Photos taken with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Today's phone users pay attention to screen size and camera first when buying, with the second factor often prevailing. Product users Apple describe the iPhone 7 and 7+ as a new gadget with a high-tech camera that takes great pictures, given its mid-price segment. Let's figure out if this is so, consider the characteristics and photos taken on the iPhone 7.

Photo on iPhone 7: Photos taken on iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Main characteristics

Pictures on the iPhone 7+ depend on the camera installed on it, so you need to consider its characteristics and features:

  1. 12MP dual camera.
  2. Focusing distance 2.8 and 5.6 centimeters.
  3. Enhanced flash with 4 LEDs.
  4. The ability to shoot video in Full HD 4K.
  5. Frontal at 7MP.
  6. Slow motion in 1080p and 720p.

All this makes it possible to take great photos on iPhone 7.

photo on iPhone 7

Camera pros and cons iPhone 7

Let's start with the benefits:

  1. High sensitivity and color rendering.
  2. Automatic focusing, reliable, fast.
  3. Excellent sound transmission.
  4. Waterproof housing for underwater photography.
  5. Possibility of panoramic shooting.
  6. High image quality.
photos taken with iPhone 7
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Now the disadvantages:

  1. When working in the basic settings, blurring of small details is noticed.
  2. Inadequate lighting limits functionality.
  3. There is no possibility of adjusting RAW parameters and manual control of the camera.
  4. The camera can only be configured through the dedicated settings application iOS.

Having considered the features in general, we emphasize that the pictures on the iPhone 7+ are wonderful and this gadget opens up great opportunities for lovers of mobile photography. But for a complete understanding, you need to see the photos themselves.

pictures for iPhone 7

Photo for iPhone 7 and 7+

photo on iphone 7 Sample photo on iPhone 7 Plus

Photos taken with iPhone 7 and Android

For comparison, here are some examples. Consider the photos taken on the iPhone 7, as well as on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

photos taken with iPhone 7

Photo on the front camera:

photos on iphone 7

As you can see, the iPhone 7 photo gives more detail and better quality.

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