The 'Home' button on iPhone sticks: what to do

The multifunction Home key can unlock the display, return to the start menu, and more. The key is often used, so during operation the Home button sticks to iPhone 5s. This key is designed for continuous operation, but it may fail later. The button on the iPhone sticks most often due to a firmware failure.

Home button on iphone 5S, 6, 4: what to do

Disable quick access settings

Many people know about the existence of the item 'Universal access'. To enter this section, click on Home three times. Here you can create a loupe. This will allow you not to constantly enter the settings. It helps, but still the Home button will change its functionality. When you press Home three times, the iPhone waits for a few seconds to determine if you will press more, which leads to braking.

To disable this option, go to:

  • settings;
  • basic;
  • Universal access;
  • keyboard shortcut.

Then remove all labels.

home button on iphone 5s stuck

Check the responsiveness of the Home button

Home button glitches on iPhone 6 and does not respond at the desired speed? Check the parameters that may have changed during operation. We go to:

  • settings;
  • basic;
  • Universal access;
  • pressing 'Home'.

Make sure everything is set to 'default'. And the key should work effectively. Also read what to do if the Home button on the iPhone isn't working.

stuck home button on an iPhone

Calibrate the iPhone Home button

To quickly calibrate the Home key in iPhone, you need to do a little trick. Run any application. Hold down the phone's power button and wait for the 'Power off' picture to appear. Feel free to click on Home, and after a few seconds you will see that the slider has disappeared. The trick done will close the application and then restart, after which you will notice a greater efficiency of work.

button stuck on an iPhone

Reboot iPhone

Still stuck on the home button on your iPhone? Then there is another effective way to fix the problem – restarting the iPhone. To do this, you need to turn off your smartphone and turn it on again:

  1. Hold down the power button. It can be located on top or on the side, depending on the model.
  2. The 'shutdown' screen will appear where you need to move the slider.
  3. The device turns off.
  4. To turn it on, you need to hold the same button until the Apple logo appears.
the home button on the iphone 6 is buggy

Reset settings

When you notice the braking of the Home key and you are sure that this happened due to a change in settings, but now you do not know how to change it back, then this simple method is for you.

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To roll back the settings, go to:

  • settings;
  • basic;
  • reset;
  • reset settings.

This will not change the data.

stuck home button on iphone 5s

If after the done methods you did not notice the result, then you will have to roll back the entire system. We enter into:

  • settings;
  • basic;
  • reset;
  • erase all content and settings.

With this method, data from iPhone is deleted. Therefore, make a backup of all data, also remove the memory card.

Sticks Home Button On iPhone 4s

Activate the virtual Home button on the screen iPhone

Thanks to Assistive Touch, you can bring the Home key to the display itself. To do this, go to:

  1. Settings.
  2. Basic.
  3. Universal access.
  4. Assistive Touch.

Drag the slider to the far right – the virtual Assistive Touch for iPhone control is activated.

stuck home button on iphone 6

What to do if the Home button crunches on iPhone

It happens that after a joyful acquisition iPhone, after a certain period of use, a crunch of the Home button appeared, a backlash. For the key to work, you have to do several presses. But then it even more begins to publish an unpleasant crackle, sticking begins.

The crunch of the Home button could be due to the formation of dust or small particles of dirt underneath. You can clean the button without disassembling your iPhone.

button stuck on iPhone 5s

There is a way to clean the button of debris using office colored bookmarks smeared with glue and with a sharp point. The difficulty only arises when you need to drive it into the slot under the button. The procedure is as follows:

  1. We put an adhesive sticker on one side of the button, and on the other side press the button with our finger to form a gap.
  2. After driving in the tab of the label, take your time and walk around the button. If, while driving in a circle, you saw that you cannot move on, then there is too much debris in that part.
  3. Go from the other side of the site.
  4. Pulling out the bookmark periodically, clean it or take a new one.
  5. Repeat the operation several times until you achieve the result.

Owners of smartphones iPhone rush to the device service center to solve this problem. As a result, you can simply change the key or even refuse to repair it, claiming that this is the normal operation of the button. Therefore, you decide whether to clean it yourself or contact a service center with warranty rights.

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