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For a long time iPhone they were created similar to each other and differed only in size, functionality and internal filling. The company's jubilee gadget Apple stands out in the line of previous models with its original design and a fundamentally new control system. The users and characteristics of the iPhone 10 are impressive, a brief overview of which is presented in this material.

New iPhone screen

For the first time, a smartphone from a renowned manufacturer received OLED – a matrix. It beats LCD screens of previous versions in such parameters as:

  • sharpness;
  • quality;
  • power consumption;
  • adaptation to external environmental conditions.

The main difference from similar displays on Samsung Galaxy smartphones is the changed shape of the subpixels in the Diamond Pixel scheme. They managed to be placed more densely, which improved the quality of image transmission.

Screen iPhone X supports HDR technology. Now the owners of the gadget will be able to watch videos in modern HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats.

screen iphonex

Screen resolution

The flagship display has a diagonal of 5.8 inches. Screen resolution iPhone X – 2436 × 1125 pixels, with a PPI density of 463. These indicators will provide high-quality color reproduction and smooth display of graphic animation. The quality of the picture was influenced by the original design of the screen, a feature of which is the presence of rounded corners, expanding the visible area of ​​the display.

True Tone function

The color that is generally considered white is not always true. Under different lighting conditions and temperatures, it turns blue or gives off a soft yellowish tint. iPhone X features include True Tone technology, which compensates for differences in hue and adapts the screen glow to the environment. With this function, white will always remain white, regardless of the lighting, outdoors or indoors.

3d touch on iPhone 10

3D Touch technology helps to distinguish the pressure on the screen and alerts the user through the Taptic Engine. The user is offered 3 degrees of pressing:

  • a simple tap used to open the application;
  • medium – preview;
  • strong – opens a context menu with additional options.

3D Touch is supported on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.


iphone x memory

IPhone 10 users who prefer to store music offline, photos, download movies and applications may not save on memory.


The developer has increased the minimum built-in memory iPhone X. There are two options: 64 GB and 256 GB. Even the smallest volume is enough to store more than a hundred applications, hundreds of photos and several GB of music. In addition, the new smartphone supports an option that automatically downloads long-unused applications and deletes the photos copied to the storage.


The characteristic of the iPhone 10 phone, according to which its performance is assessed, is RAM. It allows you to provide fast data processing and opening programs. RAM iPhone X has a volume of 3 GB.

Dimensions and weight of iPhone X

Dimensions and weight of iPhone X

The iPhone 10 is larger iPhone 6,7 and 8, but inferior to Plus-models. Its dimensions are: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm and weighs 174 g. Despite the increase in size, the device visually does not look bulky and sits comfortably in the hand.

Camera overview

iphone x camera review

The main and front cameras of the iPhone 10 are equipped with a package of advanced options for professional photography.

Main (rear) camera

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The main camera iPhone 10, installed in the upper left segment of the rear panel, differs from the previous models both visually and functionally. For the first time, Apple has equipped an Apple device with a 12MP dual lens: wide-angle and telephoto. The camera stands out for its vertical position and new features, such as:

  1. Optical image stabilization, allowing you to shoot without compromising quality even in motion and in low light.
  2. Instant camera autofocus.
  3. Manual adjustment of exposure and focus parameters, fixation on the subject of shooting or an element in the frame.
  4. The function of modeling portrait lighting, which determines the depth of the frame, the contours of the subject.
  5. Advanced IPS, which helps to recognize people and parameters in the frame: movement, brightness, lighting.

Pixel processing takes less time thanks to innovative technologies that expand the color gamut and improve the quality of HDR images. Users will be able to choose from 5 light setting options for shooting:

  1. Daylight, in which the main focus is on the subject's face and the background remains blurry.
  2. Contour, assuming medium illumination, semitones.
  3. Studio, characterized by bright object illumination and image clarity.
  4. Scenic, when the subject is highlighted and the background remains dark.
  5. Stage Mono, which is a black and white version of the Stage Light mode.

