Should I buy 'American' iPhone X

The demand for iPhone X in Russia was extremely high, despite the fact that Apple simultaneously introduced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus . But if the latter two are more similar to the previous generation models, then iPhone X is very different from them both in design and functions. And although this time Russia was in the first wave of sales, other problems appeared – an acute shortage of a smartphone and its high cost. But do not be upset, there is a solution how to save money on buying a phone – order iPhone X from America.

Should I buy 'American' iPhone X

Is it true that in America iPhone X is cheaper

Many people still believe that the technique Apple is made in the USA, but this is not the case, since the gadgets of this company are assembled in China. It is also believed that iPhone X in the US is much cheaper than in Russia. This is true, but there are some nuances:

  1. You can independently fly to America for a smartphone, but for this you need to purchase tickets and get a visa, which is not a cheap pleasure. But if it so happened that you or your friends are flying to the States on a business trip or on vacation, then why not buy a phone, saving a good amount. Keep in mind that there are customs restrictions on the import of more than two identical items, so carrying a large number of iPhones is fraught with a fine.
  2. You can use the service for ordering goods from the United States, which for a small fee will help with the purchase and delivery of a smartphone to your city. By purchasing a phone this way, you can save up to $ 200-250.

Should I buy 'American' iPhone X

Are there any differences between iPhone X for the American and Russian markets

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There are three versions of the iPhone X: A1902, A1865, and A1901. Of these, only the latter is intended for sale in Russia, the first two are intended for America and Japan. The differences between them are as follows:

  • only A1901 is subject to warranty repair in case of breakdown, any other model will be repaired only at the expense of the buyer;
  • an adapter for the charger is needed, since American plugs are different from the ones we are used to;
  • there is also a risk of purchasing a phone that can only work with SIM cards of a local telecom operator, that is, when buying an iPhone in the States, there is a possibility that it will not work with Russian SIM cards.

Should I buy 'American' iPhone X

Will iPhone work from America to Russia

As mentioned earlier, it is more profitable to bring iPhone from America than to buy it in Russia. But at the same time, the following circumstance must be taken into account: an agreement with American cellular operators is tied to the smartphones manufactured by the company Apple. According to the terms of this agreement, when purchasing an iPhone, the buyer undertakes to pay a subscription fee for 2 years. If you do not plan to live in the United States for the next 2 years and use a local SIM card, then it will be expensive, and it will be impossible to change the operator to the Russian one for two years.

Should I buy 'American' iPhone X

What can be done to make American iPhone work in Russia:

  1. If possible, when buying, check if the phone is tied to a local operator, for this insert a Russian SIM card. If the message 'SIM card is invalid' appears, then the phone in Russia will not work.
  2. If the iPhone has already been purchased and you found that it does not work in Russia, then you can either terminate the contract early, but you will have to pay a fine for termination, or unblock it in the service. If you choose the second option, then you need to contact trusted specialists who can guarantee you the result and provide technical support if necessary.

So, an iPhone can be bought in America, but it is necessary to take into account the nuances described above, then you can save money on the purchase and not overpay the Russian customs.

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