Should you buy iPhone 6 in 2019?

For those who want to buy not the latest models of smartphones, it is important to know how justified the purchase will be. In this article, we will talk about the characteristics of the models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and try to understand whether it is worth buying an iPhone 6 in 2019.

Mobile technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, and models from two and three years ago can hardly compete with the novelties of the smartphone market. However, some devices hold up well and please the owners after a long time. IPhones 6 and 6 Plus began to be produced back in 2014, and were discontinued in 2016. So, we will talk about how outdated they are and whether it is worth buying the iPhone 6 in 2019 in the article.

Should you buy iPhone 6 in 2018?

Purchase iPhone 6

The first line of 6th series smartphones had two devices: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Let's start by trying to find the merits of the 'younger' brother and describe its main drawbacks in order to decide whether to buy an iPhone 6.

is it worth buying an iPhone 6 in 2018


Oddly enough, this model is not without its advantages. And although there are few of them, let's not offend iPhone 6 and list them.

  • Smartphone price. A noticeable advantage over the cost of new iPhones.
  • Latest software. The device has not been removed from support and is constantly receiving fresh updates. Current operating system version – iOS 12
  • Support NFC. The contactless payment function Apple Pay is available to phone owners.
iPhone 6 in 2018 is it worth buying


The disadvantages of a smartphone are much more. But it's not surprising, because more than four years have passed since the start of sales.

  • Weak performance. The power of the A8 processor and M8 coprocessor is not enough for the current realities.
  • Little RAM.
  • Fast discharging battery.
  • Outdated design. This is of course a dubious drawback. Some people, on the contrary, like the classic design of three years ago.
  • Outdated cameras with poor quality shooting at dusk.
is it worth buying an iPhone 6

Purchase iPhone 6 Plus

Things are better here, after all, this is the 'older' model of the line, but in general the list is almost the same, since the models are one year of 'birth'. It's just that a number of shortcomings are not as noticeable as in the younger model.


In addition to the advantages already noted in the previous section in the form of price, the latter iOS 12 and the availability of technology NFC with support Apple Pay, this smartphone has two more advantages.

  • Sufficient autonomy of the smartphone. Here, the main difference from a simple six is ​​that the 2915 mAh battery allows you not to worry about the remaining charge during the day of use.
  • The larger 5.5-inch screen, which is more familiar today (although for some it will be too small).
is it worth taking an iPhone 6 in 2018


Among the shortcomings are essentially the same points as in the 'younger' model, except for the battery capacity:

  • insufficient power of the 'iron';
  • the amount of RAM is insufficient for comfortable work;
  • cameras with photo quality far inferior to the latest camera phones.
is it worth buying an iphone 6 in 2018

General summary

And now let's talk a little more about the experience of using the sixth model iPhones in current realities. This will help you understand what the iPhone 6 looks like in 2019, whether it's worth buying this model or choosing a later device. A number of judgments, of course, refer to the problems of specific specimens, but there are also unambiguously common points in their characteristics.

It slows down like hell. Sometimes

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple will announce the launch of iPhone 12 from day to day

Performance issues were severe after the release of iOS 11. This not very successful version of the operating system led to the slowdown of iPhones of the past. The situation was corrected by a new one iOS 12, but until the end of the problem the 'sixes' did not solve. And this is due to the small amount of RAM. 1 GB is no longer enough for 2019. Users report 'slowdowns' when launching applications, especially annoying when opening the 'Camera' app. In addition, even for several simultaneously running applications, the smartphone does not guarantee that they will be saved in memory when switching. Information corny does not fit into the allotted volume.

is it worth taking an iPhone 6

The photo component starts to limp

A successful camera for that time is now seriously outdated. Users with a deep knowledge of shooting settings take decent pictures, but overall the result is far behind the dual and triple cameras. This adds noise in the twilight and strong blurring when shooting moving subjects.

is it worth buying an iphone 6 in 2018

Display scratches

The 'soft' protective glass of the iPhone raised questions from the owners even when the smartphone was released. Scratches appeared on the screen regularly and during normal use, and if keys or even small debris happened to be in your pocket, then the screen was covered with a 'cobweb' in a couple of days.

is it worth buying an iphone 6

Slippery, just tin

Oddly enough, the aluminum body of the smartphone turned out to be more slippery than the glass models Apple of the latest releases. The rounded edges look nice, but in the end it is easy to let iPhone 6 out of your hands. So we don't recommend using the model without a case.

is it worth buying an iPhone 6 now

Covers. Expensive and not so

To hold your smartphone more firmly in your hand, and for additional protection from scratches and drops, you need a case. There are many offers both in official stores and on cheap Internet sites. The original cover is more comfortable and more durable than its Chinese counterparts, but not as much as it costs more.

whether to buy an iPhone 6 in 2018

I drowned it twice. Unsuccessful

The title is a quote from one review at iPhone 6. Although these models did not receive the usual moisture protection now, the good build quality allows them to sometimes avoid problems with short-term exposure to moisture. But you should not hope for this, after all, the phone is not intended for water procedures.

is it worth taking an iPhone 6 in 2018

A battery case that's useless

Problems with the autonomy of iPhones led to the appearance of cases with built-in power banks. This is convenient as a charged case will greatly extend the life of your phone. But there are downsides to everything. The case makes the smartphone considerably heavier, and the thickness becomes indecent. In addition, the owners of such gadgets note their unreliability. Covers fail after several months of use.

does it make sense to buy an iPhone 6 in 2018

Lightning cables. Constant pain

Another weak point is the USB to Lightning cable. Regardless of the manufacturer, they often break down, and smartphones stop charging and connect to the computer. So it's best to keep a couple of spare cables in reserve.

iphone 6 in 2018 is it worth taking

The battery that lives until lunchtime

This disadvantage primarily concerns the model iPhone 6. The low battery capacity is not able to guarantee the smartphone's operation throughout the day. By lunchtime, the charge becomes less than half, and even economical use does not save you from the need to search for an outlet or a power bank.

is it worth buying an iphone 6 now

Internal memory that is never enough

This item is for those who are going to take a smartphone in the minimum configuration. For today's needs, 16GB of storage is prohibitively small. Even with the configured synchronization of images and videos from iCloud with the removal of sources from the smartphone, application data quickly clogs up the available space.

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