Turn off VoiceOver

No one doubts that iPhone, like the rest of the equipment Apple, is a high-tech device. Therefore, it is used even by people with disabilities, because they are provided with all kinds of functions that simplify interaction with the phone. A striking example of this is Voice Over.

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Its main purpose is to articulate what is happening on the screen. Obviously, the function is useful for people with poor eyesight. And this is not an ordinary talker, but a multifunctional thing that has a huge number of settings.

The question often arises, how can you disable it? In general, it is quite difficult to enable the function on purpose, because its settings are hidden away. But, for example, small children to whom parents give their iPhones can get to the bottom of it and accidentally activate it.

  1. So, to turn it off, go to the 'Settings' application and scroll through the menu to the 'General' item.
  2. Turn off VoiceOver

  3. Here we are interested in the 'Accessibility' tab.
  4. Turn off VoiceOver

  5. Click on it and see that the very first item here is the desired VoiceOver. We go into it and move the switch from green to white.

Turn off VoiceOver Turn off VoiceOver That's it, now the phone will stop speaking everything that happens on the screen.

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