What color to buy iPhone 8

The eighth series of smartphones Apple includes several models of iPhones, made in different colors. Buyers are offered the following iPhone 8 body colors: gold, silver and space gray. The devices have a display diagonal of 4.7 inches and weigh 148 g. The larger iPhone 8 plus with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and weighing 202 g is available in similar colors.

Colors iPhone 8: which one to choose

While developing the design of the eighth iPhone, the company Apple decided to take a step back: the updated devices have an all-glass body, the same as it once had for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. This means the front and rear panels – the manufacturer still makes the side frames from heavy-duty aluminum alloy.

What color to buy iPhone 8


The model, which has a golden color, looks impressive – it will suit both girls and men who like to be in the spotlight. The metal frame of this smartphone has a richer tone, but thanks to the glass back, the golden hue at times shines with noble copper.

Another argument in favor of choosing this color: scratches on a golden background will not be too conspicuous.

What color to buy iPhone 8


iPhone 8, in the color 'silver', is the most popular. It is versatile and thanks to the snow-white front panel it will go well with covers of any shade.

The silver model has other advantages as well. Firstly, it is a neat look – against such a background, chips, scratches and other traces of mechanical damage are perfectly masked, they are almost invisible. Secondly, the white bezel surrounding the display on the front panel will be optimal for reading lovers.

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If the e-reader replaces iPhone, feel free to purchase the silver model. A light background with text printed on it will look harmonious in a white frame – this combination does not distract attention and is optimal for vision.

What color to buy iPhone 8

Gray space

Now let's talk about the features and benefits of the black model. Thanks to the glass panel, the 'Space Gray' color on this device looks a little less saturated – the case can be called gray rather than black. Such a smartphone will be the best choice for people who do not like to draw excessive attention to their gadgets.

The front panel of this model is black. This means that you will have to use the iPhone carefully, because any scratch on a dark background will be immediately visible, like fingerprints. To at least partially solve the latter problem, the manufacturer has provided iPhone 8 with a grease-repellent oleophobic coating – it will help the phone look neat longer.

At the same time, the black border has its merits: it is well suited for watching movies, clips and videos from YouTube, because it will look better in such a frame.

What color to buy iPhone 8

Which body color to choose depends primarily on personal preference. According to statistics, girls like light models more – if you are choosing a gift for a lady, take a look at silver and gold smartphones. If desired, such a device can be supplemented with a bright case decorated with rhinestones – sparkling stones will additionally emphasize the stylish look of the device.

A dark iPhone is unlikely to please a woman – laconic and austere, it will suit a business man well. If you value powerful and functional models, want to emphasize your status and at the same time do not like to attract excessive attention, the dark gray model will be your best choice. To make such a smartphone always look perfect, it can be placed in a black case.

Photos of iPhones do not always accurately convey the nuances and color shades of the case – if you are afraid to make a mistake in your choice, it is better to go to the store and look at all three models at the stand.

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