Siri tells who is calling: how to enable or disable

If you are interested in how to make Siri voice who is calling, pay attention to the settings for incoming calls. The device from Apple can speak the name of the subscriber using Siri, and the “Call Announcements” function will help to enable this function. Read a more detailed solution to the problem below.

how to make siri voice who is calling

Back in the tenth IOS, on iPhone, the function of announcing the name of an incoming call was introduced. Users appreciated the convenience of the innovation, but beginners still do not know how to make Siri tell who is calling. Let's consider the intricacies of announcing calls to iPhone.

Enable option

In the gadget settings section, open the “Phone” item. Click the Call Announcements tab and check the Always checkbox. If desired, you can change the settings to suit your own preferences. For example, if you have a car, you can set a checkbox so that the subscriber's name will be announced while driving, so as not to distract attention to the incoming call.

how to make siri speak who is calling

How it works

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A subscriber is calling you, but you are on the subway at rush hour, listening to music. There is no possibility to get the phone, but the “Headphones only” function in the device settings will help. This makes it easier to understand whether an important call is received, to hear the name of the subscriber. The volume adjusts with the volume of the incoming call.

How to make Siri tell who is calling when there is an incoming call

Disable option

After updating the software to version 10, the function turned on independently. Does Siri speak the caller's name automatically when calling? To understand how to disable Siri on an incoming call, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings and select “Phone”.
  2. In the “Call Announcement” check the box next to “Never”.

After performing the actions, the option will be disabled.

how to turn off Siri on an incoming call

How to find out who is calling me without taking out the phone?

When Siri says who is calling, it grabs the user's attention. But a couple of simple steps, creating an individual vibration, and the person's personality will be determined, even if the phone is in a pocket or bag.

  1. Go to the “Contacts” tab, select the subscriber and the “Change” function
  2. Inside is the “Ringtone” tab and the “Vibration” option. By pressing, click on “Create vibration”
  3. The functionality will help you create an individual vibration, save it under a new name.

Also pay attention to the video about setting up a subscriber announcement and disabling the option:

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