Should I buy iPhone X

iPhone X deserves the title of groundbreaking flagship smartphone. After the monotonous models that it produced in a row Apple, the updated device became a breath of fresh air for users. An attractive, functional and non-standard smartphone fell to the taste not only of loyal fans of Apple products. Therefore, queues at the stores lined up from morning until late at night, people wanted to be the first to buy an updated device. But the first excitement subsided, now buyers are thinking about whether to buy iPhone X or it is better to give preference to models with Android.

Should you buy iPhone X?

5 reasons to buy iPhone X

The smartphone is really good. The design is striking – 'bangs' and frameless design, which electronics manufacturers immediately began to copy. It is pointless to deny the advantages of the flagship, iPhone will delight the owner with increased performance and a lot of useful functions. Skeptics will say that other smartphones also offer customers innovations and pleasing looks. This is partly true, but it is not in vain that Apple technology regularly ranks first in the ratings of electronic products. The iPhone 10 also has advantages that make the model stand out from its competitors.

  1. Ease of use. The enlarged display iPhone occupies the area of ​​the front panel due to the abandonment of the frames and the introduction of a 'monobrow'. With a relatively small size, a solid, rich screen is obtained, and the phone itself fits comfortably in the hand. The same 'golden mean' has been found, the device has received dimensions that will be useful in everyday life, but will not make the use of technology uncomfortable. The smartphone has enough resources to immerse itself in the atmosphere of a game or a movie.
  2. Phone performance. The experts gave excellent marks to the smartphone due to the built-in A11 Bionic processor. Its power is enough to play 'heavy' games without brakes and jams. The 'filling' of the smartphone is top-end, because otherwise the built-in entertainment applications will not be supported. The smartphone is not positioned as a gaming one, but it has proven itself well in this direction. Including due to the build quality and the enlarged display.
  3. Face recognition. The new feature developed by the company Apple has not yet been perfected, but has already become a breakthrough in protecting smartphones against theft. In fact, the buyer receives full-fledged biometric protection, which made it possible to abandon unnecessary buttons on the screen. It is assumed that the function will still be finalized, but there are positive reviews even in this form. No matter how hard the Chinese try, but thoroughly copy this 'trick' does not work, face recognition works better on iPhone. Apple aims to rid users of buttons in favor of biometric controls.
  4. Portrait mode and camera. The function is not new, but it has been updated and improved, both the program and the camera itself received changes. Shooting mode lets you take revolutionary selfies without using social media filters. The smartphone itself knows how to select the necessary filters in conditions of insufficient or excessive illumination. Macro shooting has become more detailed, photos are rich and colorful even without additional processing. The quality of a smartphone camera has not yet been replicated.
  5. Device design. At first, users were outraged by the 'bangs' on the display, but we have to admit that the future belongs to frameless ones. World famous brands have also started to use similar technologies. The design of iPhone X has changed, so getting used to the flagship. But then ordinary smartphones will look bland against the background of the aesthetic “dozen”.

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The smartphone has many other advantages and tricks that can be listed until the morning. The device turned out to be decent, the smartphone is suitable for everyday use and creates only a positive impression.

Should you buy an iPhone 10?

5 reasons not to take iPhone X

Not without a fly in the ointment – users are not happy with the model simply because it is iPhone. The characteristics were considered 'under a magnifying glass', people tried to understand whether it was worth buying an iPhone 10 – Apple asks for a lot of money for the equipment. Buyers didn't want to waste their savings on a smartphone that would disappoint. Therefore, the flaws were found in the tenth model. Whether you need to put up with them – you will have to decide on your own, as well as choose which is more important: possession of a legendary smartphone or personal convenience.

  1. Phone cost. The main drawback of the company's smartphones Apple is sky-high prices. Buyers simply don't understand where these numbers come from. Yes, the smartphone is amazing, functional and attractive, but not for the same money. The closest competitors are only slightly inferior in technical characteristics, and are 20-30 thousand cheaper. With the new iPhone X, the joke about credit and 'Doshirak' has ceased to be a joke – an impressive part of Russians are not able to buy such a thing without a long-term loan.
  2. Battery capacity. The announcement for the tenth model indicates that the battery lasts longer without charging than iPhone 7. But when comparing it, it turned out that the battery is weaker than that of the 'eight'. The smartphone simply will not reveal its potential – the battery will run out earlier. So it turns out that with active use, the owner will have to carry PowerBank with him so as not to be left without a smartphone at the most inopportune time. To be fair – with moderate use, the smartphone retains its charge for a long time.
  3. Lack of a headphone jack. This is a blow to music lovers who buy headphones for the same price as the tenth smartphone. Apple leaves no alternative, and this upset buyers – headphones AirPods are not supplied in the box, so you will have to pay for comfortable listening to music. The sound quality of the headphones is at a good level, but not every customer is satisfied. And the headphones have no buttons, so there is no need to talk about ease of use.
  4. Unusual design. What some saw as an innovation and a breakthrough, others called a failure. The glass body of the new iPhone 10 has caused as much controversy as it has been enthusiastic. The steel frames of the device are scratched even in the case, and without it the smartphone “pleases” with a splattered back cover. Replacing glass is also expensive, so users will have to prepare in advance for spending. Users did not appreciate the lack of a Home button either, considering it an inconvenient and hasty decision.
  5. One SIM card slot. Rumors around the smartphone were very different, but Apple does not differ in flexibility of views. The voice of buyers was ignored, so a smartphone that supports only one SIM card went into mass sale. This became the reason for the refusal of buyers to purchase a smartphone – competitors Apple offer alternative options with two slots, and the cost of the devices is cheaper than that of the 'apple'.

Also, glitches and freezes iOS 11 were attributed to the disadvantages of the tenth model, but the problem was solved with the firmware update. And the fact that the interface has become unusual is a matter of taste. It is logical that the 'fresh' devices receive an updated operating component, so the changes should not be surprising.

To take or not to take?


You will have to make a purchase decision on your own, because the smartphone has enough advantages and disadvantages. The flagship gives the owner status, for the sake of the brand, buyers are ready to forgive the smartphone for shortcomings. But the fact remains – iPhone X turned out to be an innovative, productive and eye-pleasing smartphone. And the device has more advantages than disadvantages. This is a new symbol of prosperity, and if the phone is handled carefully, the device will last longer than its competitors on Android. The company Apple did not suffer from a lack of quality during its existence. Detailed view iPhone 10.

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