TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Cloud storage is more and more included in our lives, they help us store, transfer, share data without resorting to the old, wired methods.

Analysts predict that the world will soon ditch resource-intensive and bulky servers and move to “cloud storage.” We present to your attention the storages, from which it is often difficult to choose the one you need. All these storages are cross-platform and can be used both for iOS (for iPhone, iPad, Mac) and for devices under management Android. Also, all of them have web and computer versions, which greatly facilitates the process of synchronizing, transferring, and storing files.

Let's take a look at some of them, at those that, in our opinion, provide the cheapest and most sufficient service in terms of volume, as well as are convenient to use, and, what is important, compatible with Apple devices. Prices will be indicated in rubles, without additional options.

1. Google Disk

Price: free – 15 gigabytes, 100 gigabytes for 139 rubles per month.

Russian language: yes.

Basic storage for devices on the Android platform, so it is in great demand among them. But since the service provides a 'decent' amount of free space, it will also be of interest to Yabloko.

The main disadvantage is the inconvenient browser version of the application, although the application for Windows and Mac is much simpler and more intuitive.

TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Download Google Drive from App Store

2. Yandex Disk

Price: 10 gigabytes for free, + 10 gigabytes for 30 rubles.
Russian language: yes.

Fast and stable service, functionality is constantly expanding. Syncs at a good speed. Other applications can use the capabilities of Yandex.Disk.

It is convenient not only from a desktop or a mobile phone – its capabilities will be highly appreciated in a browser. The disk space is also expanding due to partner functions, such as 100 gigabytes of free space when connected to Rostelecom (available at some tariffs).

TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Download Yandex.Disk from App Store

3. Dropbox

Price: 2 gigabytes for free, 1 terabyte for 462 rubles ($ 8.25 at the rate of 56 rubles), a business account for 700 rubles ($ 12.5).
Russian language: yes.

One of the 'mastodons' of cloud storage, but at first only provides 2 gigabytes of cloud storage. The referral system allows you to increase the free space to 16 gigabytes: link your social media accounts to your account and share the link to the resource with other users.

With Dropbox Business, your cloud space is unlimited and allows multiple users to use it. File recovery and access settings are included. TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Download Dropbox from App Store

4. Mega

Price: 50 gigabytes for free, 200 gigabytes for 345 rubles (5 euros at the rate of 69 rubles)
Russian language: yes.

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A lot of free traffic and a user-friendly interface. Easy drag and drop of files. Convenient download of files from the application and easy synchronization from the desktop.

The source code of this repository is in the public domain, this allows the company to apply a new technology – encrypting data on your device before entering the server. This protects against hacking.

TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Download MEGA from App Store

5. Cloud Mail.Ru

Price: 8 gigabytes for free, 64 gigabytes for 69 rubles per month.
Russian language: yes.

Similar to Yandex.Disk in both interface and capabilities. Loses by the number of referral programs. But it beats the competitor in the amount of free space.

Through '' Cloud Mail.Ru '' screenshots are instantly created and saved. TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Download Cloud Mail.Ru from App Store

6. OneDrive

Price: 5 gigabytes for free, 50 gigabytes for 140 rubles per month, 1 terabyte for 269 or 339 rubles (with an Office 365 subscription).
Russian language: yes.

Formerly known as SkyDrive. Built in Windows 10. If you have Windows 10 on your computer, you are already its user.
The Photos app can use OneDrive to sync photos between devices.

MacOS users are not happy with this service, please consider this when purchasing.

TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Download Microsoft OneDrive from App Store


Price: 5 gigabytes for free, 50 gigabytes for 59 rubles per month.
Russian language: yes.

5 gigabytes of space is not enough, but it is most convenient for backing up snapshots from iPhone. Built into Finder on macOS – the app will be on all Macbook and devices iOS. Document creation is available. Plus, iCloud is built into iOS right out of the box, making it as easy as possible to get started.

TOP best cloud storage for iOS

Learn more about iCloud

Let's summarize.

From the above options, you can choose the free storage with the largest stock. Then your choice will fall on Mega.

Given the interface, I advised you to look at Yandex disk.

If you look at the maximum features, but already with payment, then Dropbox is a good option.

In addition, all applications are Russian-language, which greatly simplifies the work with them. If you need to store, for example, a photo on iPhone, but there is not enough space, then you should not buy a new one iPhone with twice the memory. Use iCloud: you probably have an account in this application, and you can easily free up a couple of gigabytes of space on your phone. The most used and popular are Google Disk, Yandex Disk and Cloud It is through them that some large files are sent to the mail: music, films, videos and photos.

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