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The mobile device market is experiencing another rapid development. Every month, devices from a variety of brands are announced with their own 'chips', new technologies. The company's products Apple are no longer unique, and more and more buyers are asking: is there any point in buying an iPhone or choosing a competitor's smartphone? We will try to answer in our article, weighing the pros and cons.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking

Available Models

Before moving on to the advantages and disadvantages of the products Apple and to understand whether it is worth taking an iPhone or taking a smartphone from one of the competitors, we will tell you about the available models. Devices starting from iPhone 6s are presented in official stores. Earlier models are no longer available for sale. You can buy them only in unofficial stores or from hands. It is clear that the new lines have more features, but it's too early to discount the 'oldies'. And many are wondering whether it is worth buying a refurbished iPhone. Let's go through the main pros and cons to decide whether to buy an iPhone today.

is it worth buying an iPhone

Features iPhone and ecosystems Apple

First, let's dwell on the differences between the company's products Apple compared to smartphones on Android. Indeed, for a correct comparison, it is worth understanding why iPhones are so popular.


IPhones have their own operating system. Unlike Android, iOS is closed, and its code is not provided to third-party developers. As a result, on any smartphone Apple you come across a familiar interface. There are no problems with third-party shells, and errors are quickly fixed with minor patches. A strict performance policy Apple guarantees better optimization not only for native applications, but also for programs that are located in App Store. But Android cannot boast of this – systems based on it are more diverse, but less secure and less stable.

is it worth taking an iPhone

Ecosystem Apple

The owner iPhone is not limited by the smartphone space. All products manufactured Apple are united by dozens of services. The company has built a whole system around its gadgets. Music and video services, iCloud cloud storage, photo archives are available. All this is synchronized from any device. Sophisticated software and technical solutions allow the owner to make the most of the gadgets Apple.

whether to buy an iPhone

Reliability, repair and accessories

The quality of the components used in the assembly is strictly controlled, which has the most positive effect on the reliability of smartphones. The number of failures due to defects or software errors is extremely small. In the event of a malfunction, a two-year warranty will help. But the cost of repairs in certified centers is traditionally high due to the cost of components.

Most of the accessories are not included in the package, but are purchased independently. Supplements recommended by the manufacturer are expensive, but Chinese shops offer a wide range of accessories at low prices but with good quality. Although the charger, for example, it is better to choose the original one.

does it make sense to buy an iPhone

Device memory and data handling

Apple does not install memory card slots on smartphones, so only built-in storage is available to owners. The lack of expansion of its own storage is partially offset by iCloud. The cloud service Apple accommodates up to 5 GB for free and is suitable for storing photos, videos, backups, documents and programs.

We should also mention working with files when connected to a computer. If devices on Android, when connected to a PC, automatically turn into a kind of USB flash drive with the ability to copy any data, then iPhone has a different principle. Synchronization with a computer is possible only with a special cable and requires the installation of iTunes. Besides, only media data is available for copying. This is done on purpose so that there are no problems with viruses and violation of the integrity of the file system.

do i need to buy an iphone

Where to buy

Buying iPhone is a big decision. So we recommend purchasing the gadget from official resellers: re: Store, M.Video or Svyaznoy. Buying a 'gray' phone from questionable online stores or from hands is fraught with problems with support and subsequent use of the phone. In addition, there is a great chance to buy a fake.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


Now let's summarize the general idea of ​​iPhones in a list of specific advantages and weaknesses of gadgets Apple. Let's start with the merits for which you can choose iPhone.


The company Apple is closely monitoring the production of devices. Marriage is extremely rare, and the materials from which smartphones are made are always of high quality. Therefore, iPhones are reliable, pleasant to use and meet the expectations of their owners.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


The AnTuTu rating shows a permanent advantage iPhone over smartphones from other manufacturers of the same model years. Rare copies of competitors reach their level and even fewer devices surpass iPhones. Constant work on optimizing hardware and software products allows even models of past years to be at a high level in terms of application speed.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple has developed two types of masks to protect against coronavirus

Another factor that influences the choice iPhone is quality cameras. The DxOMark rating constantly confirms this. The use of AI in image processing algorithms makes it possible to compete on equal terms with specialized cameraphones, and the video quality, according to experts, surpasses the result of the closest pursuers.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


Officially sold devices are covered by a two-year warranty. The technical support hotline is available from any region and handles the most difficult problems. An extensive network of services is fully provided with original components, so that the restoration of smartphones does not take much time.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


And the last but not least is the status. Owning a company smartphone Apple shows the success and style of its owner. Allows him to stand out by highlighting his modernity and following fashion trends.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


Of course, iPhone has weaknesses. Therefore, before deciding whether to buy an iPhone, you need to disassemble them. Some of the downsides are controversial, but there are also serious downsides.


The main disadvantage is the high cost. Its level is affected not only by the uniqueness of technology and the device itself. Part of the price is the overpayment for the brand. Keep in mind that not only the phone itself is expensive, but also the original accessories to it. In fairness, let's say that the flagships of competitors with similar characteristics are not much inferior in price to iPhones.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking

Closed ecosystem

Closedness iOS creates a number of restrictions that users do not like. Generally accepted standards such as Wi-Fi Direct or file transfer Bluetooth are hardly implemented or don't appear at all. The lack of models with a second SIM or memory card makes potential customers turn their eyes to competitors' smartphones. Here we note the difficulties that arise with copying files to a computer. In iOS this can only be done using iTunes, which will have to be installed on a PC. Reviews often show users' dissatisfaction with this overloaded program.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking

App Store and paid content

A direct consequence of the first two points is unnecessary costs for applications and content. You can install the program only from the official store App Store, and the media content is downloaded from the corresponding paid services. Most applications will also require additional costs from the owner.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking

Interface and standard design

The company Apple is justly proud of its interface. Simplicity and consistency makes it possible to quickly understand even a person far from computer technology. However, along with this, Apple does not allow replacing it. The prohibition of third-party changes to the shell with standard programs does not allow you to flexibly customize the interface for yourself. The scarcity of additional settings (for example, fonts) is inconvenient for users with poor eyesight. And in general, it seriously limits the owners in customizing the smartphone.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking

Charging cable

Smartphones Apple are charged via the Lightning connector. This unique standard is only used for iPhone. So, if you forgot yours, you won't be able to ask a friend to charge you with a Android – smartphone. So don't forget the accessories – most of them are incompatible with phones from other manufacturers.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


It is worth saying a few words about the background. Programs in memory do not stop working, but they lose much in functionality. In fact, there is no full-fledged multitasking in iOS, so applications in the background cannot, for example, send and receive data.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


This item is for those who buy older iPhones. Support for the technology was added only with iPhone 6, so the previous lines lack the chip NFC. Without it, the owner cannot access contactless payment Apple Pay, as well as a number of other functionality.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking

Memory cards and nanoSIM

Let us once again mention the fact that the iPhones do not provide for the expansion of the built-in memory. SD cards are not supported – you will have to rely only on the 'native' drive or constantly dump information to the cloud.

Here, let's say about the format of the SIM card – Apple uses nanoSIM. So it can be inserted into devices with a different form factor only with an adapter.

Is it worth buying iPhone: is there any point in taking


We've provided a full description of the pros and cons of buying iPhone. The final answer to the question of whether you need to buy an iPhone is yours. There are smartphones on sale with functionality no worse, and some of the capabilities even more than iPhone. The cost of these phones is lower, but the iPhone also has advantages. Regular updates, high quality and recognizable style are all well worth the money. So choose wisely.

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