Sync iPhone and iPad with iTunes over Wi-Fi

Sync iPhone and iPad with iTunes over Wi-Fi

With the release of iOS 5, the process of data exchange iPhone with iTunes has been greatly simplified. Now synchronization can be performed via Wi-Fi without any USB cables, run it not only from a computer, but also directly from iPhone, or even just put the phone on charge, trusting in automatic wireless synchronization.

To use Wi-Fi syncing, you need to update iTunes to version 10.5. This can be done via the File – Updates menu. Don't forget to upgrade the firmware of your i-device to version iOS 5. If you've already done this, make sure you have the ability to connect your computer and iPhone to the same wireless network at home / office. Is there a network? Then we set up wireless synchronization.

Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch cable to the computer for the last time. In 'tuna' click on your device, go to the 'Overview' tab, scroll down a bit and check the 'Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi' checkbox and click the 'Apply' button in the lower right corner. The last sync is done via the cable. After its completion, feel free to pull out the cable.

Sync iPhone and iPad with iTunes over Wi-Fi

Make sure both your computer and i-device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, for example, to your home or office. If this is true, then your i-gadget will remain in the list of iTunes devices, despite the fact that the wire no longer connects them.

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Now you can experience wireless syncing. You can start it as before – from 'tuna', or directly from iPhone. For this:

  • Go to it in Settings – General – “Sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi”.
  • Click 'Synchronize': the process has started.

The status bar displays the usual count of synchronization steps, a new icon is spinning at the top of the screen. What is especially nice is that synchronization runs in the background, and you can fully use your iPhone along the way.

Sync iPhone and iPad with iTunes over Wi-Fi Sync iPhone and iPad with iTunes over Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi sync will start automatically whenever you connect iPhone to a power source, of course, if iTunes is running on your computer and is in the same wireless network with the i-device.

Quite convenient: when you come home, you can simply put the apple-phone on charge to the first socket that comes across, and it will be able to transfer the information downloaded during the day to the computer on its own.

If, for example, you downloaded some applications from the AppStore directly from iPhone, then during synchronization they will be automatically added to iTunes. If necessary, synchronization can always be started manually, both from the computer and from iPhone. But what exactly to synchronize and how can still be noted only in iTunes in the corresponding tabs “Programs”, “Music”, etc.

It is worth noting that synchronization in a new way is still slower than via a cable, and the device's battery will drain faster.

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