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complete set iphone x

The concern of digital equipment manufacturers about customers is limited to new developments and design updates. But the accompanying accessories in the box of smartphones Apple are poorly presented. Package iPhone X includes a standard set of items.

What is included?

what's included in the iphone x

With a few exceptions, the packaging includes the same items. For the English market, there are special adapters for sockets, and in the series of iPhones for a charity purpose, there is a letter of thanks for the purchase.

The box is made in a classic style Apple: an even rectangle in the color of the case, on the cover of a smartphone photo. Here the company retains the principles developed by Steve Jobs.

IPhone 10 Package Contents:

  1. Power supply 5 V. Charges the device for at least 2 hours. The gadget supports wireless charging technology, but to use it, you will have to purchase a docking station on the website Apple or from a third-party manufacturer.
  2. Charging cable with USB and Lightning connectors.
  3. EarPods with Lightning connector.
  4. Adapter from Lightning to minijack (3.5 mm).
  5. Paper.

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Users were hoping for at least one additional item in the kit. After all, the iPhone 10 marked the beginning of a new era of smartphones from Apple and in honor of this the manufacturer could add a new accessory to the standard package. But expectations did not come true, the owners did not receive either the long-awaited wireless charger, or a case or a small pendant.

Such savings can be explained by company policy. Apple separately produces hundreds of items of additional elements of various types and designs. According to the manufacturer's idea, a person chooses the necessary accessories for himself.

Wireless charger

wireless charging for iphone x

A year ago Apple announced the release of its own wireless charging. But while the release date of the docking station with the 'apple' has not been named. Therefore, the happy owners of iPhone X sooner or later have to think about the need to buy wireless charging for their gadgets. Benefits:

  1. Charging is fast and effortless. The station takes up little space, there is a corner for it at home or at work.
  2. Most cafes, shopping malls and other public places in the city are equipped with Qi-enabled panels. So you can recharge your smartphone outside the home.
  3. The new technology eliminates the problem of connector breakage. There is no need to constantly insert and remove the cable from the slot.
  4. IPhone 10 supports the universal Qi standard and is compatible with third-party docking devices. 3 gadgets are charged simultaneously from one station.

The first devices charging by the principle of electromagnetic induction appeared back in 2010. Today all devices, including iPhone X work according to the open Qi standard. Therefore, there will be no problems with compatibility, so the docking station is chosen for price, design or ease of purchase.

Headphones for iPhone X

Headphones for iphone x

Headphones from Apple are not an easy accessory. The company has set a goal to change the way music is played. Removing the familiar and popular mini jack (3.5 mm), the developers have achieved the following:

  • freed up more space for other elements of the smartphone, reduced its thickness;
  • made the case waterproof and dustproof, which would be impossible with a 3.5 mm jack;
  • there is more room for headphone designers as the audio chip is now in the accessory.

In addition to the standard set included, Apple offers to separately purchase headphones of different shapes and functionality: wired, wireless, in-ear or on-ear.

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