Possible errors during recovery iPhone

Technician users Apple faced the problem of an error while restoring iPhone in iTunes. The gadget is turned off and cannot be manipulated. The way to solve the problem depends on the code displayed in the program message.

What errors can occur when restoring a device

If the recovery process went wrong for unknown reasons, the user will see the message 'Failed to recover iPhone on the computer monitor. An unknown error has occurred. ' There can be many options, and each of them has its own code. One of the most common is 4013.

Possible errors during recovery iPhone

Error 4013 when restoring device Apple in most cases occurs due to software glitch in iTunes. The application cannot start or end the process for unknown reasons. The message may also be caused by a defective USB cable or the phone being disconnected from the computer while a restore is in progress.

Sometimes, in a similar situation, iTunes crashes as an error with a different code – 4005 or 4014. Their meaning is similar to 4013, and the solution to all these problems will be the same.

Recommendations from Apple

Technical support Apple for any recovery or update error iPhone offers solutions to the problem, starting with the simplest: try again, update iTunes, use a different computer or cable. These methods help to fix most of the errors that occur.

Try to update the device from iOS again

Trying again is the first tip that Apple gives for every device error. Before that, it is advisable to reboot iPhone in accordance with the recommendations of the developers:

Possible errors during recovery iPhone

  1. Latest generation smartphones – X, 8 and 8 Plus. You must press and quickly release the volume up button, then quickly press the volume down key. After that, you need to hold down the side button and hold it until the display shows 'apple'.
  2. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You must simultaneously hold down the side button and the volume down key and hold them until the logo appears Apple.
  3. All other models iPhone. You need to simultaneously press the Home button and the screen lock key and hold them until the 'apple' appears on the screen.

Check for PC Updates

Updating iTunes to the latest version is the second tip Apple gives when you encounter errors while updating your phone. The software functions properly only with the timely installation of its latest version.

You can download the latest iTunes on the official website Apple. The update installation process depends on whether the program is installed on a PC with an operating system Windows or a Mac.

To update iTunes on a computer with OS from Microsoft, you need to open the program, go to the 'Help' menu and select 'Check for Updates'. Then follow the directions on the monitor.

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Possible errors during recovery iPhone

Users Windows 10 can download the latest version of iTunes not only from the website Apple, but also from the store Microsoft. When you download the program from there, it is updated automatically, and the above item will be missing from the 'Help' menu.

There are a few things you need to do to install updates on your Mac:

  1. Run App Store on Mac.
  2. Select the 'Updates' item at the top of the window.
  3. Install available updates for macOS or iTunes.

After completing the installation of the new version of the program, you must restart your computer.

If these manipulations do not solve the problem, it is possible that the error occurs due to a malfunction of the equipment or accessories.

Possible errors during recovery iPhone

Use a different cable and port or PC

Sometimes the cause of errors when restoring or updating iOS is a faulty technique or accessory. First of all, you need to remember: gadgets from Apple work best with original accessories. If the cable was purchased in China, it may simply not sync the device with your computer. If possible, replace the accessory and try to start the device recovery process again.

If replacing the cable doesn't work, the problem might be with the USB port on your computer. Any PC has several of them: you need to insert the plug into another socket and try again.

Alternatively, you can try connecting iPhone to another computer. To do this, it must also have the latest version of iTunes installed.

Possible errors during recovery iPhone


The above manipulations help in most cases of error code 4013 and other problems related to iTunes crashing. The main thing is to follow the instructions exactly.

If you cannot solve the problem on your own, you need to contact technical support Apple or an authorized service center, where the necessary assistance will be provided to the gadget.

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