Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

After the first year of testing the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, you can already draw conclusions about the pros and cons of the model. The impression is positive, under the not newest body there is a powerful machine that has shown itself positively in different operating conditions.

Before drawing conclusions, let's recall the characteristics of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus:

  1. Size iPhone 8 – 138.4×67.3×7.3 mm, weight – 148 g; iPhone 8 plus – 158.4х78.1х7.5 mm, weight – 202 g.
  2. Widescreen LCD, Retina HD, Multi-Touch with IPS technology. In the iPhone 8, the resolution is 1337×750 pixels, the contrast is 1400: 1. The iPhone 8 plus is 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1300: 1. Supports Auto White Balance True Tone function.
  3. Dust and water resistant IP67.
  4. A11 Bionic with neural brain.
  5. 12 megapixel camera. 10x digital zoom. 1080p HD video recording at 30 or 60 fps.
  6. Touch ID.
  7. FaceTime video calling over Wi-Fi or cellular.
  8. Supports HEVC, MPEG ‑ 4 Part 2, H.264 and Motion JPEG video formats.
  9. Li-ion battery, iPhone 8 has a capacity of 1821 mAh, iPhone 8 plus – 2675 mAh.
  10. Operating system iOS 12.

Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

Apple continues to work on optimizing smartphones for people with disabilities and health problems. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have accessibility features. Thanks to special options, a person with visual impairment, hearing will adjust the controls for themselves: use a magnifying glass, dictation, subtitles and read the screen aloud.


The description iPhone 8 and 8 plus would not be complete without a list of smartphone accessories. Unfortunately, the tradition of a small box with a minimum filling capacity was followed this time. The kit comes with the gadget:

  • standard charger with Lightning cable;
  • headphones with a Lightning connector;
  • adapter from Lightning to 3.5 mm;
  • a clip for prying a SIM card;
  • film on the screen;
  • instruction.

Until the last minute, fans of gadgets Apple hoped to include a device for wireless charging. But the company never released its own docking stations, so those who want to take advantage of the new, cool feature will have to look for charging on the side. Engineers have equipped smartphones with Qi technology; any device with the same extension is suitable for recharging.

Weight and size

In iPhone 8 and 8+ there were barely noticeable changes in dimensions and weight, but for a complete analysis even such trifles are important:

  1. The weight of the iPhone 8 is 148 g, which is 10 g more than the previous model, the 8+ 'has grown fatter' by 8 g.
  2. Length iPhone 8 increased by 1 mm, thickness by 2 mm.

Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

The changes in weight and dimensions were due to the introduction of the wireless charging function, as well as due to the change in the material of the back panel. Instead of aluminum, the cover is now made of tempered glass.

Updated design?

Every year, lovers of gadgets from Apple expect something revolutionary, and every year they feel disappointed. Yes, in iPhone 8 and 8 plus there are few external changes:

  1. The back cover is now made of tempered glass.
  2. The company logo on the back has been slightly displaced.
  3. There are three body colors: 'Gold', 'Silver', 'Space Gray'. The red series of smartphones came out in a limited edition.

If Apple did not make major changes to the appearance of the next model, then it was necessary to achieve a different goal than the couple 'Wow!' from users. The design of the iPhone 8 is a legacy of the style of the last ten years of the company's work, the model became a transitional moment between the old and new generation of smartphones. The role of the flagship was assigned to iPhone X, and the 'eight' became a pleasant surprise for fans of the usual design. In the case of the iPhone 7, the latest achievements in engineering were embodied.

Water resistance

Like the 'seven', the iPhone 8 received an IP67 degree according to the standard that determines the resistance of a smartphone to the ingress of solid objects and water. The model is protected from dust to the maximum, as indicated by the number 6. But with water resistance, everything is not so simple. A value of 7 indicates the following:

  • the device can stay in water for 30 minutes without damaging the electronics;
  • immersion depth 1.5 m.

As a result, the iPhone 8 cannot be called waterproof, only devices with indicators of 8 and 9 points are called so. The smartphone from Apple is rather moisture resistant, withstands short exposure to water and moisture. Moreover, liquids with a different consistency are doubly destructive. If you get sweet coffee, soda tea, you need to immediately clean the surface.


iPhone 8 got 2 GB of RAM, 8+ respectively 3 GB. The memory of the iPhone 8 hasn't changed digitally from the previous model, but the performance and other functions of the smartphone have improved. The reasons:

  1. A processor with a neural brain that analyzes, learns, searches for the best use cases for data.
  2. 6 cores distribute and simultaneously solve many problems.
  3. OS iOS 12 has become faster to process and respond to requests.

