Waterproof iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Even 8-10 years ago, waterproof watches and telephones were made for sportsmen, tourists, hunters and fishermen. But everyone wanted the function of protection against water, and the world leaders in the production of digital technology quickly picked up this trend.

Videos Apple with an iPhone surrounded by splashes of water did not leave anyone indifferent. Who doesn't want a smartphone with superpowers? But advertising is one thing, and whether the iPhone 8 is waterproof or not, it is possible to determine only after studying all the facts.

Is it possible to wet

For digital technology, an international classification of the level of protection of the case has been developed. In the description of the device, this value is indicated as IPXX, where the first X is resistance to mechanical stress or the ingress of solid objects, the second X is protection from water.

Waterproof iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

According to this rating, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are characterized by IP67 protection:

  1. The number 6 here denotes the index of resistance to dust entering the case. This value is maximum.
  2. Number 7 indicates the degree of protection against water. The level indicates that the smartphone is capable of diving to a depth of 1 – 1.5 m for a short time. If you dropped the gadget into the bathtub and immediately grabbed it, then the iPhone is saved. And if you are trying to swim and shoot the wonderful underwater world, you will have to say goodbye to an expensive toy. Only devices rated 8 and 9 are intended for long diving.

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When asked whether the iPhone 8 plus is waterproof or not, there is only one answer, the smartphone is only waterproof! There are connectors, slots on the case, the case is not sealed everywhere, so the liquid will get inside and cause irreparable damage. Sugary drinks are also harmful: soda, coffee, but even here there is a chance to 'pump out' the gadget if you quickly clean the surface.

Can I shoot underwater

Warning reviews and reviews, where people write about their unsuccessful attempts to 'redeem' the gadget, do not stop users from wanting to check if it is possible to shoot underwater on the iPhone 8.

Waterproof iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The arguments against:

  1. Testing of devices is carried out in laboratory conditions, where it is impossible to foresee all the negative aspects of the external environment.
  2. If dropped, hit or worn down, the protective insulation will wear out and lose its original properties.
  3. The sensor does not work in water.

Waterproof iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Some cunning bloggers tried to prove the possibility of underwater filming. Taking a photo is possible only with the help of physical buttons. But in this case, the immersion is short-lived and the viewer can only guess about the future fate of the smartphone after the experiment.


Despite the bright advertising, Apple does not recommend testing underwater. The small print in the instructions for the product states that 'damage due to contact with liquid is not covered by the warranty'. Water resistance iPhone 8 was not created for swimming with a gadget or photographing fish, the function of the technology is to protect the device from inadvertent water ingress. This fact stops users from trying to prove the capabilities of the technique Apple.

Reviews about whether the iPhone 8 is waterproof or not are skeptical. Few dare to flush an expensive gadget on their own, believing that complete resistance to liquids is from the category of urban myths. There are known tests with running water from a tap, the smartphone can withstand such watering, but it is not recommended to test the strength of the creation of engineers Apple.

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