What color iPhone X to choose

Today it is difficult to meet a person who does not have a smartphone. Smart phones have become an integral part of our everyday life. This is primarily due to the fact that they can store a large amount of a wide variety of information that helps a person to systematize their activities.

One of the best companies whose gadgets have been popular for several years is the firm Apple. iPhone X was the latest in the smartphone lineup and quickly won the hearts of its owners. Always when choosing a particular model, the consumer pays attention not only to functionality, but also to design. iPhone X, whose colors will delight any buyer, easily becomes a favorite by all user criteria. So what is the design of the flagship model?

What color iPhone X to choose

What colors was released iPhone X

Everything new is well forgotten old. Perhaps the company Apple was guided by this statement, releasing a new model in only two colors.

You can go back 10 years, to the beginning of the production of iPhones, and remember the same poor color scheme of their cases. Moreover, the colors in those days were about the same, but called a little simpler: white and black. Now we have such names as 'silver' and 'gray space'. But they are only shades of white and black, so 'space gray' resembles dark gray and 'silver' resembles a cloudy sky.

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The iPhone X, which isn't as varied in body colors as its predecessors, has gotten something else from its origins: a glass back. The shiny, scratch-resistant case of this model also gives the colors a certain volume and conciseness. Therefore, you should not be upset about a small choice, the iPhone will look great even in the simplest shades.

What color iPhone X to choose

Are there plans to release iPhone X in other colors

In September 2017, a presentation took place at which the new flagship model – iPhone X was presented for the first time. At the presentation, the phone was shown only in two variations. But, according to some information from Internet resources, the manufacturers were going to release it also in gold color, presented in the palette of the eighth series iPhones. The iPhone 8 was presented at the same presentation as the iPhone X, but for what reasons the idea of ​​the golden hue did not materialize is unknown.

The company Apple has been working with the AIDS Foundation for many years. This is reflected in some models of iPhones. The manufacturer began producing the seventh series of iPhones in red. Six months after the presentation of the Eighth iPhone, he also appeared in scarlet colors. Thus, it is possible that the tenth iPhone may soon also acquire this bright shade in its color range. All that remains for buyers is to wait for new presentations, where, perhaps, the tenth iPhone will appear in two new shades.

What color iPhone X to choose

What color to choose

Often, when choosing a phone model, the buyer thinks not only about its functionality, but also about the colors. If you go back to the same 10 years ago, to the first iPhones, you can remember one simple truth: black is male, white is female. That is, there was a strict division in terms of color. The modern design of phones destroys all former stereotypes, and these shades are classics for everyone.

In addition, thanks to the body, glass, shape, colors become universal, suitable for any form of clothing: from a tracksuit to an evening dress. iPhone X, whose new color has not yet appeared on sale, can easily please its owners with a unisex color. And only 'silver' or 'gray space' is up to the buyer to decide.

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