Portraits on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Before buying a new one iPhone, users were confused – the portrait mode, which Instagram bloggers liked, is available only for the iPhone 8 plus and other company smartphones Apple that received a dual camera. An additional 'portrait' mode on the iPhone 8 has taken selfies to the next level, surpassing the usual photo filters on social networks.

Portraits on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Portrait function on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Portrait mode iPhone 8 inherited from the seventh model of the device, but with improvements to the camera and reworked effects. The blur has become 'smarter', the focus is sharper, and the image has acquired the necessary sharpness. Added redesigned image stabilization and object recognition. The other main indicators of the 'portrait' function in the iPhone 8 have also changed:

  • juiciness;
  • saturation;
  • chromaticity;
  • contrast;
  • brightness.

Portrait shooting on iPhone 8 is located in the camera settings, there are also other shooting modes – Slow-motion, panorama and burst photo. The mode works on both the main and front cameras, the processing of finished images is fast thanks to the powerful processor Apple A11. An improved 12MP rear camera is responsible for the quality of photos, as well as a 7MP selfie camera. The pictures are processed immediately, the result can be seen on the screen after a couple of seconds. A fast sensor and updated color filters highlight contours for detailed photos. Therefore, users liked the updated iPhone 8, portrait mode is its main advantage.

Portraits on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Using available effects

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In addition to the standard filters found in modern smartphones, the iPhone 8 Plus received additional effects for the portrait mode on the iPhone 8:

  • natural light with background blur;
  • studio light with bright object illumination in focus;
  • contour light, highlighting halftones in the photo;
  • stage light with a spotlight on an object in focus and a black background;
  • stage light (mono) is different in that it makes the image black and white.

Users note that portraits on iPhone 8 transform photos, but to get great results, you need to learn how to shoot and practice well. The camera separates the subject from the background and applies filters to each part separately. The finished result is not inferior in quality to studio photos, the color rendering of the redesigned cameras iPhone is commendable. The smartphone leaves users the option to combine the mode with other filters and then edit the finished image in the built-in application.

Portraits on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Removing portrait effects

The company Apple has prudently developed a feature to remove portrait mode from a photo, even if it was taken a month ago. The image can be returned to its original state in a few simple steps:

  • find the photo you need in the photo gallery;
  • open;
  • click the 'Edit' icon;
  • a yellow button with the inscription 'Portrait' will appear on the screen; to remove the effect, press the panel.

It is also possible to return the filter to the photo by pressing the 'Portrait' button again and choosing the effect you like.

It is worth remembering that Apple will continue to work on improving the camera and portrait mode features. The iPhone 8 is a decent camera phone that has well-designed effects for shooting professional portraits. IPhone 8 users love portraits, so this feature will also work in the new models.

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