Traditionally, the capacity of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus is 65 GB or 256 GB, depending on the configuration and price. Practice has shown that 2 GB of RAM and 65 GB of memory are enough to load 'heavy' games and complex programs with augmented reality function.

Battery capacity

The battery in iPhones remains the most talked about part. Today, the requirements for the battery are not so stringent, if the smartphone sits down only in the evening – it's already a holiday. Therefore, the news that the battery iPhone 8 was not 139 mAh less than the 'seven' (1821 mAh versus 1960 mAh), aroused indignation.

Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

The reason for the reduction in the iPhone 8's battery is that wireless charging and other elements were added to the case. But there is no need to get upset, the manufacturers have promised that the difference will be compensated for by better optimization of the smartphone.

As a result, in the first months of testing, the iPhone received positive ratings from developers and ordinary users. When compared with the 'seven', the eighth series gadgets proved to be no worse, and sometimes even better, than the previous model.

Charging in a new way

Back in the 90s and 00s, wireless charging was only in the arsenal of superheroes and heroes of science fiction films. And today, every year, the range of smartphones that support charging through induction energy transfer is expanding. IPhone 8 and 8 plus became the first in the lineup Apple to receive this technology. Advantage of wireless charging:

  • fast replenishment of energy, 100% battery in 30-40 minutes;
  • lack of wires;
  • remote charging.
Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

IPhones 8 and 8 plus are currently equipped with only a conventional charger. The company will start producing its own docking stations in September – October 2018. While the user is encouraged to purchase devices from other manufacturers. Fortunately, iPhones support the Qi transfer protocol, on the basis of which all such devices work.

New generation of processors

The A11 Bionic is the most powerful and smartest smartphone processor to date. Some of the cores work for performance, some for energy efficiency. What it gives:

  1. In multitasking mode, the gadget works 3-4 times faster than previous models.
  2. Optimization of games and augmented reality applications.
  3. Even with intensive use, energy consumption is minimal.
Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

The main 'feature' of the A11 Bionic is the processor's learnability. He does not easily pass a signal through himself, but remembers it, correlates it with others and develops a work strategy. If this continues, the emergence of artificial intelligence will only be a matter of time.


Wireless LAN technology is present in almost any device today that has a chip. It is possible to develop here only in the direction of increasing speed and expanding the scope of use.

Wi-Fi iPhone 8 is 802.11ac with MIMO technology to increase signal throughput. In iPhone 8 and 8 plus, Wi-Fi performs the following functions:

  • for data transmission;
  • to connect to the Internet;
  • to determine the geolocation;
  • for video communication.

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first FAS will start another check Apple

In previous models Apple, frequent complaints from owners are related to the non-working Wi-Fi: it is impossible to connect to the network, the password is not accepted, the Internet is slow. The problem is solved by updating to the latest software version. Back in iOS 11, the vulnerability problems of the Wi-Fi chip on iPhones were solved, and even more so in iOS 12.

Headphone jack

Everyone is already a little used to the fact that iPhones are now presented exclusively with headphones with a Lightning connector. Although at first this solution Apple annoyed users. Despite the universal hype, the reasons for the changes in the format of listening to music are serious.

If with a 3.5 mm jack, the sound quality depended on the device and the listening equipment, now the functions of the digital-to-analog converter are embedded in the headphones themselves. Accessory manufacturers have the opportunity to create a product with their own settings. True, the cost of a decent product will be appropriate.

Professional camera in your pocket

The camera capabilities of the iPhone are one of the reasons for the popularity of the smartphone. And here the 'eight' did not disappoint and adequately continued the tradition of stunning pictures of 'apple' models.

Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

The advantages of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus camera:

  • larger matrix;
  • optical stabilization during photo and video filming;
  • many image processing functions, including advanced portrait effects;
  • convenient scaling control;
  • video recording in 4K format, possible frequency of 24, 30 and 60 frames per second;
  • 2x optical and 6x digital zoom;
  • the ability to record slow motion videos at 120 and 240 frames per second.

