Original alarm sound for iPhone

The operating system iOS is tricky and secure. This affects the fact that users are limited in their capabilities. For example, the majority still cannot come to terms with the fact that without outside interference it will not be possible to put a non-standard melody on the call. But, with an alarm clock, everything is much easier. The list of melodies to which you can wake up is unlimited. Unfortunately, there were some nuances.

For the alarm clock, Apple, there is a separate store that contains a large selection of pleasant sounds. Having paid a certain amount, now it is 22 rubles, your favorite melody will become available for choosing it as an awakening one.

If you want, you can install any song from your personal library Apple Music, if you have a subscription to it. Those who do not want to give their hard-earned money can only be content with standard sounds.

To select music for an alarm, you need to create it. Go to the 'Clock' application and select the 'Alarm clock' sub-item. Then click on the plus sign in the upper right corner and get into the settings.

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Original alarm sound for iPhone

The selection of songs is in the 'Melody' item. Feel free to poke at it and choose the sound you like from here.

Original alarm sound for iPhone

Someday the song can get bored and you want to change it. This is also easy to do. Go to the alarm clock again, click on 'Change', select the required item and change the signal in the same way as you set it.

A nice moment is the ability to set different sounds for each alarm clock. At work early in the morning, you can wake up to a peppy track, forcing you to get out of bed abruptly, and on weekends, already under something relaxing and uplifting.

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