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The official sales of the anniversary flagship Apple took place long ago and users had enough time to evaluate all the pros and cons of the gadget. Many fans of the apple product are faced with a choice – whether to buy an iPhone X, or may prefer another model or a smartphone from an alternative manufacturer. It will be useful for them to find out what the owners of iPhone X say, whose reviews will help them make the right choice.

Positive sides iPhone X

Positive sides iPhone X

The new revolutionary smartphone of the famous brand has delighted fans with expanded functionality, new features and unique design. Users unanimously note the many positive aspects of the iPhone 10. Reviews and comments most often relate to such aspects as:

  1. Ergonomic, modern design.
  2. 'Nice, modern design. We got rid of the Home button, replaced it with a convenient alternative, especially if you configure Assistant Touch to suit your habits. Face ID works without interruptions, even in pitch darkness. Expectations were met. '

    'After walking for 3 days with a ten, I took my old six, and realized that this is already an irrevocable past, and smartphones will now be like X, regardless of whether someone likes it or not. There are no comments on the work, the face always recognizes if you look at the screen, in the dark it is the same. The battery keeps charging for a long time (all observations are based on contrast with my 6th, which was set to zero). The screen is big enough. At the same time, the phone fits freely in the palm of your hand or fits in your pocket. It is as easy to use as the six. I forgot about the Home key after 10 minutes, now I wonder why it was invented ?! Conclusion of a combination of factors, Aifln X is quality, design, reliability, an absolute leader, no options. '

    'At last! iPhone 10 is exactly what I have been waiting for since the days of the Six. Apple, albeit belatedly, still gave something new to its flagships. 'Ten' pulls at its own money, if only because of the better idea of ​​a frameless smartphone in the modern market. '

    “The design is great, you instantly get used to this screen size, the rest of the iPhones after it already look old …”.

    'I wanted to buy 8, but I was not impressed. There are no big differences from 7 and 6. Holding H-ku in my hand, I realized that this is what I need. Today it suits me completely, especially with the screen size. I did not find glitches at work. It works on a little frost, the screen does not go out and does not flicker, the sound is excellent, applications fly … '

    'The design, the endless screen, the size of the case (I compare after long-term use iPhone s 7 Plus) fully satisfy my ideas. The battery pleases with a long battery life. '

  3. Dimensions and weight.
  4. “Heavy phones are great. Solidity is immediately felt. '

    '' The ideal screen size is 5.8 inches. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, the iPhone 10 is not as slippery as its predecessor. I like very smooth transitions between body elements … '.

    'I thought for a long time whether it is worth changing 8 Plus to X and still tried it. I was pleased with my decision. The perfect size for a woman's pen … '.

    “Large screen, but at the same time comfortable body, optimal size for one-handed operation.”

  5. Unlimited screen.
  6. 'The screen pleases with juicy and bright colors, it really corresponds to world trends. Finally, it became comfortable to read, watch videos. Personally, I like it more than my previous 7 '.

  7. Intuitive control of buttons and gestures.
  8. 'The app switching gesture is cool. You don't poke around in the uncomfortable multitasking menu, but grab the strip and twist it in different directions. Thanks to this gesture, I instantly stopped remembering the Home button. '

    'The new gestures are incredibly comfortable. In 7 Plus, you had to press the left corner of the screen to activate the multitasking mode, which the silicone case completely resisted, and as a result, the gesture was not in demand. iPhone X is relieved of most of the shortcomings of its predecessors, all gestures are simple, understandable. The optional Taptic Engine makes multitasking a pleasure. '

  9. Face ID work.
  10. 'What is only Face ID technology worth! A couple of years ago, I could not even imagine that the iPhone would learn to turn off the lock and display recently received notifications with just one glance at the screen. There is a lot of talk on the net that the new face identification system is imperfect and opens up loopholes for fraudsters. Do not believe it! Face ID fully fulfills its function, as it was intended by the developer. '

    'After the presentation, I was skeptical about Face Id. In fact, it turned out that it works very well, the unlocking is instant, errors are rare (at the same level as 'just go'). Now I am absolutely not worried when my fingers are in gloves or wet. '

  11. External speaker volume.
  12. 'The sound is amazing – spacious, deafening! The speaker does not wheeze. Here Apple deserves the highest rating. '

    'Great sounding. Captures and immerses in the music completely. '

  13. Battery capacity in autonomous mode.
  14. 'I expected to be disappointed with the autonomy mode after a long time using the 7 Plus, but the battery exceeded expectations: if you do not forget to activate energy saving, the iPhone 10, even with a tight schedule of use, will last from early morning until late at night.'

