Touch ID: what is it and what is it with?

Starting with iPhone 5S Apple phones (and not only) are equipped with an interesting option – Touch ID. In Russian, this is just a fingerprint scanner, and not a fake one that could have been downloaded from the Play Store on androids before, but a real sensor that allows you to unlock your phone, make purchases and even verify your identity for authorization in applications. It is located directly in the Home button.

Touch ID: what is it and what is it with?

iPhone 5S with scanner in Home button

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The option was a real breakthrough. If earlier this was only seen in spy films, now technology has reached ordinary users. After the presentation of the 5S with a scanner to the world iPhone, other manufacturers began to massively copy the apple technology and insert it into their devices, however, androids did not immediately achieve such accuracy and reliability. Interestingly, the sensor can remember up to 5 different fingerprints at the same time.

Touch ID: what is it and what is it with?

Touch ID setup process

Starting with iPhone 6S, the second generation of Touch ID is being installed on gadgets. Here finger recognition has noticeably accelerated, and the probability of unlocking the device the first time has increased to 100%. Now you do not need to make sure that your fingers are not wet or greasy.

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