Should I buy a replica iPhone 8

After the start of sales of the long-awaited smartphone iPhone 8, many fans of the products Apple were faced with the fact that the price of the device was too high for them. A cheaper copy of this device was developed in Taiwan.

The only external difference from the original is the slightly changed dimensions of the device, since the rest of the design is completely copied. The Taiwanese smartphone looks good because the specs came from neighboring China, where the original devices are assembled iPhone. For the iPhone 8 Plus replica, reviews indicate that the phone justifies its price.

Should I buy a replica iPhone 8

Package and functionality

The delivery set does not fully correspond to the original. By purchasing a copy of iPhone 8, the customer will receive a phone, a USB to Lightning adapter, headphones with a microphone, a power adapter, and a user manual, but a paper clip is not provided to open the device. There is also no Lightning to 3.5 mm cable for connecting standard headphones.

The smartphone supports smart pause, screen swiping and gesture control functions. The interface has been translated into several languages, including Russian. The translation was done with high quality, since grammatical errors and inaccuracies were not found.

The replica has the same display type as iPhone 8. Same resolution is used. The picture quality of a Taiwanese phone is inferior, but it is not always possible to detect it.

A less powerful chip is used as a processor on the replica, but it provides comfortable work with the interface without braking or freezing. The device's battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh provides long battery life. The main disadvantage is the small amount of permanent memory (8 GB).

Should I buy a replica iPhone 8


Computing power is provided by a 4-core processor MTK 6592 Cortex-A9 with an operating frequency of 1.2 GHz. The characteristics of the device can be compared with the A10 processor, which was installed on previous models. The original iPhone 8 runs on the A11 Bionic chip, outperforming most smartphones.

Android 6.0 is used as the operating system, since it is technically impossible to copy the interface iOS. The system receives regular updates to ensure smooth operation of applications. When the smartphone is turned on, the logo Apple is displayed on the display.


Externally, the similarity of the bodies of the copy and the original is close to 100%. All 3 color options are available that Apple has provided for iPhone 8: gold, silver and gray. The dimensions of the replica are 67.1×138.4×7.3 mm, and the dimensions of the original are 67.3×138.4×7.3 mm. It is impossible to detect differences in size with the naked eye.

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There is a display on the front panel of the device, under which you can see the Home button. On top of the screen are speakers, a microphone and a front camera. On the right side is the power button, and on the left is the volume control and a key to activate the silent mode.

Should I buy a replica iPhone 8


The replica is equipped with a Retina HD display with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels, which is identical to the original. This is a high quality screen, inferior to the original iPhone 8 only in minor details. Developers from Taiwan did not completely duplicate the display due to lack of necessary information and in order to save money. Most users won't notice any difference as the colors look just as vibrant, realistic and saturated. To spot the differences, you need special software to test the display capabilities.

Should I buy a replica iPhone 8


Replica images are inferior to the original in terms of image quality, but are superior to many smartphones on the market. The built-in LED flash will help the user in poor lighting conditions. This function allows you to take high quality photos outdoors at night or indoors if the artificial light is not bright enough. User can also create HD resolution videos. The rear camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels, the front one is 5 megapixels.

Should I buy a replica iPhone 8

How to distinguish a quality replica from a fake

The easiest way to find out the authenticity of a smartphone is to install the AnTuTu benchmark. As a result of testing, the user will receive information about the processor, graphics chip, RAM and operating system. Phones from branded manufacturers always use various modifications of the Qualcomm SnapDragon processor, which is considered the standard for mobile devices. Replicas are equipped with processors MTK, which are slightly inferior in terms of performance.

Counterfeit phones are cheaper than originals and replicas. Licensed smartphones are delivered in high-quality packaging with attractive designs. A sign of a fake can be considered the lack of necessary accessories that should be included in the kit (headphones, USB to Lightning adapter, etc.). Genuine phones always come with an official warranty.

The image quality on the display of a fake will be worse. A characteristic gray color when turned off can be considered a sign of a fake screen. The interface must be well translated into Russian.

Should I buy a replica iPhone 8

User reviews

Anna, Moscow: 'The copy of iPhone 8 pleased me with the fact that the battery does not discharge for a long time, the interface is fast, the camera takes high-quality photos. The design is no different from the original. Didn't like the lack of a headphone jack. The phone is much faster than the 6S model. The sound quality is high, the music sounds good. Fingerprints remain on the case. Your phone definitely needs a case, because prints and scratches spoil the look. '

Alexander, Khabarovsk: 'The size of the smartphone and the appearance are fully consistent with the original. The phone is built from quality materials, and in this respect it outperforms many competitors. The shortcomings were revealed immediately after the purchase, when a crackle appeared in the speaker, and the battery began to discharge too quickly. The sound issue was resolved by a firmware update and the battery cannot be replaced. According to rumors, the developers have worked on the bugs and fixed the bugs. Those who bought this phone right after it went on sale were out of luck. '

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