Should you buy iPhone 7 in 2018

The traditionally high price of products Apple, together with the subtle technical superiority of new products in the mobile market, makes it tempting to buy smartphones of previous generations. In the article, we will talk about how obsolete the technology is and whether it is worth buying an iPhone 7 in 2018.
Many flagships do not differ much in technical terms from the models of previous years. Therefore, consumers pay attention to old, but by no means outdated smartphones. How things are with the 'seven', released at the end of 2016, is it worth buying an iPhone 7 in 2018 and when the iPhone 7 becomes cheaper in 2018 – we'll figure it out below.

Should you buy iPhone 7, Plus in 2018


Let's list the advantages iPhone 7 that allow the device to compete with recent models.


Despite the bezel-less smartphones that have become fashionable, the look of the iPhone 7 does not cause rejection. The gadget does not look archaic, and many owners of the brand's late models nostalgically recall the 'Home' touch button with a tactile response. And the metal case with moisture protection is more reliable than the tempered glass of new smartphones.

is it worth buying an iPhone 7 in 2018


The model has a single main camera with a 12 megapixel sensor and optical stabilization. Yes, dual cameras have become the de facto standard and allow for clearer image detail in post-processing, blurring the background, and more. But in practice, such delights, as a rule, are useless. The position of the model in the DxOMark rating confirms that the camera is up-to-date and the quality of the images is not inferior to the photos taken by new models of smartphones.

when will the iPhone 7 fall in price in 2018


Not the most impressive figures in the characteristics of the processor (4 cores at 2340 MHz) and RAM (2 GB) should not be confusing. Due to well-thought-out optimization for iOS 12, this 'hardware' is enough for the normal operation of applications. Users do not notice serious problems or freezes.

is it worth buying an iPhone 7


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Now let's turn to the disadvantages of the smartphone and the characteristics that do not reach today's standards:


The main disadvantage of smartphones Apple is autonomy problems. The iPhone 7 has a 1960 mAh battery, which is not enough for 2018. So owners need to get used to saving battery or carry a power bank with them to recharge.

is it worth buying an iphone 7 in 2018

The cost

With the release of new flagships, prices for the previous generation have been steadily declining. But due to the fact that the initial cost of iPhones is traditionally high, a drop of even 50 percent leaves the smartphone at the price level of fresh developments from other brands.


There are not so many really critical chips that are not in the seven. The lack of fast and wireless charging will be a definite disadvantage. For some, the lack of animoji, which appeared only in iPhone 10, will be a disadvantage. Someone will lack Face ID or the new capabilities of artificial intelligence in the processors of new generations of smartphones.

iPhone 7 is it worth buying in 2018

When will the price drop iPhone 7 in 2018

Smartphone prices Apple drop every year after the fall presentations of new models in October-November. In addition, during the days of traditional sales, a number of retailers offer discounts on models from previous years.

Feedback from other people

If we turn to the blogs of professionals and ordinary owners of the IPhone 7, then the general message of the reviews is that the smartphone is not inferior to the latest developments of brands on the mobile device market. Acceptable operating speed, a camera with solid characteristics, and a recognizable design are good reasons not to rush to replace your phone.

is it worth buying an iphone 7 in 2018

General conclusion

Given that a large number of announced innovations are pure marketing, the idea of ​​buying a smartphone from previous years is not so stupid. The company Apple is sensitive to the support of old models and constantly releases updates, optimizes software, 'squeezing' the maximum out of technology. Therefore, the models of past years are not really much inferior to the new ones, but they win in price. If you want an iPhone, but there is not enough money for the latest models, then the 'seven' can be taken safely. The model will not become obsolete soon.

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