There is something better from phones than iPhone

People who use the technique Apple will hardly ever admit that iPhone is in any way inferior to its competitors. True, not only true fans think so. Indeed, now devices from Apple set the bar for quality and performance for other manufacturers. The release of each new model pushes it higher and higher, becoming simply unattainable for many. However, if in general it is unlikely that there is a device that will be better than it in the same price category with some model iPhone, then it may well be for individual components. We will try to figure out what are the strengths and weaknesses of apple products.

There is something better from phones than iPhone


No comment here. iOS is the most secure and optimized mobile system. It often happens that the flagship on Android slows down after a year of use. He is also unlikely to get more than one system update. With Apple OS, everything is completely different. The same 5S of 2013 has been working for many without complaints for a single year and is constantly updated along with new models at the same time, and does not stand in line for several months. Applications always first appear and are optimized for all models iPhone, on which the required version is installed iOS, and only then are released for Android, and that is far from all devices.

There is something better from phones than iPhone

Some users complain that iOS is too closed OS. However, this is not the case. Everything that is in Android can be obtained on iOS only by spending a little more time and effort.


Here there are already doubts. The displays of iPhones do not differ in high resolutions, like, for example, Samsung and Chinese ones. But, thanks to the IPS matrix, their picture has natural colors, and is not oversaturated.


interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple ordered foldable foldable displays from Samsung iPhone

I think just one offer is enough – camera iPhone X is considered the best phone on the market. Even the brand new Galaxy S9 couldn't beat it. The same situation is with other models – they are all the best in their price category. Thanks to Sony modules.

There is something better from phones than iPhone

These statements only apply to the rear camera. Apple never intended to equip gadgets with a first-class front-facing camera, because its main purpose here is video communication.


Why do we need all these heaps of gigabytes of RAM and eight-core processors, when the usual dual-core from Apple with two gigs of memory easily makes the flagships of other companies in tests. Of course, all this is due to optimization iOS, but the fact remains – the same 5S gives out the same points in AnTuTu as the Galaxy A5 2017, which costs twice as much.


This is perhaps the first minus of Apple phones. Usually they are enough for one day of intensive use, while Asus work for days and charge other devices.

Everything else makes no sense to compare. Parameters such as sound, design and others are liked by everyone to varying degrees.

From the article, the conclusion suggests itself that iPhone is an excellent device, with minimal disadvantages.

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