'With the iPhone, you no longer have to sit next to the outlet as before, hurray! I changed the 6s already worn to holes for iPhone X. In terms of autonomy, I'm happy as a hundred elephants. Ten normally withstands a full day of work in normal mode. I use instant messengers, video, the Internet, graphic editors and other programs to the fullest, and at the end of the day there is still a pleasant couple of hours for games. Beauty! The previous iPhone was completely discharged in literally half that time, which was terribly infuriating. '

What users dislike about iPhone X

What users dislike about iPhone X

Immediately after the release of the jubilee apple product, a wave of controversy swept around the discussion of the pros and cons of the iPhone X. The negative reviews were not long in coming. It is worth paying attention to the defining points that are important for an objective assessment of a new generation gadget. The most common inconveniences reported by users:

  1. Brittle glass.
  2. 'This is already my second ten. The first device dropped, slipped out of my hands and fell face-down on the ground with stones. Was in the original leather case and with a protective glass. The impact hit the corner of the glass above the charging connector. The protective glass did not save, it also broke. Maybe that's the only thing that happens to me, I don't know, a matter of chance.

    interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first FAS will start another check Apple

    “Unfortunately, there is such a sad experience: a huge, impressive crack on the rear window of my iPhone, a clear proof of the fragility of the case. Replacing the rear glass cover flew into a tidy sum of money for me, and I never had time to enjoy the new product to its fullest! It's scary to even imagine what number would be in the check if the damage would have overtaken the front panel of the smartphone. '

  3. Control that causes inconvenience when using the gadget.
  4. 'With the removal of the Home button, some manipulation has become insanely awkward! Face ID is annoying. He doesn't want to recognize my face at all, even in a dim light, let alone complete darkness. But even if the scanner works, you still need to remove it with your finger. The constant spontaneous screenshots are also annoying. Pressing randomly on 2 buttons on different sides of the phone when you hold it in your hand is easier than light! Desktop customization has also become awkward. Previously, it was worth pressing the Home key – the changes were recorded. Now we have to look for some picture “done”, lost somewhere in the upper right appendix '.

    'Now, to close the application, you first need to pull your finger upward, then press it into the display with a small pad, and then poke it hard into the picture so that a circle with a minus appears. And only after that you need to click on the minus, and the application will shut down. Catastrophe'.

  5. Hangs while performing some operations.
  6. “It glitches during an incoming call: the screen is locked and freezes for 10 seconds. But Apple is already fighting this problem, I hope they will soon fix it.”

    'Less than a week later, my new kid iPhone X got stuck on an incoming call. Moreover, it hung “tightly” – neither a reboot, nor a flashing, nor a rollback to the factory settings, did not lead to anything (((Yes, what is it, the technical service has been testing it for more than a week. I will wait. Maybe I just had no luck, although at first The iPhone was very happy. '

  7. Inadequate price for the offered product.
  8. 'Not worth the money it claims, considering the features offered for the money. I bought a 64 GB version in winter for about 80 thousand rubles. She definitely does not deserve her money. But if we judge only about what materials it is made of and how these materials look and feel pleasant to the touch, then I think someone might find such a price acceptable. '

    'The price tag is 100% overpriced, it is not worth it, 30-40 thousand maximum, in our time the brand should no longer matter. The Chinese produce products of much better quality and more interesting, so there is no point in paying twice for the apple logo alone. '

  9. Malfunctioning at low temperatures.
  10. “The phone is afraid of frost more than any of its brethren .. I once walked at -24 a week after the purchase and at some point tried to turn on the flashlight. Oops, it won't turn on! After that, I was very scared, I thought, what if it does not turn on, because it was initially faulty. But as soon as the device was a little warm, the flashlight turned on without any problems. Later I found out that I am not the only one with this problem. '

