Should you buy iPhone 5S in 2019

At the time of its release iPhone, 5S was at the top of the mobile phone market. He won many new users who took notice of the Cupertino models. But how are things today, and is it worth buying an iPhone 5S in 2019?

Is it worth buying iPhone 5 S in 2019: reviews, is it worth taking


Mobile phone users, buying a new device, are faced with a large selection of models. In practice, they all hardly differ from each other. And the segment of the average price is in demand, where the niche is occupied by Korean and Chinese manufacturers. But what if you need to buy a reliable, productive device that will last a long time? For these purposes, it is worth considering the popular flagships of past years from the company Apple.

is it worth buying an iPhone 5s in 2018

Main advantage

When asked whether it is worth taking an iPhone 5S, the reviews clearly speak of the benefits of a smartphone. Despite the fact that the company renews its lineup every year, and the iphone 5, 5S are outdated, they are considered productive phones. Smartphones are not inferior to the new products of the middle price segment from Chinese brands.

iPhone 5 s reviews is it worth taking

Compactness is an indisputable advantage. The small size of the device affects its choice. This is due to the fact that the market offers phones with screens larger than 5.5 ”. If the diagonal is smaller, in 99% of cases it will be a budget option designed for calls and running low-demand applications. If you ask yourself whether it is worth buying an iphone 5S in 2019, then at least this can be done due to its dimensions:

  • The diagonal of the screen is 4 “, which is enough for comfortable work with the device's functionality and popular applications.
  • The smartphone can be used comfortably with one hand.
  • The phone fits easily in a pocket, wallet, car niches.
is it worth buying an iPhone 5s

Pros and cons

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To finally understand whether it is worth buying an iPhone 5S, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with its advantages and disadvantages. Pros:

  • Accessory Compatibility Apple.
  • 3.5 mm jack, which allows you to connect your favorite headphones without adapters.
  • Touch ID, which is still missing on some newer devices.
  • Two cameras that capture great pictures by modern standards.
  • Performance that rivals its peers. The Antutu synthetic test shows over 67,000 points, which is a high score even today.
is it worth buying an iphone 5s in 2018

In terms of performance and memory, the smartphone has an A7 processor with two 1.3 GHz cores. The performance is supported by 1 GB of RAM. In technology from Cupertino, the indicator of RAM is less than that of competitors. The main task of developers is the efficient operation of the operating system, synchronization.

Important: Apple continues to support users in 2019. While iOS 7 was offered at the beginning of sales, today everyone is using version 12, which improves the characteristics of the phone from performance to picture quality.

The only relative drawback is the outdated look. But on the other hand, this fact becomes an advantage, since the buyer can buy inexpensively a productive smartphone with small dimensions.

is it worth taking an iPhone 5s in 2018

How much is

When compared with competitors, it becomes obvious that the price of the issue is affordable and even more profitable than Chinese counterparts. The price of new devices starts at 9500 rubles for the fifth version. From 10,500 rubles for modification S. If you are considering expensive models, we recommend that you read our article 'Should I buy an iPhone 7 in 2019?'

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