The best apps for iPhone

The best apps for iPhone

Here are the best applications for iPhone, that is, those programs that, in my opinion, are leaders in their categories. This collection of course does not reflect the interests of all users iPhone. But it quite broadly represents all the capabilities of a smartphone.

Documents and business

In the Business category (this also includes Office applications), the places are distributed as follows. Of course, applications for iPhone from Apple come first.

Pages, Numbers

The best apps for iPhone

[Pages – Download from App Store]

The best apps for iPhone

[Numbers – Download from App Store]

The 'native' application from Apple to iPhone called Pages is an independent part of the iWork project, which serves as an excellent alternative to such a giant as a software package for working with files on a PC from Microsoft – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Since the Pages application, as an analogue of MS Word, works as a text editor, users iPhone can edit text files using the huge functionality of the application, which requires little memory and space on iPhone.

Browse Pages.

If there is a successful analogue of the famous software from Microsoft for working with Excel spreadsheets for smartphones Apple, it is the Numbers application, which, along with Pages and Keynote, is included in the package a mobile program based on iOS – iWork. This program appeared in the iWork package only due to the persistent requests of users iPhone and iPad, who badly needed a mobile lite version of MS Excel.

An overview of Numbers.


The best apps for iPhone

[1Password – Download from App Store]

A very handy program for storing passwords, credit card data and everything that needs to be hidden from prying eyes. All data is encrypted and synchronized between the desired devices. There are many analogues, but judging by the ratings 1Password is the most convenient.

1Password Review.

TextGrabber + Translator

The best apps for iPhone

[TextGrabber + Translator – Download from App Store]

Makes text recognition from a photo, and if necessary, translates into another language. A very powerful application from ABBYY.

Review of TextGrabber + Translator.

TapeACall Pro

The best apps for iPhone

[TapeACall Pro – Download from App Store]

The only working application for recording a telephone conversation at iPhone. With it, users can record incoming and outgoing calls. Very popular in the USA.

TapeACall Pro Review.

KyBook 2

The best apps for iPhone

[KyBook 2 – Download from App Store]

The application is a software shell for reading e-books in formats: EPUB (DRM-free), FictionBook (fb2, fbz,, RTF, TXT, PDF, DJVU, Comic Book (cbr, cbz) and Audi o Book (mp3, m4a, m4b).

Plus access to free OPDS catalogs and integration with an electronic library Liters. Books can be uploaded via cloud storage: Dropbox, Yandex Disk, Google Disk, OneDrive. Possibly the best book reader for iPhone.

The best apps for iPhone

[Print Agent PRO – Download from App Store]

The main task of Print Agent PRO is to prepare files for printing. You can print any file from the application to any next generation AirPrint printer. Detailed instructions for submitting documents for printing are provided on the Print Agent PRO developer website.

Overview of Print Agent PRO.

RoomScan Pro

The best apps for iPhone

[RoomScan Pro – Download from App Store]

A unique program that allows using an iPhone and several (according to the number of walls) movements to create a floor plan of any complexity, even with an approximate length of walls. RoomScan Pro is a utility for creating 2D floor plans and automatically calculates the length of the walls and the area.

RoomScan Pro overview.

DashCommand OBD-2

The best apps for iPhone

[DashCommand OBD-2 – Download from App Store]

Application for car enthusiasts. Allows you to connect iPhone to the OBD service connector and read all information about the engine and gearbox. And also reset errors.

DashCommand OBD-2 review.

First place was taken by 'Yandex.Maps'. The second place went to 'Metropolitan' from Aleksey Dodonov and 'QR Reader for iPhone' from TapMedia Ltd. And again the applications complement each other to some extent. The first will tell you the shortest route along the Moscow subway, and the second will help you switch to the links of sites encrypted in the advertisement in the train carriage.

Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Navigator

The best apps for iPhone

[Yandex.Maps – Download from App Store]

The best apps for iPhone

[Yandex.Navigator – Download from App Store]

Definitely the best in our latitudes. The main innovation and advantage over Google map is the ability to save city maps in the phone's memory, i.e. now you can work with the map without connecting to a mobile network or the Internet. This significantly speeds up the work with the application, and will also save traffic for those who are not subscribers of Megafon, Beeline or Kyivstar. Yandex.Maps overview

Navigator is a logical continuation of Yandex.Maps for motorists. The application has a user-friendly interface. Very simple with big icons. Which is extremely beneficial for health when poking at iPhone with your fingers while moving. There are night and day modes. When calculating the route, the program has color-coded road congestion. Yandex.Navigator overview

MotionX GPS

The best apps for iPhone

[MotionX GPS – Download from App Store]

Navigation harvester. Here you can find maps, a tracker, recording waypoints and even tracking heart activity. If you go for a walk or hike, I recommend taking it with you. The application is so feature-rich that you need to read the 37-page Help. When was the last time you used the help? And here it is necessary, tk. the interface is terrible. But nothing is perfect, otherwise this is the best app for iPhone for orienteering.

For those who want to understand the application, read the review.

Arrow, Mapcam

The best apps for iPhone

[Arrow – Download from App Store]

The best apps for iPhone

[Mapcam – Download from App Store]

Since we have touched on car navigators, we cannot ignore the topic of radar detectors for iPhone. Strelka and Mapcam won the test. In our area, these are the best applications for the iPhone of this subject. If you are going on a long trip, then take one of them with you. The cost of half the minimum penalty will be recouped quickly. Review-comparison of radar detectors for iPhone.


The best apps for iPhone

[ViaMichelin – Download from App Store]

Make sure to install it if you go to Europe and are going to rent a car there. Free and lightweight ios application that shows the road and traffic perfectly. He helped me out abroad more than once. Even the web version of the service works fine.

ViaMichelin Review.

The best apps for iPhone

[Navitel – Download from App Store]

And vice versa. If you leave a large city of the former USSR for 100 kilometers, then Yandex.Maps will no longer help. And Navitel copes well with all long-distance routes. It helps fishermen and hunters a lot, although the interface is very military.

Review of Navitel.

Wikimapia, WikiPlaces

The best apps for iPhone

[Wikimapia – Download from App Store]

The best apps for iPhone

[WikiPlaces – Download from App Store]

The first is the official application of the service, the second is also working, but with ads. Huge database of all objects on the earth's surface. No reference book beats her. This is because, as in wikipedia, users themselves add data here. Descriptions of objects, reviews, photos and links to detailed materials. These are free iPhone apps.

Wikimapia Review, WikiPlaces Review

City Maps 2Go, Maps.Me

The best apps for iPhone

[City Maps 2Go – Download from App Store]

The best apps for iPhone

[Maps With Me – Download from App Store]

The best iphone apps for offline maps. You can download maps of all major cities, both Russia and foreign. There are street names and house numbers. City Maps 2Go has the ability to put your own tags with a description. Search on maps works. There is a large database of objects. Even information on schools and businesses is displayed. City Maps 2Go review, City Maps 2Go review.


The best apps for iPhone

[iGO – Download from App Store]

Paid alternative to Yandex.Navigator, but many people really like it. The map in iGO is perfectly readable, the names of the streets are placed above the object and do not merge with the background. You can change the projection, rotate the map, view the entire path and virtually “drive” the route. In the settings, you can set the mode for driving, walking, cycling, and even an emergency route. IGO overview.

Sygic Europe and Russia

The best apps for iPhone

[Sygic – Download from App Store]

Complete offline navigator. Great maps and easy controls. There are versions of the application for almost every corner of the planet. This version offers two maps at once: Russia and Europe. It's cheaper than buying them one at a time.

Google Maps

The best apps for iPhone

[Google Maps – Download from App Store]

Maps from Google is the number one map service that exists in the public domain. But this useful app on the list of the best for iphone has another reason. It turns out that this is also an excellent tracker that records all your routes and practically does not drain the battery. If you need such a function, configure and use. More hidden tracker in iphone


TuneIn Radio

The best apps for iPhone

[TuneIn Radio – Download from App Store]

One of the main advantages TuneIn Radio Pro has over the competition is the ability to tune into 'regular' FM radio stations that broadcast over the Internet. This way you can listen to an important news bulletin or commentary on a sports match without turning on the regular radio. TuneIn Radio review.

SoundHound, Shazam

The best apps for iPhone

[SoundHound – Download from App Store]

The best apps for iPhone

[Shazam – Download from App Store]

'Oh, what a song! Must download! But what is it called? ' – so that such annoying questions do not arise, install the SoundHound application on your iPhone. These music lovers know almost all the music invented by people. And they will be able to guess any melody in 20 seconds …

SoundHound Review

'Shazam' is a player and music recognition software in one. Analogue of SoundHound and may be even better in places. He appeared in the American version of the film Oldboy. But in a fair fight he lost a little to the leader.

