Refurbished iPhone

Sometimes, being near the window of a hardware store, you can see two identical iPhones, the cost of which differs by several thousand. True, the one that is cheaper will have a special label – 'Refurbished'. What does it mean?

These phones are sold cheaper due to the fact that they were once in use. But do not immediately abandon the option of buying such a device. A refurbished phone is a device that was handed over to an official service Apple to receive a discount on the purchase of a newer smartphone model. After that, the phone goes into the hands of the company's masters who change absolutely all the details in it, except for the motherboard. With a non-working board, he would simply not be accepted into the Trade-in.

Refurbished iPhone

A box of regular iPhone and refurbished

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After a successful recovery, the device receives a new charge, a set of headphones, stickers and other pieces of paper, is packed in a box and sent to store shelves with a decent discount. In general, never be afraid to purchase such phones. Even if something happens to it, it has a one-year warranty. In terms of functions and condition, the restored device is no different from an ordinary one, except for the design of the box.

However, this all applies to phones that are sold through official resellers. Refurbished iPhones are also sold on online platforms such as Aliexpress.

Refurbished iPhone

Buying such a phone is a lottery. Devices sold on Chinese sites undergo a restoration procedure not in official services, but in an artisanal way, due to which the quality of parts and assembly is severely lame. There are often inconsistencies in the serial numbers that appear on the box, lid, and settings. Usually, such devices remain in working order for a very short period of time.

Of course, if you are a lucky person, you may also come across a well-assembled phone that had minimal damage before resale. But it's better to refrain from buying such a device anyway. When buying from an official store as a refurbished iPhone, there is no need to doubt. In any case, it must have a one-year warranty from the company itself Apple.

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