Should I take iPhone 6S in 2018

In September, the company Apple delighted consumers by introducing a new smartphone model to the world, making the question “is it worth buying an iPhone 6s in 2018” even more relevant.

is it worth buying an iphone 6s in 2018

Cons of 6S in 2018

Previous models of gadgets have a number of disadvantages over new ones. You should pay attention to them and think carefully about the decision before buying. The functions and hardware in such devices are rapidly changing or improving. Consider the rapidly evolving smartphone market and how much time you plan to spend with a device before changing it. You can only decide whether to take an iPhone 6s in 2018 by weighing the pros and cons of such a decision.

iphone 6s is it worth buying in 2018


The design of the 6th iPhone for 2018 is considered outdated and unwieldy. The presence of a mechanical key, large frames are already retiring. But there are people who like this design now. We have to admit that this model has a wide choice of colors. And when using the cover, some of the negative aspects of the appearance will disappear.

is it worth buying an iPhone 6s


Today's smartphone users worry a lot about battery capacity and battery life. Compared to the newer models, the 6s is too small. The 1715mA capacity is not enough for half a day of moderate use, and it's better not to go on a long journey without a powerbank. Note the 6s plus equipped with a 2750 mAh battery. When buying a new phone, the first time you don't have to worry about the battery, and you can safely spend a day without charging.

is it worth buying an iphone 6s

The cost

Model 6c costs much less than the latest representatives of the apple brand. Although it has not dropped to the level of budget gadgets, the installed filling and functions are no longer surprising. Of course, you can find a device with 16GB of internal memory on board, but only used, since this modification has not been sold since 2016 (32 and 128GB are available). Those who want to purchase a device from Apple are not afraid to buy 'gray' copies, risking a lot of problems for a lower price in the bargain. If you buy a phone 'refurbished' by the company, you can save money with minimal loss in quality. You just need to understand this topic, be able to distinguish a fake from the original.

is it worth buying an iPhone 6s

Pros of 6S in 2018

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Despite the arguments against, there are many pros. You can talk about them for a long time, but let's focus on the most important ones.

Hardware component

The performance of the 6th s iPhone will delight the average user. This version is still receiving official updates and will receive them for some time.

Since the 's' version has an A9 processor on board, unlike the standard version (there is A8), it is much faster, due to which it keeps the bar high in today's reality. The standard 6 with 1 GB of RAM is no longer relevant in terms of performance, so you shouldn't have high hopes about it.

when will the iPhone 6s fall in price in 2018

Photo and video quality

The company Apple is trying to equip smartphones with great cameras. And our copy is no exception. 12MP rear and 5MP front cameras will delight you with wonderful photos and videos. True, the optical stabilization option is present only in the plus version, and this is worth paying attention to if the camera plays a significant role for you in the gadget.


Of the inherent features Apple, 3D Touch is installed here, which is used from the 6th model. The screen of the device now not only reacts to touch, but also senses pressure.

The second generation Touch ID is another nice feature. Installed from 6s to 8+. The meaning of Touch ID is to quickly unlock the phone, and confirm purchases in services Apple with a fingerprint.

IPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus in 2018: video

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