The main camera flash is complemented by True Tone Quad-LED technology, which prevents the background from darkening the composition. Another feature is the option to evenly distribute the backlight. It is used to prevent overexposure in the sequence.

Front (front) camera

The front-facing camera is equipped with a system of high-tech sensors that open up unique shooting opportunities:

  • portrait photography;
  • modeling of portrait lighting;
  • time-lapse shooting mode;
  • set of special effects.

The main feature of the front camera is the Face ID function, which provides protection against unwanted iPhone unlocks. It unlocks the smartphone when the owner looks into the front camera lens. The manufacturer also took care of protection from intruders trying to gain access to information using a photo of the owner of the gadget. The quality of the video product has improved markedly. The camera iPhone 10 offers a maximum shooting resolution of 4K at 60 frames per second, a minimum of 1080 px at 240 frames per second.

New processor for iPhone 10

New processor for iPhone 10

The flagship gadget, like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, received the most productive chip in the mobile market – Apple A11 Bionic. Its performance is almost 2 times higher than similar competing models such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or One Plus 5. As for the comparison with the A10 chip integrated into the iPhone 7, the new processor demonstrates higher indicators, such as:

  • efficiency – up to 75%;
  • productivity – up to 25%.

The six-core chip is built on two large performance cores and four small energy efficient ones. The secret of its performance is a completely new system for distributing the load on computing power, forcing all cores to work simultaneously. Besides the increased performance, the apple processor is equipped with several new technologies:

  1. Machine learning required for Face ID, Animoji.
  2. Custom ISP responsible for processing photo and video files in real time. He is responsible for splitting the background, applying special effects and other options.
  3. Supports Qi wireless charging.

Such technologies directly affected the performance of the processor Apple of the A11 Bionic and the speed of the devices running on it.

Battery specifications

IPhone x battery specifications

There were no unexpected changes to this characteristic iPhone 10. The battery capacity of the new gadget is 2716 mAh. The developer claims that it works 2 hours longer than its predecessor. According to the official statement Apple:

  • conversation mode up to 21 hours;
  • work on the Internet up to 12 hours;
  • video playback up to 13 hours;
  • listening to music up to 60 hours.

IPhone 10 supports fast charging and wireless charging, which requires a dedicated power supply and adapter, not included in the factory package.

SIM card

SIM card for iphone x

In the iPhone 10, as in the 8th version, a new nano SIM card format is provided. To extract and install it, you will need a special tool – a paper clip, which is included in the kit of the new gadget. How to handle a SIM card:

  1. Make sure the device is turned off.
  2. Unlock and slide out the SIM card tray with a paper clip.
  3. Extract or insert a SIM card.

The correct handling of the SIM card will help to avoid problems with the Internet connection and activation errors.

Waterproof standard

There have been no changes in this characteristic of the iPhone X compared to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. The iPhone X received traditional protection from water and dust according to the IP67 standard, which allows the smartphone to be submerged under water for 30 minutes, to a depth of 1m. However, owners should not experiment as the warranty does not cover faults caused by water or moisture. This is written on the official website Apple on the specification page.


complete set iphone x

Apple is conservative in keeping up with old traditions, including those related to the packaging of apple gadgets. Therefore, do not be surprised that the new iPhone X is packed in a classic rectangular box, decorated on the lid with a photo print iPhone X with branded wallpaper. The inscription iPhone is also read on the side. The gadget comes with a standard set, including:

  • 5 W charger;
  • Lightning-USB cable;
  • EarPodz headphones with Lightning connector;
  • a special paper clip for pulling out the tray;
  • documentation and stickers.

The set of the gadget, as well as iPhone 7 and 8, does not have a headphone jack. Therefore, an adapter is required to use traditional options. You will have to purchase a device for accelerated charging, as well as a branded case.

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