Owner reviews iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The eighth iPhone, although it did not become a breakthrough in the international market of mobile electronics, took an honorable place there. The glossy glass of the back panel makes the gadget stand out from the background of the previous seventh model. The unusual design of the smartphone, new technical solutions and an updated operating system are impressive.

Owner reviews iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Before buying such an expensive device, you should read the reviews of the owners, the pros and cons of the iPhone 8 – after all, daily operation can change your opinion about the device. Happy smartphone owners willingly share their impressions of how the gadget works in practice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages

The new iPhone 8 has captured millions of apple lovers' hearts. And it is not surprising – the eighth model received a lot of positive differences, which compensate for the overpriced device.

  1. The camera is 12 megapixels. Shoots Slow-motion video in 4K resolution. You can choose the video storyboard speed yourself – users are provided with 24, 36 or 60 frames per second.
  2. The 8 and 8 plus line of smartphones were the first among other models to receive wireless charging technology. For this, the design of the smartphone had to be changed to replace the metal panels with glass ones. It is possible to charge the device on Qi platforms compatible with iPhone.
  3. Apple ’s True Tone is a healthy smartphone function that changes the saturation and color temperature of the display relative to the ambient light level. Taking care of people – so the load on the eyes will be within normal limits, even in the dark.
  4. The iPhone 8 is comfortable, gestures are worked out even with one hand. The 8 plus has a larger display for immersing it in a movie or game.
  5. Both smartphones are equipped with A11 Bionic chips to increase the quality and speed of the gadgets. These are the ultra-fast processors used by the company Apple. This technology allows smartphones to work even with high-resource add-ons and applications.
  6. The device iPhone 8 plus also received a Touch ID function to unlock the device with a glance.

Now about the disadvantages.

Owner reviews iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

In addition to the overpriced, a number of negative points stand out that users did not like – the iPhone 8 plus reviews are full of comments about the cons.

The main complaint is glass panels.

The phone slips, fingerprints remain on the lid. On the security side of the 8, the model loses to the 7, which is equipped with a metal case. You will have to buy a cover in specialized stores to protect the fragile glass of the new gadget. Users noted a weak battery with an abundance of purely entertainment applications.

The buyers did not like the fact that the design of the gadget does not really change – only the number of rear cameras varies. Model 8 has one, but iPhone 8 plus pleases with two cameras. An unpleasant innovation was the fact that you will have to buy adapters for ultra-fast charging separately, since the 8 iPhone kit is identical to the previous model.

The models are presented only in 64 and 256 GB of memory, and this is also a minus. But if suddenly there is a cover from the previous “seven”, then such protection will suit the new model without problems.

Comparison of iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The main difference between the two models is 23 thousand rubles, and the 8 Plus is 15 thousand cheaper. Reviews of the owners of the iPhone 8 state that such a difference in the amount is justified. And it's true – the design of the tenth model has changed beyond recognition for the first time since 2014. Buyers believe that comparing 8 and 10 is stupid, these are different generations. Naturally iPhone X will be superior to the previous model. The Ten received a new body made of glass and metal, but the border between materials remained elusive. The new model is larger than 8, but smaller than 8 plus, although the display was installed in a larger size.

Owner reviews iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

It is customary to compare X and 8 plus, the figure eight is completely lost against the background of these devices. Tending to buy iPhone 8 is only possible if the purchase of the 'tens' will make you spend money. Otherwise, the X is superior to the previous model in several main conditions at once:

  • a set of new functional gestures;
  • updated authentication;
  • Super Retina display
  • animoji and a set of selfie modes;
  • dual camera with optical stabilization.

Reviews of the owners of the iPhone 8 plus say that the device is no worse than the tenth, it's just a different model.

A smooth transition from the usual 'chips' 6 and 7 to the updated gadget. Buyers say that only gamers and users of resource-intensive applications will notice the difference in performance.

It is based on the same iOS, but in the top ten the logic of building the interface is different due to the absence of the Home button. It came as a surprise, non-advanced users still have not figured out where the 'Easy Access' disappeared. There are problems with status bars and curtains when changing the screen orientation. The developers themselves believe that changes in the company Apple are constantly met with negative feedback, but over time, such decisions become irreplaceable.

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The familiar Touch ID is a thing of the past, replaced by Face ID, which only emphasizes the 'dissimilarity' of the 8th generation and the 10. The new model is equipped with a mass of 3D sensors that help the smartphone to map the owner's face for recognition. Neither G8 can do this. But the A11 Bionic chip migrated to the new model, nothing better Apple has not yet been invented. It should be admitted that the tenth model is superior to the eighth, but if there is no need for an abundance of entertainment functions, then iPhone 8 will become a useful alternative with well-developed functionality and the usual configuration iOS. And it will keep at least 15 thousand rubles in your wallet.

Bright colors

Six months after the presentation of iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Product (RED) model was released, designed to spur the sales of smartphones of this generation.

Owner reviews iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Users leave positive reviews, iPhone 8 broke human stereotypes – a red smartphone will no longer be a girl's prerogative, the phone looks spectacular in men's hands. The tone is rich scarlet, catchy, the usual dark shades of cherry make the color richer and deeper. The glass back panel makes the color 'playable' – if you put the phone in the shade, the back will become a noble wine shade. This is the case when the lack of originality of the design is compensated for by the bright color palette. The red panel is combined with a black frame and screen – for the Product (RED) line of smartphones, they refused to use a defiant white frame. The smartphone will be appreciated by both girls who like red and men who like the brutality of Product (RED).

