Smart watch with NFC for payment

Contactless payments have long ceased to be exotic and have become a familiar tool of everyday life. Our article is devoted to what the module NFC is and how to use the watch with NFC to pay for purchases.

The convenience of contactless payment has long been appreciated by many owners of gadgets with chips NFC. A short touch and the payment is complete. No need to worry about a forgotten wallet or search for the card you need. POS terminals received support for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and the technology quickly spread and improved. Since the advent of smartwatches, manufacturers have added this handy feature to them. Now their owners don't even need to take out their smartphone – a short wave of the hand, and the watch with NFC will pay for the purchase. In this article, we will talk about how to set up a smartwatch with NFC payment module, and offer a short overview of existing models.

Smart watch with NFC for payment

How does NFC work on smartwatches?

First, very briefly about the technology NFC. This is a contactless information transmission technology that works within a radius of several centimeters. Therefore, smartphones and smart watches are brought directly to the payment terminal. In smartphones, the functionality of the chip is not limited to use for payment. With the help of NFC, for example, settings and other information are transferred from one device to another. Well, for a smartwatch, it is enough to support connection with terminals.

The principle of operation does not differ from the use of technology in smartphones. After registering one or several bank cards in the expense management application, bring the gadget to the terminal, the payment will be completed. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the security of the details – the services transmit a new, specially generated code for each payment, which is confirmed by the bank. Because of this, it is impossible to intercept your card data. Payment services of different companies work on similar principles, so watches with NFC for payment Android Pay are protected as well as Apple Watch.

watch with nfc

How to add a card and use the watch to pay?

There are three main contactless payment services on the international market, which are offered by the main players in the market of mobile devices and technologies – Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The processes for linking bank cards by creating a virtual copy of them are similar, but there are a number of differences. For the first time, a contactless payment mechanism after adding chips NFC to payment terminals was presented by the company Apple. Competitors pulled themselves up later – first Samsung, well, Google launched its payment service Android Pay in Russia only in mid-2017. So let's consider the creation of a virtual map using the example of the pioneers of this technology, the company's devices Apple.

watch with nfc for android pay

B Apple Pay

Before using smart watch with NFC for payment, add your bank card to the virtual wallet of the payment service. First, make sure the issuing bank supports the use of Apple Pay. Most large organizations provide this service, but it is better to check the information on the official website of the lending institution. A number of banks restrict the use of the service for certain types of credit, debit or prepaid tariffs.

smart watch with nfc for payment
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If everything is fine with the support Apple Pay of your bank, then proceed directly to the card connection procedure. For smartphones with the operating system iOS 8, find the Passbook application on it, and if iOS 9 or higher is installed on the iPhone, then launch the Wallet program. This is the same application – Apple has changed its name, and the functionality and procedure for working with cards are the same. If you enter information from iPad, then select 'Wallet and Apple Pay' in the settings.

smart watch with nfc module for payment

Next, we consistently perform simple actions.

  • Click on the text 'Add a payment card' in the Pay section. To continue, you will need to enter your account password Apple ID.
  • Place the card in the appeared frame for automatic reading of the parameters, or click on the text 'Enter card data manually' to fill in the details.
  • Press the 'Next' button and await verification and approval of the card's connection to the service. Here you may be asked to enter additional information.
  • When the verification is completed, the phone will receive an SMS message or push notification with an activation code. Enter it, press the unlocked 'Next' button, use Apple Pay.
watch with nfc for payment

You can link a new bank card directly to Apple Watch, but this will still require one associated with the clock iPhone. So it is more convenient to get the card on the phone and then add it to the smart watch. To insert or add an existing card to Wallet in Apple Watch, open the Watch application on your smartphone and go to the 'My Watch' section. If there are several of them, then select the ones you need and click on the 'Wallet and Apple Pay' item. In this section, actions are available to add a new card ('Add a payment card') and add an existing one. For a new one, follow the algorithm above, and to connect an existing one, click the 'Add' button next to the image of the desired card.

A number of banks allow you to link the card to the service Apple Pay through their mobile application. In this case, no additional steps are required – the program will automatically register the details in the Wallet application on the phone.

Now, to pay for your purchase, double-click the button on Apple Watch and bring them to the payment terminal. Upon successful payment, the watch will vibrate, and a notification about the completed transaction will appear on the screen. If more than one bank card is linked to Apple Watch, then to select the one you need, after double-clicking on the button, scroll through the images of the cards (right or left) to the one you plan to use.

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Watch overview from NFC

Contactless payment technology is becoming more widespread, the number of banks is constantly growing, allowing the use of their cards for payments with smartphones or other gadgets with chips NFC. In the current article, we will dwell in more detail on the watches of the company, which was the first to provide such an opportunity to its customers.

watch with nfc module

Apple Watch

At the time of this writing, official stores are selling models of the last two series of smart watches: Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4. The later model has a new processor, added two navigation systems and a next generation display. But the rest of the devices differ slightly. The performance of the watch is high, and the applications are optimized for the latest versions of operating systems. The cases are made of aluminum, and the design is stylish and recognizable, which is traditional for the company. Both models support work with Apple Pay, payment through the module NFC. Disadvantages, unfortunately, are also standard for Cupertinians. First of all, this is the low autonomy of devices. The battery is rated for 18 hours of use, which requires recharging every night.

clock with nfs module

The second common drawback is cost. Prices for the latest model start at 30 thousand rubles. But the previous one can be bought for a little more than 20 thousand rubles, which is already much more affordable. Another not the most obvious drawback – Apple Watch work only with iPhone and are useless without it. However, despite the drawbacks, the company's smart watch Apple is one of the most complete devices of this type. They support most applications for iOS, perform functions of a fitness bracelet, receive calls and SMS. Their popularity proves once again that they are a good addition to iPhone.

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