Wallpapers for iPhone X high quality

The flagship smartphone 2017 iPhone X received OLED – a screen with improved color rendering. The right wallpaper will highlight the advanced display's capabilities. Native wallpapers iPhone X are only available in paid applications, but thanks to the efforts of hackers, fans Apple can download them freely.

Original wallpaper

For the tenth series Apple released new versions of static and dynamic splash screens. For the first time in 3 years, the animation format was revised, for the iPhone X the wallpaper was adapted to fit the notch at the top of the screen. At the location of the 'monobrow' the picture is slightly darkened, due to which the image merges with the top panel of the screen. Now you don't need to 'customize' every screensaver in Photoshop.

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What are the original wallpapers for iPhone X prepared by the manufacturer:

  1. Released a series of dynamic screensavers in seven colors: orange, red, yellow, green, purple, blue and multi-colored.
  2. Dark wallpapers for iPhone 10 turned out to be stylish and original. The developers took the 'live' color covers as a basis and replaced the bright background with black.
  3. For the background, the developers left 3 'live' screensavers out of 11. There is no constant movement, but when the smartphone is taken out of the lock mode, the image is unusually beaten.

The original screensavers on iPhone X are exciting, but if you want to customize your screen, there are thousands more original images in the store App Store.

Where to download wallpapers on iPhone X high quality

As practice has shown, OLED – the display will transform the picture even with insufficient resolution. But if you want to get high-quality wallpapers for iPhone 10, download them from verified apps in App Store. You can also find the required screensaver in a free search, for example, in Google, select images with an extension of at least 2436 × 1125. Crop the photo if necessary using editing apps.

A selection of 10 stylish wallpapers

Watch, download and enjoy new cool wallpapers for iPhone 10.

Wallpaper on iPhone X: space
Wallpaper on iPhone X: tree
Wallpaper on iPhone X: Glitter
Wallpaper on iPhone X: confetti
Wallpapers for iPhone X: lotus
Wallpapers for iPhone X: Ocean
Wallpapers for iPhone X: planet
Wallpapers for iPhone X: paint
Wallpapers for iPhone X: fish

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