Lyrics Mania

The best apps for iPhone

[Lyrics Mania – Download from App Store]

Lyrics Mania knows the lyrics of almost all songs. This program for iPhone, like SoundHound and Shazam, determines the name of the song from the fragment heard, and displays the lyrics of the song on the screen. Some songs even have a karaoke mode. The program is free, but it asks for money monthly for removing advertising banners.

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first FAS will start another check Apple

Lyrics Mania Review.

Melody player

The best apps for iPhone

[Melody player – Download from iJuice]

Several applications for those who consider social. the VKontakte network is my home, and I'm used to listening to music only from there. Melody player is considered the best application for downloading music from VK. The application was removed from App Store but you can install it from old accounts, for example



The best apps for iPhone

[Pixelmator – Download from App Store]

Perhaps the most famous of all photo editors for iPhone. Pixelmator is made in the “Apple” force, and very much resembles iPhoto, the support of which Apple was discontinued with the release of IOS 8. It can not only process photos, but also make collages, turning into a mobile photoshop.

Won the best photo editor for iPhone review.


The best apps for iPhone

[Enlight – Download from App Store]

Enlight can do a lot, a little more than a common man needs, and at the same time does not require reading the instructions. It will easily cover all your needs and will allow you to give your photo a unique look and show your creativity.

Enlight Review.

Repix – Remix & Paint Photos

The best apps for iPhone

[Repix – Download from App Store]

The program is very beautiful and allows you to make a real work of art out of your photos. Repix contains a large number of photo editing tools (you can adjust brightness, saturation, add various effects). More information …

360 view

Top apps for iPhone

[360 view – Download from App Store]

The program for panoramic shooting. The picture is assembled like a puzzle from the images coming from the camera iPhone. The whole process is before your eyes. For a good result, it is advisable to keep the phone upright. Of the shortcomings, I note a very demanding attitude of the program to lighting. More information …

Photo Sphere Camera (Street View from Google)

Top apps for iPhone

[Street View From Google – Download From App Store]

The app used to be called Photo Sphere Camera, now it is Street View from Google. The best 3D panorama creation app for iPhone. Circular, or as they are also called 3D panoramas, is a new trend in modern photography. Looking at such a photograph, you seem to be inside the depicted scene, the effect of presence is very powerful.

More information …

Prisma, Vinci

Top apps for iPhone

[Prisma – Download from App Store]

Top apps for iPhone

[Vinci – Download from App Store]

Two masterpiece graphics editors working on the principle of neural networks. The image processing results are above expectations. In general, this is the same “Make me beautiful” button. Prisma works with all photos, Vinci was created for the social network VKontakte. Anyway, I recommend trying both. These are still the best applications for iPhone artistic photo manipulation.


Yunisov TV

Top apps for iPhone

[Yunisov TV – Download from App Store]

If you want to watch TV channels on iPhone then this application is the best. Point. Yunisov TV review.

Video Downloader Pro +

Top apps for iPhone

[Video Downloader Pro – Download from App Store]

One of the best apps for downloading videos from websites. Open the program, go to the desired site where there is a video player with a movie, and download it to your device.

OPlayer – classic media player

Top apps for iPhone

[OPlayer – classic media player – Download from App Store]

This program has the ability to download videos without even using iTunes. Over the wi-fi network through the browser built into the program. Or even from a remote computer using a web interface. Plays a large number of video formats without conversion. You can read more about such applications in the article how to download a video to iPhone.


Top apps for iPhone

[Peers.TV – Download from App Store]

A huge archive of various programs. You can even record the broadcast yourself, so that you can watch it later in a calm atmosphere.


Top apps for iPhone

[Plex – Download from App Store]

Broadcasts your entire media library from your computer to iPhone. Both on the local network and via the Internet. Plex Review.

Belkin MediaPlay

Top apps for iPhone

[Belkin MediaPlay – Download from App Store]

If you have a modern TV with an Internet connection, then using this application you can display videos from iPhone on the big screen. An improved and more stable version of the famous Twonky Beam.

iTeleport Remote Desktop

Top apps for iPhone

[iTeleport Remote Desktop – Download from App Store]

Remote computer control from iPhone. One of the best programs.


