Portrait function in iPhone 7, 8, 6: how to enable

How to use and enable the 'portrait' function on iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 and other smartphone modifications. Which apps are replacing the portrait shooting option.

It is easy to get beautiful and clear pictures with modern devices from Apple. Various shooting modes help you take selfies and landscape pictures. To capture yourself in the best possible light, you should learn how to enable the 'portrait' function in iPhone 8. It is important to remember that in models iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus this option not.

Portrait function in iPhone 7, 8, 6: how to enable portrait mode

Portrait shooting capabilities

The modern 'portrait' function in iPhone 6s and other modifications is capable of:

  • improve the picture thanks to the effects of 'capture lighting';
  • take a vivid selfie without assistance;
  • create the effect of background depth;
  • 'catch' focus quickly and efficiently.

Using the options for the perfect shot is easy, just follow the simple instructions below.

function portrait in iphone 8 how to enable

How to use the 'portrait' on iPhone 7, 8, 6

Wondering how to enable portrait function on iPhone 7? The instruction for a beautiful shot is simple:

  1. Open the Camera app and find the Portrait mode.
  2. Follow all the prompts on the screen. Try moving away from your subject to adjust focus. Try changing the lighting mode.
  3. Press the shooting (shutter) button. See how the picture came out.

Council. Follow the advice of your smartphone carefully. The camera will tell you when the subject is too far or close. And in low light, it will indicate that you need to turn on the fill or apply a special filter.

function portrait in iphone 7 how to enable

The built-in photo editor will help you immediately adjust the picture. You can crop, rotate or lighten the photo.

Can you get studio quality snapshots?

It is worth thinking not only about how to enable portrait mode on the iPhone 8, but also about the additional features of a modern device. It is in this model, as well as in the variation above iPhone X, that additional effects can be used to achieve studio quality:

  • studio light will help brighten facial features;
  • contour – will create a directional lighting effect;
  • scenic – will highlight the object with 'beams of the spotlight';
  • Mono stage lighting will help transform everything into black and white.

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Experiment with pictures. Save the resulting version. And share pictures on social networks.

how to enable portrait mode on iPhone 8

How to shoot without portrait function

If you are thinking how to take a portrait photo on the iPhone 7 Plus or on another version of the smartphone that does not have a portrait mode, check out the popular photo apps.

Depth Effects

A simple application that edits pictures immediately after a photo shoot or from a smartphone gallery. The program is capable of creating a blur effect, using brushes, round or square frames. And also increase the opacity of the photo or adjust the size of the photo.

how to take a portrait photo on an iPhone 7

FabFocus – portraits with depth and bokeh

The application is specially designed to create a blurred background. Additionally, you can adjust the shape and size of the blur. And also add a mask or create a depth effect.

You can automatically adjust the blur effect around the face while shooting.

function portrait in iphone 6s

Fore Photo

The application is also used to retouch and blur the background. Additionally, it allows you to specify objects, which should or should not be 'blurred'.

The function of setting the brush size, enlarging the object and masking small areas in the photo is provided.

Portrait function in iPhone 7, 8, 6: how to enable portrait mode


Creates a blur effect in the style of classic SLR cameras after selecting the focus point. There are many filters and effects provided to make realistic and vivid photographs.

Patch: Smart Portrait Editor

A unique application that allows you to manually change the blur area. You cannot make frames from the program itself. But working with frames from the gallery is easy and simple.

You can download any version of photo applications for free. For a quick setting of functions, watch the video on the topic:

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