Resize icons to iPhone X

When using iPhone it is possible to set personal settings so that the smartphone is most convenient to use. Changes to basic settings can be made for screen display, applications, functions, and reminders.

For convenient use of the phone display and the Home screen, it is also important to learn how to enlarge icons by iPhone X. This is done in various ways: in the device menu, in the iTunes settings on the computer (when synchronizing the smartphone) or using special programs if the phone is in Jailbreak mode.

Resize icons to iPhone X

How to resize icons to iPhone X

Starting with the sixth model in iPhone, it became possible to increase the size of the icons displayed on all Home screens. By default, the application icons are arranged in 4 columns of 7 lines on the screen, if the icons are enlarged, then they will fit less on the screen.

Resizing icons with iPhone

To change the settings of the icons on the Home screen, you need to make special settings in the system menu.

  1. To do this, go to 'Settings' and 'General'; Resize icons to iPhone X Resize icons to iPhone X
  1. Then select the 'Accessibility' section, and in it – the 'Zoom' subsection. Resize icons to iPhone X Resize icons to iPhone X

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Using this mode will make it easier to reach the far edge and corners of the smartphone screen with your thumb.

It may happen that due to too large icons it will be impossible to go to the settings menu, then you need to change the scale of the entire screen. To reduce the display image, you need to press 2 times on an arbitrary place on it with three fingers simultaneously.

Change icons via iTunes

  1. You need to connect the smartphone to the computer with a cable, or if wireless device synchronization is enabled, connect using Bluetooth, then launch iTunes;
  2. You need to wait for iPhone to appear in the left menu, then click on it, go to the 'Overview' tab and click on the 'Configure universal access' button there; Resize icons to iPhone X
  3. A new 'Universal Access' menu will open, in it, in the 'Vision' section, you need to select the 'Magnification' parameter, then confirm the selection with the 'OK' button. Resize icons to iPhone X

With Jailbreak

If Jailbreak is installed on the device, you should use special tweak applications downloaded from Cydia (analogous to AppStore) or other sources. These applications allow not only to increase, but also to reduce the size of the icons (in contrast to standard smartphone options). You can change the settings of application icons using Icon Resizer, a jailbreak application for smartphones iPhone with open access to the file system.

To use this tweak, after downloading and installing it, you need to open the 'Settings' program and click on the line with the Icon Resizer options. The program will offer several options for sizes, as well as a list of applications for which these changes are available.

Resize icons to iPhone X

This tweak offers to resize icons in the range from 20 to 120 points, the base size of application icons is set to 62 points, but you can set any value. However, keep in mind that it will be inconvenient to use the application icons if you set them to a value greater than 70, since they will be too large for the standard display iPhone. In the specified range, the program does not make any restrictions, therefore, in the iPhone, you can either reduce or enlarge the icons.

If after using Icon Resizer you don't like the appearance of the icons, you can easily return to the original image; for this, there is a special switch button in the tweak settings. After clicking on it, all changes made by the program will be disabled.

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