Refurbished iPhone x: how new?

Apple products are popular. However, for many Russians, the purchase of a prestigious apple gadget is impossible due to the high price. The purchase of a used product will help make a dream come true. Refurbished iPhone X offers users most of the features of the latest model at a better price.

iPhone X 'like new'

What is the difference between remanufactured iPhone X

The iPhone owner can return a faulty gadget under warranty or under the trade-in program to the service center Apple. At the company's factory, it will be repaired and assembled into a new case, after which it will be thoroughly checked and tested, and then packed in a box and sent on sale. When restoring an iPhone, all damaged parts and components are changed, and the gadget also receives a new display, case, battery and a full set of accessories. At the end of the procedure, the iPhone acquires a new serial number. It is worth noting that iPhones that have been used for a long time or have serious breakdowns cannot be restored.

refurbished iPhone X: marking

What you should know when buying a refurbished gadget:

  1. Restoration is carried out exclusively in factories Apple.
  2. The price for such a gadget will be significantly lower.
  3. The iPhone is packed in a classic box with a full set of branded accessories.
  4. iPhone X 'like new' receives a full factory warranty, which is no different from the warranty on a new gadget.

Refurbished iPhones offered by Apple retailers are marked as 'new' and are priced lower. There are frequent cases when the seller tries to deceive the buyer and sell a restored device instead of a new one. The user easily identifies iPhone X 'as new' by model number. To do this, you need to go through the path: 'Settings' -> 'General' -> 'About this device'. The 'Model' field contains a number, the first letter of which is responsible for the status. The 'F' stands for refurbished iPhone.

What packaging does a refurbished iPhone have?

refurbished iPhone X: packaging
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The packaging of the remanufactured device is white. It differs from the traditional box by the absence of an iPhone image on the front side of the lid.

It is replaced by the model name iPhone X and the inscription Apple Certified Pre-Owned, indicating that the gadget is not new, but used.

How much is the refurbished iPhone X

Refurbished iPhone X compares favorably with the new price. So the device with 64 GB of memory is offered at a price of 61,499 rubles, and 256 GB – 69,299 rubles. For comparison, the official price for new devices iPhone X in Russia is: 64 GB – 79 990 and 256 GB – 91 990 rubles.

refurbished iPhone X: price

Where to buy a refurbished iPhone 10

Apple announced the start of sales 'as new' iPhone X. So far, the refurbished flagship Apple is sold only in i-Ray and Big Geek stores. Unfortunately Apple is not yet selling iPhone X marked 'as new' in Apple Store. However, in the near future, it will appear at some large retailers.

The refurbished gadget is also offered by other online stores. However, when purchasing such an iPhone, you should make sure that the selling item belongs to a certified Apple sales representative. It is also recommended to check the eligibility for warranty service in Russia by the serial number.

refurbished iPhone X: where to buy

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