To wear such beauty in a case is blasphemy. The brightness of the red should not be hidden, the glass back panel is easier to protect with a colorless silicone case. This is a challenge to annoying black, white and gray smartphones. Apple represents a relatively dull and meager palette, calm and versatile tones. And the red one involuntarily attracts the eyes, this device should not be hidden.

iPhone Product (RED) is part of a worldwide campaign to support the fund of the same name, which helps people infected with HIV. Otherwise, this iPhone is identical to model 8, the equipment is also no different, only in the documentation it is possible to find a letter of gratitude from the fund (RED), because part of the money from the purchase of the red G8 will be deducted in support of the fight against HIV.

Users have noted that fingerprints on the red glass are not as visible as on the black back. The design details match the simple model – the camera sticks out, there is no headphone jack. It is easier to put up with the functional shortcomings of this generation of smartphones, the design remains familiar, but thanks to the color scheme, it will not become boring over time.


The eighth generation iPhone is presented in two versions – 64 and 256 GB of memory for storing user files. The 64 gigabyte version has gained popularity, a similar model is cheaper, and in terms of functionality it is in no way inferior. This amount of memory is enough to install applications from the AppStore, but useful programs are installed on the phone by default. According to the owners, after the Chinese flagship smartphones on Android, it is difficult to use iPhone 8 64 Gb. First of all, the low-power battery is letting down, with active use the charge lasts for 4-5 hours. Also, users are outraged that the necessary operating system files take up 12 gigabytes! The 64 GB model belongs to the budget (if this word can be applied to products Apple), at the start of sales the 'eight' cost 12 thousand less than the 256 GB clone. An impressive difference.

Owner reviews iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The 64 GB version is suitable for storing photos, small games and office applications. The memory capacity for the files of the owner of the smartphone does not affect the speed of operation, two GB of RAM is enough to ensure performance. The 'filling' of a smartphone does not evoke violent emotions, but it meets modern requirements. Digital zoom, light sensors and recognition of the strength of the tap on the screen. Additionally, the smartphone is equipped with optical stabilizers, accelerometer, barometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope and ambient light sensor. In addition – the iPhone 8 64 GB was equipped with a sophisticated fingerprint scanner, but a new generation of SIM cards (Nano-SIM) are needed. 8 the iPhone model received popular interfaces, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern productive smartphone:

  • USB;
  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Wi-Fi;

The body of the smartphone is equipped with protection against water and dust ingress, although the owners of the phone note that the applied level of security is already outdated. The model's audio player supports AAC-LC, AAX, AAX +, AC3, Apple Lossless (ALAC), Audi ble, e-AC3, LAC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, MP3 , PCM, and video is displayed in H.264, H.265 (HEVC), M-JPEG, MPEG-4 formats. iPhone 8 64 Gb was also equipped with a 64-bit processor, so the device will support modern games and programs. This model is chosen by people who prefer status and conservatism; there will be nothing stupid or useless in a smartphone. Companion functions – useful office programs and organizer, music catalog, assistant Siri and firmware for navigation and entertainment.

User's attitude to glass

Since the fourth version iPhone, the company Apple has ditched smartphones with glass backs. IPhones fell and broke immediately, the glass was not very durable. The performance was not affected by the cracks on the back cover, but from an aesthetic point of view, the smartphone lost its attractiveness. The company was afraid to repeat the mistakes of previous years, but decided to return the technology to the iPhone 8. The manufacturer claims that the glass in this model is durable, the coating is used by many manufacturers of protected smartphones. The change was appreciated by the owners of other models iPhone, whose fingers stuck to the aluminum back panel from frost in winter. It was easier to come to terms with fingerprints, on light smartphones this problem ceases to be too noticeable. Due to the installation of the glass, the iPhone has become heavier, but it fits more comfortably in the hand.

Owner reviews iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The glass on iPhones is of high quality, but scratches appear over time. There were enthusiasts who decided to test the strength of the glass, the results disappointed users. The iPhone survived the fall from a low height, after the impact on the flat, cracks began to appear. The side panels, on the other hand, are only slightly scratched. Even heavy-duty glass will not withstand constant impacts, so it is recommended to protect it with a cover or a layer of tempered armored glass. The option is non-trivial, but it is easier and cheaper to replace an additional layer of glass than to change the 'native' one on a smartphone. The back panel will not crumble into a million pieces, the glass will crack. Chips will appear after repeated falls. Interestingly, it is even easier to leave scratches on the aluminum case of the previous model iPhone than on the updated glass.

The glass elements of the iPhone are made from the most durable material available to the manufacturer. Users understand that glass is a fragile material, so they handle smartphones with care. According to iFixit, the iPhone 8 received only 6 points of maintainability. In order to replace the damaged glass panel, the smartphone will have to be completely disassembled, and not every master will cope with the repair. The sixth and seventh phone models received seven points each – for comparison. But the protection from water proved to be excellent – the glass did not let the salty liquid inside the device even after an hour of 'bathing' in a deep decanter. It had to be cleaned because salt is corrosive. Thanks to durable glass, the problem of bending smartphones was solved – aluminum iPhones were bending among customers even in their pockets.

Summing up – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus cause a double feeling among buyers. These smartphones have not lost their usual favorite functions, but at the same time they have acquired a lot of useful 'chips'. Gadgets are suitable to switch from 4 or 5 models. But the owners of the 'seven' do not make sense to update, although the series iPhone 8 turned out to be worthy representatives of the company's mobile devices Apple.

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