Top apps for iPhone

[MoviePro – Download from App Store]

If you need to record video, then MoviePro is definitely on the list of the best apps for iPhone in this area. Native “Camera” and is not near. A huge number of settings, including manual white balance. It can be recommended to both a hobbyist and a professional cameraman for sketching. MoviePro Review.

Drop'n'Roll – automatic movie maker

Top apps for iPhone

[Drop'n'Roll – Download from App Store]

Former V.I.K.T.O.R. Automatically mounts the captured video. He comes up with a plot and makes a storyboard himself. Drop'n'Roll Review.

Communication and social media

VK App 2.0

Top apps for iPhone

[VK App 2.0 – Download]

The largest download percentage for the 'VK App' application is from VKontakte. This is a familiar social network for all of us in a convenient pocket format. But the legend was the version of VK App 2.0, which allowed you to listen to music from VKontakte on iPhone. The version that is currently available in App Store does not have this functionality. Here is an article on how to download an old VK application.


Top apps for iPhone

[Vivino – Download from App Store]

Social network for wine lovers. Drank – write a comment. The photographed label is also recognized. It is very convenient to choose wine in the store with this interesting iphone app. You can immediately get all the information on the product and reviews from those who have already tried it. There are opinion leaders who have drunk more than one hundred bottles, Artemy Lebedev, for example.


Top apps for iPhone

[Skype – Download from App Store]

Skype can be called the 'progenitor' of social. networks. After downloading the mobile version to your device, you can easily make video calls to, say, your grandfather in Paris. After the purchase, Microsoft began to deteriorate, but the ability to call from any country to any landline phone for a penny makes it unique.


Top apps for iPhone

[Instagram – Download from App Store]

In Instagram you can post and share the most interesting with your friends without being distracted from the events.


Top apps for iPhone

[WhatsApp – Download from App Store]

WhatsApp can be called the mobile descendant of the famous ICQ, and voice messages have appeared.


Top apps for iPhone

[Viber – Download from App Store]

The program can be considered another replacement option Skype or WhatsApp.

More information …

IM +

Top apps for iPhone

[IM + – Download from App Store]

A messaging service similar to the classic of the genre – ICQ, but designed specifically for iPhone and iPad. The developers guessed that the future was 'omnivorous' and tried to stuff the program with a large number of accounts that can be created. Thus, it is enough to download IM + to be able to communicate through different services, including the popular Skype and Facebook. More information …

Training and education

Wiki Offline 2

Top apps for iPhone

[Wiki Offline 2 – Download from App Store]

It turns out that the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia is located at iPhone and works without internet access. These are the miracles …

Wiki Offline Review 2 / a>.


Top apps for iPhone

[Quizlet – Download from App Store]

Flashcards are a great way to learn foreign words. A well-thought-out interface for adding new phrases and checking knowledge.

Quizlet Review.

Graphing Calculator +

Top apps for iPhone

[Graphing Calculator – Download from App Store]

Using the tools of the program, you can build graphs of equations of different levels of complexity – both ordinary (y (x) and x (y)) and implicit, parametric and polar mathematical functions. Those who are forced by duty or study to deal with the construction of the most complex graphs can easily search for the roots and values ​​of functions, curvature, derivative, inflection points, intersections and extrema in just a couple of minutes. More information …

Sky guide

Top apps for iPhone

[Sky Guide – Download from App Store]

Star Walk automatically determines your location using GPS and draws the starry sky at the point where you are and depending on the position of the phone. The source of information is the open Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, in terms of the volume of information with which no print edition can compete More …

Internet and file download


Top apps for iPhone

[Betternet – Download from App Store]

A great way to bypass any blocking of internet sites. The application creates its own connection to the proxy server for all traffic from iPhone. You can use any browser or any program, all traffic from iPhone will go through the proxy … More …

Google Сhrome

Top apps for iPhone

[Google Сhrome – Download from App Store]

Not a bad browser for iPhone, but it's here for a different reason. Many products Google have a “second bottom”, such as cards. So Chrome can be used to bypass censorship. If you configure it correctly, then all requests to sites will go through a proxy server and everything secret will become apparent.

Read more Bypass blocking sites on Google Сhrome.

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