is equipped with this chip. If it is not installed, then the chip can be inserted separately.

To use the function of emulation of access cards and intercom keys, the characteristics of the chips that are installed in the passes that are compatible with a specific bracelet are required. The main condition is the antenna frequency of 13.56 MHz at which it operates NFC. The second limitation is the length of the security key. When these conditions are met, the application will read the pass and enter the information into memory.

bracelet with nfc chip

As an interim summary, let us highlight the advantages and disadvantages of a smart bracelet with NFC when used in Russia:



Quick connection setup

Few payment points

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Low battery consumption of the device

Manual programming of marks

Ease of use (no need to enter a code to connect)

A small number of bracelets support Russian payment systems (trackers made in China give a chance to use only Chinese payment systems)

Secure payment method (the secret key for payment is generated in the payment application and stored on the server in encrypted form)

Smart bracelet as a means of payment

By using bracelets for payment, users are freed from the need to carry a wallet or smartphone with them. New gadgets are popular among people who play sports or lead a healthy lifestyle. Now everyone can put on a smart bracelet with NFC, and not only use the watch, track the number of calories burned and steps taken, but also pay for a metro ride or pay with it in the supermarket. Unfortunately, most models of fitness bracelets work only with Chinese payment systems and cannot be used to pay for purchases and services in Russia. Let's consider several options available.

fitness bracelet with nfc android pay

What bracelets work in Russia

Immediately, we note that there are no fitness trackers (except Apple Watch) with system support Apple Pay. And a fitness bracelet with NFC Android Pay, in fact, only one – Samsung Gear Fit 2 costing 11-12 thousand rubles.

smart bracelet with nfc

Therefore, we will consider only two specific bracelets with which payments in Russia are possible. These are the bracelet of the Moscow transport card Troika and the smart bracelet produced by Alfa Bank.

There is no need to make additional settings for Troika – it has nothing to do with your phone or bank account. This is an ordinary transport card, only the chip with the antenna is not installed in the 'plastic', but is sewn into a wrist strap. This offer is limited to a limited edition, with the last release of the souvenir bracelet on March 5, 2019.

bracelets with nfc for payment

The smart bracelet offered by Alfa-Bank has all the functionality of a standard bank card. Let's tell you a little more about it.

what is nfc in a fitness bracelet

How to setup

The bracelet can be ordered at all branches of the bank. It is a strap with a 'pocket' for a chip that looks like a SIM card. There, in the bank branch, the operator will tie the bracelet to the owner's current account. In the future, through the bank's mobile application, you can re-link the chip to another account in the account settings. No further action is required. The bracelet is ready to use as a bank card without smartphone 'support'.

smart bracelet with nfc

How to pay

By connecting the bracelet with NSF to the bank account, the owner gets the right to pay using the tracker. To do this, the user needs to check the amount in the payment terminal and bring the bracelet to it. The required amount will be deducted from the account automatically.

Important. Before making a contactless payment, make sure that the terminal has a special sticker confirming the possibility of contactless payment.

fitness tracker with nfc

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