Screen dimensions and dimensions iPhone 8

True fans of the line of smartphones from Apple fondly remember the first iPhone 5 and 5s of 2007. Today, this gadget is already a classic of the genre, despite the fact that it is still in demand among buyers. But 4-5 years ago, the main disadvantage of iPhones was called a small screen diagonal. Steve Jobs, the founder and mastermind of the company, categorically did not want to release smartphones with a huge screen. If the client wants a 6-9 inch display, take iPad or a laptop. But market demands have changed. Developers have heard the pleas of people and, starting with the 'seven', the company produces gadgets the size of the palm.

With the release of new models in 2018, questions arose about what weight and dimensions iPhone 8. Traditionally, the company offers users two options for smartphones: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The Plus variant is characterized by an extended battery capacity, a large screen size, and special features.

Dimensions iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in centimeters

Much was expected from the eighth series, so the presentation of a gadget identical to the 'seven' caused bewilderment. Even without really seeing the model, reproaches rained down. Some have directly named the new iPhone '7' and '7s', deliberately ignoring the official markings.

First you need to find out what are the dimensions iPhone of the 8 Plus and the main version and then compare with the previous device. It is worth noting that in the G8, the plastic rear roof was replaced with a glass one, which added weight and a couple of mm in the sides.

  1. The diagonal of the iPhone 8 screen is 4.7 inches, length – 138.4 mm, width – 67.3 mm, thickness – 7.3 mm.
  2. Diagonal iPhone 8 Plus in 5, 5 inches. Length – 158, 4 mm, width – 78.1, mm, thickness – 7, 5 mm.
Screen dimensions and dimensions iPhone 8

Compared to the 'seven', the 8 series smartphone has become thicker by 0.2 mm and wider by the same value. But all the covers and other accessories fit from the iPhone 7, like family, only the cutout for the logo on the back of the case does not match, for the figure eight it is offset. But in weight he gained as much as 10 and 12 grams. seems a little, but feels heavier in the hand.

The diagonal iPhone 8 loses to the flagship of 2017, the frameless iPhone X, but in terms of equipment and functionality it is on the same line with it. There is also an extended viewing angle thanks to the dual-domain pixels. The declared brightness is 625 cd / m².

Screen Size iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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Models are equipped with a widescreen LCD display. Screen resolution iPhone 8 1334×750 or 326 pixels per inch, iPhone 8 Plus – 1920×1080 or 401 pixels per inch. The contrast for the iPhone 8 is 1400: 1, for the 8 Plus – 1300: 1.

Screen dimensions and dimensions iPhone 8

It is calculated that the screen-to-body ratio in the iPhone 8 is 65.4%, in 8 Plus – 67.4%. In theory, the extended version makes better use of the display's potential. Although users complain about the inconvenience of working with a 5.5-inch screen with one hand: reaching the top point with your finger is problematic. The developers Apple achieved the ideal ratio back in the iPhone 5 and 5 s, a further increase in the display is a necessary measure, since serious competitors have appeared.

All parameters are identical to the iPhone 7, and it is impossible to distinguish the two models from the front panel. But as soon as the gadget is turned over, we see the sparkling, smooth surface of the back cover – tempered glass. Now the smartphone is less prone to scratches, especially when carried in pockets. But it is preferable to buy a cover.

As in previous versions, the screen received an olephobic coating. By design, it should prevent the appearance of streaks and finger stains on the display. In reality, traces still remain, although not as critical as those of competitors.

Device weight

The iPhone 8 weighs 148 g or 5.22 oz, the iPhone 8 Plus weighs 201 g or 6.63 oz. On average, 2017 smartphones are 7% heavier than previous models. The model with the plus prefix among the market offers is the leader in weight. Even the Galaxy S8 + weighs 173g.

Screen dimensions and dimensions iPhone 8

Weighting goes to iPhones. Few people want a lightweight, weightless smartphone.

The choice of the regular model or Plus is up to the buyer. Apple tries to cater to the needs of consumers, and releases two versions of the same smartphone every year. If you like convenience, do not have any special claims to the dimensions of the device, take the iPhone 8. If you dream of a big screen, if you want a feeling of heaviness in your pocket and coolness in the eyes of others – you are after iPhone 8 Plus.

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