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The privilege of contactless payment from a smartphone is not available to all users of bank card products. The reason is often the lack of new mobile devices with built-in contactless payment technology. And by purchasing a SIM card with NFC, the owner of even an old cell phone turns the mobile into a payment instrument and can make payments with one touch. What is this SIM card, where to buy and how to use, you will learn from the article.

SIM card with NFC - module: what is it, where to buy and how to use

What is a SIM card with NFC?

A SIM card with NFC practically embeds a payment card (bank or virtual from other institutions) into a smartphone, allowing it to be used as a means of payment at POS terminals with a contactless payment function.

The chip NFC is inserted into the SIM card and its microcircuit connects the terminal and the account from which the payment is made. The transaction mechanism is similar to the payment procedure using bank plastic with a PAYPASS chip.

sim card with nfc

For such an operation to take place, the phone also needs a module NFC or the possibility of joint operation of a smartphone and a sim card with nfc support is foreseen.

ATTENTION! If the mobile device is not compatible with the SIM, it is recommended to purchase NFC – an antenna that adapts the phone to this need.

You can read more about the technology here: What is a module NFC?

sim card with nfc


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The technology NFC in symbiosis with SIM cards is used in the same way as the contactless payment chip in smartphones:

  • to pay for purchases in retail outlets equipped with terminals with a contactless payment function – like bank plastic with PayPass or PayWave;
  • to pay for tickets for travel in transport – it is used as a transport card (the fare is equal to the cost of the 'Troika' card: no overpayments and commissions).
sim card with nfc mts

Where can I buy?

SIM cards with an embedded chip NFC are issued by mobile operators. You can purchase such a card on the territory of the Russian Federation from each communication service provider. Companies such as Megafon, Beeline, MTS and Tele2 exchange regular SIM cards for free SIM cards with NFC – the module. To buy such a phone card, you need to contact your operator's phone shop.

TIP! Before going to the nearest customer service center of the communication service provider, it is advisable to clarify by phone whether they have SIM cards with this function.

sim card with nfs

Terms of use of a SIM card on the example of MTS

SIM cards with NSF issued by MTS function by being linked to a bank account. To do this, use the PayPass program, with which a virtual card is created.

Replenishment of such a payment account is possible:

  • through an ATM;
  • from the operator;
  • through self-service terminals;
  • Bank transaction.
nfc sim

To control users of transactions with a virtual card, MTS has developed a mobile application 'MTS Money', which works similarly to standard online banking. In the application, which is downloaded from the Play Market for free, you can:

  • pay the bills;
  • make transfers to other MTS subscribers;
  • transfer funds to other platforms.
sim card with nfc support

To use the convenience of a SIM card NFC MTS, after changing the SIM, you need to do the following:

  • register on the website: click 'Enter' and 'Register'; enter a phone number; wait for an SMS with an access key; enter the resulting combination of numbers in the 'Password' field;
  • connect to a bank payment system, thereby creating a virtual card account on the SIM card, from which payments will be made.
nfc sim card

The contactless payment procedure takes 5-10 seconds and takes place using the PayPass application, where information from the SIM card is transferred. From the application, the data goes to the terminal for debiting funds. The payment is carried out automatically, you just need to bring the phone to the terminal.

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