    “The most lethal flaw that came to light this winter – the screen does not work in the cold! It really does not work, I thought it was because of the protective glass – I peeled it off, but the situation has not changed. When you take the smart out of a warm pocket and your hand out of the glove, everything works. However, after 15-20 seconds, when the phone cools down, the screen sensitivity drops rapidly and you have to press it several times. Saves the situation if you breathe on the screen. '

  11. Face ID does not always work.
  12. 'In a horizontal position, you have to contrive to make Face work (after all, the face is in an upright position). A striking example of this is when a smartphone is placed in a bracket on the car dashboard and you need to start the navigator. The problem is solved either by slightly turning the ten, or (as I did) by changing the password from 6-digit to 4-digit '.

    'Face ID takes a long time to work out. At first he didn't recognize me at night. But then, apparently, the software was corrected and the problem disappeared by itself. '

    'Face id was initially very bad at recognizing faces. After a series of firmware updates, it got better, but still I'm tired of looking at him like a monkey and constantly entering a password. '

    “For me, Face ID is too slow. After unlocking, you also have to swipe away from the screen. What for? If there was a version of just such a phone, but only with the traditional Touch ID, I would choose it without hesitation. '

  13. Photo and video filming.
  14. 'There are no problems during the day, all shots are beautiful, but as soon as you need to take a photo in low light, you are faced with a sharp drop in detail, poor white balance and lack of exposure. As the owner of Huawei p20 Pro I will say that the 'Ten' is not even close in terms of the quality of photos and videos in poor lighting. '

    “The camera was disappointing. Everything, except people, turns out great. In low light, you can sometimes get a photo frame with a huge amount of noise on the skin and too dark shadows. This is not to mention the fact that there is no photo processing during shooting, which has been on Android for ages. Conclusion – if you are used to going on trips and filming everything on your phone, then this device will not work. '

    'Annoyed by a darkened exposure. Yes, of course, for further image processing – there is a storehouse of unnecessary tools. But just to take a picture, as on the first iPhone or old Sonya, and immediately get bright and juicy shots that are ready for publication – this is not about the “Top Ten”. Without forcing the exposure and highlighting the shadows is now impossible. '

  15. A bulging rear camera that's even bigger thanks to the dual lens.
  16. “Because the rear camera is sticking out, the phone constantly bangs with the back cover when it's on the table, which is very infuriating.”

    'Bulging camera! Apple, what are you !? This is awful! What is the frame around the camera with sharp edges? The microphone hole and flash position are all ugly! Looks like cheap Chinese samizdat. '

  17. A monobrow that covers part of the screen and creates discomfort when watching video content.
  18. 'The notch at the top of the screen is terribly annoying, OLED – the panel is not much better than the LCD compared to my iPhone 6s. I do not like the lack of display of the battery charge on the display due to insufficient space … '.

    'Many third-party software products are poorly adapted to this shape of the screen: the buttons fall under the' eyebrow 'or at the rounded corners of the screen. As if this is a Chinese Android and not a flagship smartphone for a bucks piece. The most unpleasant surprise was that not even all the pre-installed programs, such as iMovie, GarageBand, are adapted to the new screen. '

  19. Poor equipment and high price of accessories.
  20. 'This is certainly a trifle that does not affect the functionality of the phone, but the package bundle is frankly redneck! I have a “marching” unbreakable Chinese phone for $ 200, so even there is a quick charge in the kit. '

'The bundle lacks fast charging, which is strange for a device of this class. And in general, everything to a minimum. The rest, including the branded cover – please, for the money, and a lot. '

On the downside, many users consider the absence of a 2nd SIM card, the lack of displaying the battery charge on the screen.

After reading negative reviews, you should not try to get rid of your gadget as soon as possible. Every smartphone has pros and cons. In addition, Apple listens to the opinions of its fans and strives to fix build bugs and bugs. In addition, some of the drawbacks in real use do not interfere with the smooth operation of the iPhone X.

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