The best sports apps for iOS!

The best sports apps for iOS!

Sport is important for every person. It is important to play sports to keep yourself in good physical shape. Even if you devote a few minutes a day to simple exercises, it will give more noticeable results. You don't have to go to the gym to play sports – you just need to install special applications and not be lazy to train. This article has selected those applications that will really help you get in shape.

1. Seven

After launching this application, you will hear a loud signal, and you will have nothing to do but repeat the movements shown in the pictures for seven minutes. Each exercise is given 30 seconds, and there is a 15-second break between sets. Seven has a huge number of advantages: during each break, the application warns of the following exercises, all exercises are accompanied by sounds of the beginning and end of approaches and other comments, the voices of the coaches can be changed at will, Seven has a reward system and much more. The application is very easy to use and will help you see noticeable results in the first week. The main thing is not to forget to regularly and correctly perform the exercises according to the instructions.

Seven. Workout 7 minutes – Perigee

The best sports apps on iOS!

2. Sworkit Lite

Sworkit Lite is a very handy exercise app with lots of exercises for each muscle group. You can choose the type of training that you need (stretching, yoga, strength, etc.), indicate the time convenient for you and watch videos with real athletes who demonstrate the exercises to you. The app stores your results and reminds you of your workouts every day. If you make every effort, you will noticeably see the result. The application is easy to use and has many benefits.

Sworkit – Personal Trainer – Nexercise

The best sports apps on iOS!

3. Pull-Ups Workouts & Trainer

The Pull-Ups Workouts & Trainer app helps you keep track of your progress and results after pull-ups. Pull-ups can help you become stronger and more confident, and also help you gain more muscle mass. The app is perfect for a beginner and can even create an individual program for you. It will tell you how often, how much and when to pull up, and always remind you of your workout. Pull-Ups Workouts & Trainer will suit everyone and make your work easier without obstacles.

Runtastic PullUps Pull-Ups – runtastic

The best sports apps on iOS!

4. Abs Workout

Abs Workout is the perfect app with many different workouts for different fitness levels. Each movement will be explained and shown, so no one will have any difficulties. Here are collected workouts for every day, if you carefully approach their execution, you can be sure that in a month, the progress will be very impressive. The set of exercises for different muscle groups pleases me, moreover, the complexity will increase gradually and it pleases. Understandably, this beautiful and convenient application cannot do everything for you, so you will have to spend a lot of time on exercises and achieve the results you want.

Workout Press – fitness home – Passion4Profession Inc.

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The best sports apps on iOS!

5. Runtastic

Do you like to run? Or have you been doing it for a long time? The Runtastic app helps you fall in love with running and make it a part of your life.

This offer has many useful and even interesting functions. Runtastic helps you keep track of your jogging routes, speed, distance traveled and heart rate (if you have a compatible heart rate monitor), Runtastic offers many opportunities for more interesting workouts.

You can even listen to running music in this app. Runtastic can be integrated with Google Play, so you don't have to compose your own running tracks. You can immediately, without wasting extra time, listen to special playlists. If you train only to your favorite tracks, Runtastic allows you to listen to songs from your phone memory or music services. Perhaps you lack motivation to run? Runtasti has a PowerSong button. Set the most inspiring song and play it at the right time. In addition, the application tells you about the distance traveled by voice, and this sometimes helps a lot.

Running & fitness Runtastic GPS – runtastic

The best sports apps on iOS!

6. Yoga Monkey

Love yoga but don't want to look for an instructor? Then the Yoga Monkey app is for you. Yoga Monkey will help you do yoga as much as you want without unnecessary subscriptions and paid lessons. Yoga Monkey introduces you to yoga free of charge, provides you with specialized courses and a workout program. All you need to do is not to be lazy and to practice more often. This offer has many useful features. There are programs for specific purposes: weight correction, sleep improvement, mood elevation, and so on, as well as a complete course from beginner to advanced yoga. Yoga Monkey will tell you how to do each exercise, how much to do, and how to breathe correctly while doing it.

Yoga Monkey: Your Fitness Guru – Guru Tech

The best sports apps on iOS!

7. Muscle and Motion

Muscle and Motion is a terrific app for those interested in body mechanics, for those who want to learn more about muscles, joints and ligaments and never make gym mistakes when doing exercise. In the Muscle and Motion app, you can see the muscles and joints of a person in 3D, learn what they are called, how they tense and move. For each muscle, exercises are suggested in which it is involved. The same 3D format shows how to perform the exercise from different angles, and analyzes common mistakes. Muscle and Motion also has a workout plan with exercise videos. The app is very lightweight, interesting and even fun.

Muscle & Motion Strength – Muscle & Motion LTD

The best sports apps on iOS!

8. WaterIn

Water is life! WaterIn is the perfect app for those who want to keep track of their water intake. While playing sports, there is often a desire to drink a huge amount of water. A simple but very useful application WaterIn will help you not to drink too much, which helps you keep track of your daily water intake. To do this, you just need to note the amount of fluid you drink during the day. This simple application has a ton of useful features. You can mark the dose of what you drink: a small glass, a large glass, a bottle. Also, waterln provides a notification function for those who regularly forget to drink. This application is very useful for any athlete.

My Water: Water Tracker & Control, Drink Reminder – Viktor Sharov

The best sports apps on iOS!

All of the above applications will help the user to get in shape, maintain it, improve physical condition, find new exercises for themselves and build muscles of the size you need. The main thing is to want, not to be lazy, not to skip workouts and go to the result you want to achieve!

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