Thanks to a more powerful processor, image processing takes 70% less time than the 'seven'. Particular emphasis in Apple was made on portrait photos. Now the mode supports several cool effects, the list of which continues to grow.


The main features that the company Apple equipped the display iPhone 8 and 8 plus with are similar to those of the previous model: widescreen LCD with Multi-Touch and IPS technology for maximum viewing angle review and excellent color rendering.

The screen of the iPhone 8 has a size of 4.7 inches and a resolution of 1337×750, the model 8+ is respectively 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Everything is like the “seven” except for the support of the new technology – True Tone. This program uses sensors to constantly measure the level of illumination indoors and outdoors, and based on this data, it adjusts the white balance on the screen.

Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

What are the advantages of the program:

  • regardless of the season and location, the image on the screen is presented as printed on paper;
  • when viewing, the load on the eyes decreases;
  • color ratio changes occur instantly, almost imperceptibly to the human eye.

True Tone adjusts even to bright lighting, so you no longer have to squint outside at noon trying to see the lines on the screen.


According to the manufacturer's assurances, the iPhone 8 speaker turned out to be 25% more powerful and louder than previous models. But it was not even this that impressed the users, the sound quality was significantly improved when listening with and without headphones. The developers have removed noise, wheezing and other unpleasant sound distortions, so iPhone 8 is pleasant to listen to even at maximum volume. Changes are noticeable in relation to bass, now they sound richer and brighter.


Operating systems from Apple are being improved every year. Each subsequent OS took into account the errors of the previous one, therefore, according to the characteristics of the iPhone software, the evolution of modern technologies can be traced.

Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

A year ago, firmware iPhone 8 iOS 11 was considered an achievement of the company's developers. In June 2018, beta version iOS 12 was launched, which received positive reviews almost immediately. What's changed in the software:

  • improved tactile sensations from using the sensor;
  • increased data processing speed;
  • working with multiple tabs just got easier and faster.

Issues iOS 11 have been fixed: freezing of augmented reality applications, 'heavy' games, bugs when opening Internet pages. Famous bloggers and experts in IT technologies spoke in favor of updating the firmware.

Face ID

One of the main features of the iPhone is a specific way of personalization. If in smartphones from other companies, data protection is represented by standard security settings: a code, a special picture or a word, then in iPhone it is a show.

Face ID or face scanner was developed and implemented Apple in 2017. The technology has replaced Touch ID or fingerprint identification. Information about the mathematical image of the face will be stored on the processor and will be inaccessible to ill-wishers.

Unfortunately, Face ID iPhone 8 was not received, since the program was developed for a new generation of smartphones. The first model with facial recognition was the iPhone X.

Identity sensor

In the iPhone 8, the old and already familiar way of recognition remains – using a fingerprint. Moreover, the model became the last one for Apple, where a Touch ID scanner is used, subsequent smartphones are doomed to have no frames, the 'Home' buttons and will have to be unlocked by a face picture.


After buying a new smartphone, the question arises about its activation. A common problem is transferring information, files and music from a previous device.

Specification Description iPhone 8, 8 Plus

Instructions on how to set up an iPhone 8:

  1. Once enabled, a greeting appears on the screen, slide the word 'Hello' to the right.
  2. Select the appropriate one from the list of languages.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi or Cellular and Geolocation.
  4. Set your fingerprint on the Touch ID screen.
  5. Create an access code.
  6. Select the 'Apps & Data' option and transfer the old data.
  7. Next, identify yourself with a password.
  8. Set up technology Siri.

The last step in the setup is to transfer data from the previous device Apple or Android Make sure the files are downloaded to the new device.


The cost of the coveted smartphone depends on the presence or absence of the 'plus' prefix, the color of the case and the amount of internal memory. The cost of Athos 8 plus from 256 GB will be 69-71 thousand rubles, while a year ago sales started from 80 thousand rubles. The price dropped by 30% in 9-10 months.

It's worth giving Apple credit to the best selling product in the world. The cost of the iPhone 8 at 40-60 thousand rubles could seem to be an obstacle to mass sales, because in Russia this amount for most is equal to a two-month salary. Fortunately, loans and installments have already been invented.

It is difficult to answer categorically the question of whether the iPhone 8 and 8 plus is worth such a waste. Rumors about the quality and superiority of the gadget over others are justified. But when buying, you need to correctly assess the forces and not allow the digital trick to cause financial difficulties.

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