Pay with Apple Pay to iPhone X

Information technology has become a part of the everyday life of every person. Just a few years ago, society got used to the fact that you can pay for goods and services without having cash, and now you don't even need a bank card for this – many gadgets allow their owners to make purchases with the click of a button.

Any active user of a smartphone from the company Apple is already accustomed to the fact that purchases can be paid from the IPhone, and understands how it works Apple Pay: when you press a button, the system recognizes the owner's fingerprint, thereby ensuring security movement of his funds. But in the latest phone model of this brand, the familiar button is missing, and many users do not know how to use Apple Pay on the IPhone X.

Pay with Apple Pay to iPhone X

Setting Apple Pay

If you don't know how to set up Apple Pay on the IPhone X, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'Settings' section on the main screen of your smartphone.
  2. Go to the Wallet subsection and Apple Pay. Pay with Apple Pay to iPhone X
  3. Select the function to add a debit or credit card. Pay with Apple Pay to iPhone X
  4. Scan the card with the camera or manually enter the data requested by the system.

Errors during the configuration process can appear for the following reasons:

  • incorrectly entered card data (if entered manually);
  • the function is not available in the country of location;
  • the card issuing bank does not support custom technology;
  • the map view does not support custom technology.

How to pay from Apple Pay

Despite the absence of the familiar Touch ID key, you still need to press the button on the IPhone X to launch the function. In this model, it is the same as on previous models, requires a double tap, but is located on the right side panel of the smartphone.

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To make a purchase using the IPhone X, follow these steps:

  • activate the function by quickly double-pressing the side key;
  • bring the phone to your face in the same way as to unlock it;
  • make sure your face is identified;
  • bring the device to the terminal if all the previous points have been completed;
  • wait for the beep to indicate the completion of the transaction.

Pay with Apple Pay to iPhone X

After making a purchase, in addition to the standard SMS notification about the withdrawal of funds, you will see a payment notification on the phone screen via Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay safe on IPhone X

Those who have been using products Apple for a long time have already become convinced of the reliability of their technologies, including the payment system: bank card data are not stored on the company's servers and in the memory of the smartphone itself, thus, all your details are secure hidden from the eyes of scammers.

Paying with Touch ID minimizes the risk of being hacked: even if the phone is stolen or lost, it will be impossible to pay with it, since it is impossible to forge a fingerprint. The same goes for the Face ID technology used on the iPhone X. It identifies the owner by recognizing his face.

Pay with Apple Pay to iPhone X

The level of reliability and accuracy of the system is so high that it recognizes the owner of the phone even with changes in appearance (for example, in glasses or a wig), but will not confuse him with another person, even if the facial features are similar.

A significant advantage of making purchases using your own payment system on the IPhone X is the convenience and safety of online payments. When paying for goods and services via the Internet, you do not need to enter card details or create a payer account – you just need to activate the function and look at the screen of your phone, without worrying that someone will intercept your bank details.

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