Reset iPhone 4s to factory settings using buttons

The iPhone 4s is similar in appearance to the iPhone 4, only the new model has improved hardware and updated software.

Reset iPhone 4s to factory settings using buttons

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It is imperative that before restoring the original settings, the user must synchronize the mobile device with a personal computer. Otherwise, if this is not done, the information on the phone will be permanently deleted.

A total reset of existing settings to the standard factory settings on the iPhone 4s will be effective in such situations:

  • when the device does not turn on;
  • enters reboot mode on its own;
  • the smartphone is frozen, that is, it shows only a red or white display.

You can reset the iPhone 4s to its initial settings using the buttons as follows:

  1. Turn off your smartphone.
  2. Press the Home and Power buttons together for 10-15 seconds. Reset iPhone 4s to factory settings using buttons
  3. After that, the display will show the image of the branded apple and you need to unclench both fingers.
  4. Wait about half a minute until a full reboot, the time can be less or more, depending on the individual characteristics of the device.
  5. A screen with factory, initial settings will open.
  6. Carry out standard setting:
  • unlock your smartphone;
  • set the native interface language;
  • set the country of location;
  • configure internet connections.

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