Setting up iphone – 10 tips for new users

Congratulations on your purchase iPhone! If you have never used the products Apple before, then I foresee a number of questions to which I myself once looked for answers. Therefore, here I tried to collect information that will help you at first. A kind of instruction for beginners how to set up iPhone, and what must be done after purchasing the phone. By the way, if you have receipts from the store for the purchased iPhone, do not rush to throw them away, they may come in handy.

Setting up iphone - 10 tips for new users

1. Transfer contacts to iphone from another phone

If the iPhone has become your first phone in life, then old friends will not cause any problems.

For those who have accumulated a decent amount of phonebook entries, transferring them to a new device can cause some problems. There are several methods described here to automatically transfer contacts to iPhone from another phone.

2. Create Apple ID and register in App Store

Without Apple ID you can hardly do anything with your smartphone, just make calls. This is your account on the server Apple, which gives you access to all the features iPhone: installing applications, backing up, updating the firmware, blocking in case of loss or theft.

Therefore, the next step is registration Apple ID, and in the app store Apple.

Very important! Do not lose your data Apple ID and do not give it to everyone. Knowing the access data to your Apple ID, you can block your smartphone!

To unlock, you will have to contact the support service Apple. And to prove your legal ownership of the phone, you need the store receipts, which I recommended leaving …

All applications purchased to your account App Store will always be available to you. I have changed more than one generation iPhone but Apple ID I have only one.

How to create Apple ID can be read here.

By registering an account, you become an official user iPhone.

Setting up iphone - 10 tips for new users

3. Installing iTunes

Previously, it was impossible to download anything to iPhone without iTunes. Now there is an opportunity to do without this program. But, if you do not have home WI-FI, then this is the only way to do something with your smartphone.

iTunes is not only a media player, but also a data sync system with iPhone. Without it, you will not be able to download music, photos, or rigtones to your device natively. In addition, iTunes provides access to the original iTunes Store, allowing you to shop and rent movies. Therefore, I recommend all beginners to deal with this program.

You can download the latest version for free from the website Apple.

After that, connect your phone to your computer via a native USB cable. The computer will recognize the device and launch iTunes.

Now you will need to configure your profile and set a name for the device and settings. Subsequently, they can always be changed. In management, aytyuns is not very convenient. This is the worst thing that came up in Apple. But over time, everyone gets used to it.

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Now you can create a library and upload music to your iphone. Access to the photo gallery and phone book is also open.

Setting iPhone in this program is an important point but not required. You cannot do without it if you want to download your music, movies and ringtones to your phone.

Setting up iphone - 10 tips for new users

4. Installing applications to iPhone

Now that you have an account at App Store, you can try installing some free software.

Here are the installation instructions.

In the app store, sales or even distribution of programs often take place, the latest relevant offers can always be found here.

Information about all your purchases in the store is stored on servers Apple, and even if you accidentally deleted the program, or something terrible happened, it reset the entire contents of your phone. You always have the option to restore the content by downloading the program from the store again.

You can delete the program by pressing the icon for a couple of seconds. The icons will begin to shake and a delete cross will appear next to them.

Setting up iphone - 10 tips for new users

5. Mail setup

Mail setup is detailed here. I recommend synchronizing your phone book with the phone book Google To do this, you need to create a mail account on the Google server.

Why exactly Google? Unlike OutLook, it is not computer dependent, and unlike iCloud, it does not depend on Apple. In addition, if you need to transfer contacts from your old phone, or vice versa, upload your address book to another phone, then it will be much easier to do this via google. Utilities from many manufacturers support this format.

6. Wi-Fi network

If you don't have a wi-fi hotspot at home yet, then it's worth taking care of it. This will give you freedom from your computer and iTunes. You can install programs through the application App Store directly from your phone. And in the latest firmware version, you can synchronize music and update the operating system directly via wi-fi, without even connecting iPhone to your computer. It is not difficult to choose a point and set up a phone to work with it.

There is a lot of information on the Internet on wi-fi routers and network configuration. Here is an article on setting up a home wi-fi network and connecting iPhone to the Internet.

Setting up iphone - 10 tips for new users

7. Video in iPhone

To download and watch movies on iPhone, you must first convert the video to Quik time format. Now there are many programs – coders. Here is a list of video converters for iPhone.
You can also use one of the programs that transcode video directly on the phone. Here is a selection of apps to download videos to iPhone

8. Setting ringtones

Those who are not satisfied with the ringtones can set their own ringtones.
Here's how to make your own ringtone.

9. Useful applications on iPhone

The best apps for iPhone are collected here.

Setting up iphone - 10 tips for new users

10. Instructions for iPhone

Instructions for iPhone different generations in PDF format can be found here. Answers to many questions related to the use of the phone and detailed settings iPhone are detailed in these picture books.

Well, this is the minimum information in order to start communicating with iPhone on you. Over time, you will hear the word “jailbreak”, but this topic is already much more serious.

And in conclusion, I recommend paying attention to the general accounts, access to which many now provide. This is quite an official way to install the necessary paid programs on your phone. Our site also has a general AppStore account for iPhone.

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